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Happy new year, friends!

Happy new year



새해복 많이 받으세요

... and I open 2014 by cross-examining a killer whale. 8D Reflections and resolutions tomorrow. Wishing everyone a blessed and wonderful new year! ♥
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Secretly, Greatly drabbles

Flist! ♥ Highly, highly, highly recommend that you watch "Secretly, Greatly" if you can.

Yes, you need to suspend some disbelief and certain facts might be exaggerated - all of which sadly never occurred to me until I described the plot to a friend and she looked at me like my head was on fire - but if you're into watching movies for its characters, their tragic stories and heart-felt interactions, then I say check it out if it's in your country. Basic premise: three elite North Korean spies were sent into South Korea to infiltrate the slums and await orders. Trailer can be found here.

I haven't been this inspired to write for a long time; my first thought out of the theater was: MUST WRITE FIC. Which is a far stronger reaction than my initial intention to write fic for Jaeger pilot Pacific Rim crossovers lololol.

Without further ado, drabbles!

( Ordinary: no spoilers; day in the life of the three main characters )

( Life of a Salmon: Hae-rang POV, light spoilers; nothing huge, but toying with character interactions that weren't really fleshed out in the movie )

( Till Death Do Us Part: Hae-jin POV, SPOILERS UP THE WAZOO; only read if you don't care or have already watched the movie )
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(no subject)

Shows I've marathoned in the past year:
-Happy Endings (Seasons 1-3)
-Girls (Seasons 1-2)
-Sengoku Basara I & II
-Working! & Working!!
-Inu x Boku SS
-Gintama (Seasons 1- uh 6? the latest one lol)
-Tokyo Encounter
-Legal High

Shows I'm currently following:
-Big Bang Theory
-How I Met Your Mother
-Cougar Town (season ended :( )
-One Piece (mostly to see a specific scene animated)

Games I'm playing:
-Fire Emblem: Awakening (second playthrough eheh)
-Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm (dear god Ultimate Score is killing me)
-Tokimeki Memorial: 3rd Girls Side

... hm. It's weird not knowing who the latest pop star or comedian is in J/K-entertainment anymore. On the other hand, I'm totally up-to-date on the newest seiyuu meat on the market. Kinda odd how I can never find a good balance of 2D vs. 3D obsessions; it's always one or the other with me.

I have to say though, why has no one ever mentioned Happy Endings? This show is ah-maazing.
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Back to gaming we-a-go!

After watching a bunch of walkthroughs and totally procrastinating on my studies lol, I've decided I'm going to go for a PS3 for when I start working. Yes, I know, the PS4 is coming out soon, but I think I'll get an older console first since it's a) way cheaper, b) probably less buggy, c) has more game selections.

Games I'm definitely picking up:
- Assassin's Creed II / Brotherhood
- Star Ocean 4 International Version
- Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (jpn)
- Persona 4 Arena (jpn)

Games I'm considering:
- Sleeping Dogs
- Heavy Rain
- Tales of Xillia (jpn)
- Catherine (jpn)
- Folklore (jpn?)

Any recommendations, dears? :3
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Random musings on Arashi

I miss them. I've missed them.

I thoroughly enjoyed the AraFes concert DVD, probably because it's been so long since I've seen the boys shine in their natural state. Some of you might disagree, I'm sure, but I haven't seen that in their latest TV shows. Things actually feel scripted in recent episodes to me - like an episode of that Share House Arashi segment where Sho and Ohno come out of the same room, and Sho loudly laments that they're "creating a misunderstanding"; as much as I adore Yama pair, I'm not sold, Himitsu, not sold at all - so I can never hold back that rush of disappointment. I'd like to think it's not the boys, but more the fact that they're now the "nation's little brothers", they're on Golden Time, and TV stations have their own idea of how things should go.

Then I see them in AraFes, and I think, YES those are the boys I've been missing.

Happy, carefree, doing utterly stupid things to each other, with each other.

I know I sound like a cranky old biddy reminiscing about the Good Ol' Days, but hell. Arashi produces the best rainbow shit when they're just allowed to be.

And now, I'mma listen to old secret talks and bask in the happy gay.
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Ace Attorney live action review

It's live action, you say. It's bound to be bad, you say. It's not going to be faithful to the game, you say.

Well, to that I respond with:

Collapse )

What are you waiting for?



Great article on the justice system in Japan, related to Ace Attorney games.