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Gakkou e Ikou MAX (01.22.08)

What the hell Akiko, you say. This doesn't have V6 in it, you say.

You're right, it doesn't.

But check out the girl in the back - she's giggling and joking around with her friends, then when she realises the camera is on her, she whips off her glasses and looks totally serious.

Oh sweetie, I don't think your mom will yell at you for not paying attention on a show like Gakkou e Ikou.

Inocchi: Well then, the segment this time is!
Nagano: Yes!
Inocchi: A new segment!
Nagano: YES~!
Inocchi: If you want to know what kind of segment it is...
Nagano: Yes!
Inocchi: Please take a look at this. It has "OO Paradise" written on it.
Nagano: Ohh!
Inocchi: What do you think it is Nagano-san?
Nagano: I can't say it!
Inocchi: It's not something that's as intense as Nagano-san thinks.
Nagano: Oh, it's not? It's okay?
Inocchi: Yes!

What else could be intense and NG on a show about high school kids? Fill in the blanks with me folks: 変態 パラダイス (Hentai Paradise).

That's right, our V6 hot mama is a regular male hornball. ♥

Note: Orange Range's Ikenai Taiyou plays in the background, the opening to our favourite HANAKIMI/IKEMEN PARADISE. NAISU, STAFF. XDb

Apparently, they received over 800 applications. Damn, this country is flooded with pretty men (and their moms who want to exhibit them).

Inocchi: Usually, humans have the wish to transform.
Nagano: Ahh, I can understand that!
Inocchi: And the ultimate goal is cross-dressing, you see.

--wait. What?


Mino-san? M-Mino-san? Helloooo~??

They get 100 high school girls to judge the beauty of men dressed as women.

I know Japanese's education system is painful, stressful, and basically is a monster that is intent on eating your vital organs and watching you bleed to death. But at times like these, I wish I was a high school girl in Japan. >:

Muraishi Rui
Kanagawa Prefecture (Yokohama), High School 3rd year

A word from the make-up artist in charge:
"His smile is so cute that the expression turns more and more into a female as I apply the make-up"

He got a "sweet and clingy nude make-up", and with his round face, got a "loved silhouette".

Meanwhile, the music "DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADYYYY" plays in the background. *weeps*

Nagano: How does it feel like to cross dress?
Muraishi: [deep voice] Well...
Nagano: IT'S A MAN.



Inocchi: Muraishi-san. Could you, you know, face us and, do a sort of wink?
Muraishi: [wink]
Inocchi: Oh man~!!
Nagano: My heart started pounding just now!

... we can't be blamed for liking the gay in JE. Seriously. We cannot be blamed.

Point: Make the corners of the eyes thick so they'll become droopy eyes!

Mmmm... I think he would look a lot cuter if he changed that hairstyle. Right now he kind of looks like a sullen delinquent. XD;;

Kumamoto Yuuta
Aichi Prefecture (Nagoya), High School 3rd year

A word from the make-up artist in charge:
"When I tried putting make-up on him, I was surprised - he looked like former TV announcer, Kawada Ako-san."

His eyes has an "impact eye" make-up that "attracts gazes", and his lips have a "reserved, composed style", while his hair has been styled in a "light, cute bob".

Just looking at him makes me feel like I'm not worthy of being a woman. orz

His height, meanwhile, is 178 cm. His weight, is 57 kg.


Inocchi: As we thought, your voice can't be changed huh?
Kumamoto: [higher voice] That's right ♥

Meanwhile, the high school girls go crazy too. Oh good lord.

Point: Put in make-up on the T-zone, so it makes his face look round!

BIG EYES. ♥ He has a potential host look to him. Although this show might just encourage him to go to an okama bar instead. *slaps forehead*

Inocchi: By the way, do you have a girlfriend?
Kumamoto: I don't.
Girls: AAAAAHHH~!! ♥
Inocchi: It's not that type of corner!


Kurosu Shun
Saitama Prefecture, High School 2nd year

A word from the make-up artist in charge:
"He's the cute girl type that you can definitely find in a class."

His long, heavy hairstyle hides his face line, and is a princess-style hair. In revealing his ears, it shows his physical beauty.

Dude. Dude.

He looks like my Osaka host sister. *CRIES*

... well. Apparently Inocchi wanted to test if the guy would jerk away to the side like a normal high school girl would. Great conversation starter for dinner with his wife: "Honey, I flipped up a high school boy's skirt today!"


Nagano: He doesn't seem out of place in this shot at all!
Inocchi: It's like the one in the middle is the only one who can eat a full bentou.

B-Better than 57 kg at 178 cm. Seriously.

Point: Hide his oval-shaped face line!

Y-Yeah, all he needs is a nice haircut to look good. ^^;;

Oh Nagano. ♥

Takahashi Yasuhiko
Tokyo, High School 1st year

A word from the make-up artist in charge:
"In any case, the make up of his face is small! In other words, he looks like Kimura Kaeru-san."

He was given a "wide and beautiful EYE" to look more like a child, along with GOLD hair and a "beautiful skin base".

Ehhh, I think out of the all the boys so far, he looks the most... obviously male. Unless shown at certain angles! Like from the bottom of the profile, he kind of looks like Juri (Nodame from Cantabile).

Point: Look more child-like with fake eyelashes!

Ohhhh. Very male indeed, with the beanie and all.

Ishiki Akidori
Tokyo, High School 1st year

A word from the make-up artist in charge:
"With his distinct facial features, I took on the challenge of giving him a CanCam-type make-up." (CanCam is a modelling agency.)

He got a "sweet and spicy tsundere make-up", which give him tons more seductive female pheromones! (I, I didn't even know there was a classification of make-up for tsundere - hot and cold mood swings, where one minute you're a real ass to someone, then suddenly you're all loving and sweet.)

Wow. My fingers and nails are disgusting compared to his.

Point: Put make-up on a high spot on the cheeks, so it'll produce skin texture that feels warm!"

Homg, distant cousin of Shirota Yuu. Or something.

Ikeno Yukihiro
Kouichi Prefecture, College 3rd year

A word from the make-up artist in charge:
"In order not to waste the elegant face he has, I used it as a base to put on a make-up with a theme of sophistication."

He got a simple "inviting white make-up". That beauty is a "sharp, neo Yamato Nadeshiko". (Yamato Nadeshiko is usually a Japanese woman with traditional beauty and characteristics favoured by men of older generations.)


Point: In order not to have the cheeks look too curved, the make-up expresses a sense of sharpness!

--yet as a boy, he looks like Koike-kun.


Nosaka Kenichi
Tokyo, High School 2nd year

A word from the make-up artist in charge:
"Well, take a look."

Inocchi: High school, 2nd year. Nosaka Kenichi-kun.
Nagano: Yes. Kenichi-kun...
Inocchi: It's as though they took various characters from our group member's names. (NagaNO SAKAmoto KEN JunICHI)
Ken: Should I wink or something?
Inocchi: Um... how does it feel like to cross dress?
Ken: It might actually feel pretty good. ♥

I love you Ken. I just. I love you.

Mino: Okada-kun.
Okada: Yes.
Mino: Let me just ask you.
Okada: Okay.
Mino: Six people appeared, but...
Okada: I know Mino-san's type.
Mino: You do?? Don't say it! No no, see, my wife watches "Gakkou" frequently!


Mino: Okay, Go-kun!
Go: For me, mm... I can go with all of them!

That smirk. And look at V6 mama cracking up at his retarded son's answer.

Mino: Immediately, for me as well... I thought, there's really only that one!
Go: You've only been looking at that one, after all!
Mino: This one, Kumamoto Yuuta-kun.
Inocchi: When we were watching the VTR, when this kid came out, he's all, "THIS IS BAD~~~" It's fine even if it's bad right!!

'Bad' as in, "he's so pretty I'm attracted to him" 'bad'. Meanwhile, Leader laughs his spleen loose and Mino-san tries to hide his face from the SHAME.

T-The Denjiro-sensei part was hilarious as always too, but it's a little too much for tonight. XD;;

I've learnt that make-up can do wonders to your face, and now I'm really very interested to learn how to make use of that. Also, my favourite is the Horikita Maki rival. FTW.

And, to be perfectly honest, although Ohno isn't a student anymore, I'm just wishing and hoping that Nino would take a picture of Ohno on his cellphone and send it to Gakkou e Ikou. Then, the staff members will just be like, "Well, WHY NOT" and V6 will be all, "SCORE we get to make fun of our juniors", and then we get to see our dear Oh-chan in make-up. He'd totally beat everyone hands-down, I mean, we've already seen him in make-up even if it's CG amirite?


... going to pass out now, will reply to comments when I wake up. *hugs*
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