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I'm so proud and I want to see him with black hair NOW.

Thanks to retrojanny, original source from SANSPO

Arashi's Ohno will be appearing for the first time in a drama series & first lead role... TBS channel's "MAOU" (Devil)

It has been revealed on the 8th that the popular group, Arashi's leader, Ohno Satoshi (27) will be appearing for the first time in a drama series with his first lead role in TBS channel's "Maou" (Friday, 10pm) starting in July. It's a double lead role with Johnny's Jr. Ikuta Toma. This work is a remake of the popular suspense drama that was aired last year in Korea. Ohno will show us a new side of himself by taking on the challenge of a lawyer who is plotting revenge on the person who killed his blood relatives.

As Arashi's leader, Ohno is active in concerts and variety shows, and will now be ready and waiting to tack on this drama series debut.

"Maou" is a suspense drama aired on Korea's KBS last year. This act of revenge where a man, whose family was killed without mercy, takes a gamble with his entire life caught the attention of many, to the extent that a gathering was opened for thousands of core fans called the "Maou Tribe", bringing forth a social phenomenon within Korea. This time that popular work will be remade, with Ohno taking on the challenge of the role of a lawyer who is a vengeful demon with an angelic mask.

Speaking of Ohno, we know of his brilliant sense for stage play. He stepped onto his first stage performance for the Shounentai's "PLAYZONE" in 2001, then widened his scope by moving from tough roles filled with ad libs to performances of an assassin, with his talents guaranteed to produce quality work. Started in 2003, the stage play "Puu series" that he starred in has also gained high praise.

Producer Takahashi Masanao explains the reasons for this casting: "He's known for showing his gentle and slightly spaced out character in variety shows but, there should be many who have noticed the mysterious, unique charm hidden deep inside. To have him play the role of a laywer who has the face of a cruel, vengeful demon = devil under the face he shows to others will, without a doubt, make it far more frightening."

For the sake of this role, Ohno has cut his hair and dyed it black. He says with great spirit, "As it's my first drama series I'd like to have fun acting in it but, because it's such a special setting, it looks like I may turn stoic in my daily life too (laughs). I've never taken revenge before, nor have I considered it. It's a tough role but, I will do my best to live up to everyone's expectations."

On the other hand, Ikuta who has stepped into the limelight with a great leap with the popular drama "Hanazakari no kimitachi e ~IKEMEN PARADISE~" last year will play the double lead role of the detective who is pursuing the mysterious series of murders. He has performed with Ohno in stage plays in the past but, it's their first collaboration in a drama. He says with high spirits, "I'd like to do a drama that will be thrilling, new, something that will have great depth for everyone."

The bottom simply brings up other reputed Korean drama remakes.


Source: Sponichi

Arashi's Ohno: first lead role in a drama as a vengeful demon

Arashi's leader, Ohno Satoshi (27) will fulfill his first lead role in his first appearance in a drama series. "Maou" will start on TBS in July as a remake of the "Maou" that was aired on Korea's KBS, the suspense drama that created a social phenomenon. He will turn into a cruel, vengeful demon (devil), so he and Ikuta Toma (23) who will play the double lead role as the detective with a dark past will show us a breathtaking battle.

Ohno is a kind lawyer who usually saves the weak. However, in order to wreck vengeance on the one who murdered his beloved younger brother, he uses his brilliant mind to progress with his plans. On the other hand, Ikuta, who became a passionate detective due to his dark past, investigates the mysterious murder cases that began with an arrival of tarot cards. Their breathtaking battle will develop.

Ohno has displayed his talents through variety shows, stage plays, as well as the opening of his exhibition in February this year with his art and figurines, but surprisingly it's his first time as a regular in a drama series. Smiling, he says, "When I heard about the drama appearance, I thought it was a prank. I really laughed inside. Must be a lie..." Without delay, in order to play his role, he had his hair dyed black at a salon but, even then, he says, "I thought it was a prank and searched for TV cameras."

The drama was aired in February, 2007 on Korea's KBS, and was a suspense drama that created a social phenomenon in Korea to the extent of having a gathering open for thousands of drama fans called the "Maou Tribe". Producer Takahashi Masanao (33) tells us the reasons for this casting: "Besides the gentle face that Ohno-san has during variety shows, he also has mysterious charm where he produces art pieces, so it will be far more frightening for a person like him to play this role. On the other hand, while Ikuta-san has a noble face, his passion is his charm. The ultimate struggle to the death between these two will be the highlight [of the drama]." Ikuta also says with high spirits, "This is a new challenge for me." Filming is expected to begin the end of this month.

PS: Takahashi Masanao was the producer for Yamada Tarou Monogatari. WONDER HOW HE MET OHNO, HMMM.

PPS: I need to stop editing this post. orz

SPEED OF LIGHT when it comes to Ohno. Shhhh.
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