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18 June'2008, Arashi Fukuoka Con Recollection

Thank you loves for the wishes here, really. ♥ You keep me warm at night.

You know, I can't believe I've only spend a total of 15 minutes on the internet every day for the last few days. Been out exploring with my parents, or repacking, or meeting awesome folks (tayuri, techni_teddy, winkychan, pink_tofu ♥), or... heh.

I really don't have a mind to remember set lists and all that, but I might remember better after tomorrow's? In any case, have a processed MC talk of the concert and random bits! Just putting everything down first before I forget. ><;;;

PS: winkychan, again, thanks so much for your help with the tickets. ;; Without you, I may not have gotten the chance to see any of this. ♥

MC Talk

(...) = Aki's comments

Sho: Fukuoka, yeah! Fukuoka, yeah! Fukuoka, yeah! So, yet again, we are Arashi~! You know, it's our first time to Fukuoka Dome.
Jun: Our first time.
Audience: SCREAM.
Sho: That's right. Also, you know how the mikes can pick up laughter? I laughed just now.
Arashi: OI!
Jun: Don't laugh then, it's our first time here, you know!
Sho: I know, I know. But over there right, the people over there, at the "We can make it through" part, they did this!! [does otaku dance RO-MA-N-SU].
Aiba: It's Romance, Romance!
Sho: Yeah! At the "We can make it" part! It's like "We CAN'T make it" with that dance! ... --oh that's right I almost forgot, EVERYONE, PLEASE TAKE YOUR SEATS. (ABOUT TIME, SHO. XDDD Most of the audience were still standing and giggling like idiots. Too high, god, I swear.)

Jun: Anyway. There was an event yesterday. Do you know what it is?
Audience: YES.
Audience: YESSSS. NINOOOOO~~!!!!!
Nino: \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/
Jun: That's right, it's Nino's birthday~!
Arashi: Happy birthday, happy birthday~!!
Audience: [sings birthday song~~]

On Screen [scrolling words]: 25 HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAZUNARI NINOMIYA

Arashi: Happy birthday, Kazunari Ninomiya.
Nino: [in english] Thank you, everyone.
Sho: We haven't celebrated Nino's birthday at a concert before, huh.
Nino: Yeah, usually we do it during rehearsals.
Jun: You've had yours right?
Sho: Yes, during my solo concerts.
Audience: SCREAM.
Sho: So, since we're here, we think we might as well, you know.
Sho: Have a celebration right here!
Audience: SCREAM.

Jun: Okay then, M.A.D!!

MAD: [comes out with a large square cake with 25 candles on it]
Jun: Since we're going to celebrate here, we'd like to invite our photographer on too. Sorry, but see, we're releasing a photo book soon and um... they've actually been following us around all the Domes, taking pictures. (The audience was just going NUTS here. *___*) So, we might as well have them take pictures of us too... so let's welcome Arai-san and Sota-san!! (I um. Might have the latter name wrong. Eheh.) This is our photographer, Arai-san. And Sota-san here is our cameraman who will give you close-ups of what we're doing on stage.
Audience: SCREAM.
Sho: Sota-san was the one who helped us film the Pikanchi Double and that Hadashi no Mirai PV right? (I... think? I-In between the conversations, my mom would lean over and ask me questions, so there's always at least a second or two where my brain blips, and I miss things. *sobs*)
Jun: Yep, he's been with us for a while. Okay. Ready?
Arai: [takes a picture of them]
Audience: [sings Nino's birthday again]
Nino: Thank you, thank you~!
Sho: Go ahead and blow out the candles.
Aiba: Wow, you know, there really are a lot of candles. As you'd expect from 25. Do you need help with blowing them out, I can help!
Jun: He probably wouldn't. [pats Aiba's shoulder] He probably wouldn't.
Aiba: I guess you're right. |D>
Nino: [blows~]
Audience: YAY~~!!

Jun: Also, well. Since we're here... we thought, of course. You know. That we should present you with gifts.
Nino: What no, the cake is enough! Look at this, it's huge! I can't finish this on my own! (This is Nino knowing that his bastard members are going to royally screw him over. SMART LAD.)
Aiba: Yes you can! You'd better!
Jun: Exactly, the four of us had a hard time picking it and buying it for you!
Aiba: Yeah! You better eat it on your own after the concert!
Nino: I can't finish it!!
Jun: Well anyway, we got you a present. Here, this is from all of us. [in English] Present for you. [gives Nino a pinkish?purple-ish? bag tied at the end]
Aiba: [English] Present for you.
Jun: Go ahead, open it.
Nino: .... [stares at pouch]
Aiba: You don't have to be so scared. There's nothing alive in there. Or raw. (Image of Aiba stuffing a dead sea bass in there. *l-lol*)
Nino: ... [pulls it out]


Nino: I. Um.
Aiba: Go ahead, wear it!!
Nino: [puts it on]
Audience: SCREAM.
Jun: Okay, turn to the camera~! (Jun is enjoying this, oh yes.)
Nino: ... [sinks to his knees in a seiza position and smiles in an embarrassed fashion at the camera]
Audience: SCREAM.
Jun: Now, here's the next one, here's the next one.

Gift #2: TOP HAT.

Jun: [plops it on Nino's head]
Nino: ...
Jun: Okay, camera~!
Nino: [smiles again at the camera]
Audience: SCREAM.
Jun: Next is... [digs in bag]
Aiba: Here, let me wipe your sweat for you! [kneels down and swipes off Nino's face with a towel]
Audience: SQUEAL.
Aiba: Wiping your sweat~!
Nino: That hurts!
Aiba: Oh, I'm sorry.

Jun: Hm? [digs further in bag] Huh?
Aiba: It's not in there?
Jun: [digs]
Aiba: Maybe it's with Leader? (Like what, IN HIS PANTS? asl;fk. Only in my dreams, I guess.)
Jun: Hang on a minute, hang on. [steps in front of camera, BUTT HOVERING AS HE CHECKS NINO]
Aiba: [giggles] It was under his hat?? [wipes at Nino's sweat again]
Nino: Um...
Jun: Wait, hang on, here. [puts something on Nino] Okay, camera~!

Gift #3: GIANTASS HANDLEBAR MOUSTACHE (that wants to eat Nino's FACE.)

Nino: ...
Aiba: It suits you!
Jun: It does!
Aiba: You're like-- (insert my mom asking a question T^T.)
Jun: Wait, there's more. [pulls out a--]


Aiba: Ohh! We're going to do magic now. See, it's just a short stick. And when you flip it...
Jun: [flips, and stick lengthens! ... sticks out tongue, looking embarrassed]
Aiba: I guess the impact isn't too great huh.
Jun: It still looks kind of small in the Dome...
Aiba: Well anyway, it's a present for you!
Nino: [takes the lengthened stick] Um, somehow it feels like I'm getting used goods here...
Aiba: Wait, wait. Check this out. [pulls out a--]

Gift #5: A FLOWER.

Aiba: There's one rose! One! Only one!! But...!! [suddenly two more flowers appear!]
Ohno: Ohh, there's more flowers.
Sho: [cracking up in the background at Satoshi-kun]
Nino: [takes the flowers] ... (He is still, by the way, wearing the handlebar moustache, bowtie, and top hat. He looks so ridiculously cute.)
Arashi: It really suits you, it does.
Aiba: See, with that, you can be a real magician. You should wear our gifts when you perform.
Nino: ... with what, just the things you gave me? Then I'd be completely butt-naked like a pervert or something!!
Aiba: Oh right, the costume isn't included huh.
Jun: Why don't you just take the costume home?
Nino: [can't help it; laughs at his retarded bandmates]
Aiba: Well, since you're dressed like a magician, why don't you show us a trick! [hands over cards]
Nino: Did no one think to give me a pack of cards?? Well, I'll do it anyway.
Jun: Can you do it without a table?
Nino: Sure. So. How about the one with the least presence over there.

Ohno: ...
Jun: [already beside Ohno, leaning on him] Don't say that, he's doing a drama.
Ohno: I am. I'm doing a drama, you know. (He sounds like a bitter, tired old man here. XDDD)
Jun: When's it playing?
Ohno: [practically mumbling] Maou will play July 4. 10pm. So. You know. Watch it.
Nino: Alright then, Maou, come over here.
Ohno: [obediently shuffles over and kneels down in front of Nino] (Hurr. ♥)
Nino: Okay. Pick a card. Any card.
Ohno: [picks one]
Jun: Show it to the audience.
Aiba: Don't look!! [covers Nino's eyes]


Nino: Done? Okay, return it please. Now, want to shuffle it?
Ohno: Oh, can I?
Nino: Yeah, go ahead. [hands cards over]
Ohno: [shuffles] (Here, the camera zooms in to Ohno shuffling. And you can see that he's sitting in a seiza position, SOCUTE.)
Sho: ... why are you sitting like that? In a seiza, you're amazing.
Nino: [takes cards back] Okay. So, with regards to the drama, this will be the Maou card. The question is, can I pull out the Maou card. But it wouldn't be fun if I just caught Maou easily right?
Ohno: Right, that's not good for the drama.
Nino: Right. What is Maou's greatest enemy?
Ohno: ... what is Maou's greatest enemy?
Arashi: ...
Jun: Excuse me...
Nino: I just asked you that. Without a doubt.
Ohno: What about Maou? I'm Maou. (a;lskdf this is like, a conversation I have with my grandfather. Except he has an excuse because he's very nearly deaf in one ear. *weeps*)
Nino: Yeah, but his greatest enemy is Toma right?
Ohno: Oh, yeah, Ikuta Toma is playing the cop who's after him.
Nino: So we'll have the cop then, represented by two cards.


Nino: I'll do this... (an action I did not catch but--) [produces the two cop cards with a card in the middle] The rest of the stack is here, and this is what I've got.
Ohno: Eh? No way.
Nino: Check if it's Maou.
Sho: Wait, if it's Maou, then there's no story!
Ohno: Yeah, then it'll end at episode one!
Nino: Check it.
Ohno: There's no way it's Maou. [flips card to the camera]


Nino: SMUG.
Arashi: That's great! Amazing! Now, how about a message to the audience?
Nino: Sure. But first... I'm going to take this off. [rips moustache off, except the sticky tape that attaches the moustache to eat his face are still there]
Aiba: Um, there are...
Nino: So anyway. [insert promotions. Maou, episode one. 24TV, where Nino reveals he may do a miraculous magic trick.] Yeah. Magic is great, isn't it? I showed it to my mom once, and without any reaction, she just asked, "How did you do that?" Remember, when a magician shows his tricks, don't ask that sort of thing. You need to react to it.
Sho: Um... I'm sorry. It's great that you're talking about magic, but you might want to talk about something other than magic?
Nino: Hm?
Sho: No, see, magic is fine too. But, if you could... talk about something other than magic...?
Nino: Oh okay. I'll talk about games then. (I... actually wouldn't mind if he talked about games. >:)
Sho: Well, you can talk about games too, or you can talk about magic... but if you could talk about something other than those...

Nino: Alright. First, can I remove these things, finally? [points to sticky tape above his lip. after consent, removes them] Ow! (... aaand I don't remember what he said here. S-Snip to Ohmiya going backstage.)

Sho: Well then, let's talk about what each member is working on. MatsuJun has Hana Yori Dango, right?
Jun: Right. [insert movie promotion] Also, you know, the cast members will be appearing in Tokudane and... there's talk of getting Arashi in to sing One Love.
Audience: SCREAM.
Sho: See, that's why we were wondering: should we all dress as Hana Yori Dango, or should we all go as Doumyouji? Since we're performing for your movie, I thought it'd be more appropriate if we were dressed for it. (Dear god, yes.)
Jun: I'm okay with it, but if you want to do Doumyouji, you'll have to go all the way and do your hair. Actually, I think you guys can pull off Doumyouji, the one I'm worried about is Leader! I don't think his hair can curl that much.
Sho: That's true.
Aiba: He'll be like an old grandma perm. You've seen those right, those grandmas with their short curls? Old grandma perm.
Sho: A perm is bad enough, but an old grandma perm...
Jun: Yeah, Leader's may not work.
Sho: So that's what we're mulling over. Besides that, you also have another movie on right, MatsuJun?
Jun: Yes. Kakushi Toride. [insert movie promotion]

Sho: For me, I'll be in the movie that's coming out in 2009, Yatterman.
Aiba: Say, about Yatterman... how old is the main character?
Sho: ... according to the anime version, 'bout 14, 15?
Audience: EHHHHH.
Jun: That's amazing. That means you've got a great range. You played a high schooler last year, didn't you?
Sho: Yeah. But well, for the movie, I went to ask the director about that, and he said, "Age unknown."
Aiba: Ehhh. What does that mean??
Jun: Don't tell me. It's a... miscasting?
Sho: No!! No, see, what he's trying to say is, for Gan-chan and Ai-chan, he wants to show their personalities through their human interactions, so it won't matter what age they are.
Jun: I see.
Sho: Yep. So the age is unknown.

(This jump feels strange to me, so it's likely I missed something out. ^^;)

Aiba: So, as we all know, Leader's holding his art exhibition Freestyle right next to us. Who has been there?
Audience: [raise hands]
Aiba: Who hasn't?
Audience: [hands]
Aiba: Who wants to?
Audience: [hands]
Sho: You already asked who hasn't!
Aiba: [laughs] That's right... for the people who haven't been there, well, we have some images for you, so you can have a look!

[Cue Ohmiya SK. The mikoshi, Tegoshi, Skoshi thing has been rehashed in almost every con report, so you should know the drill.. maybe even better than me. *grin* They also did the chikubi dial thing and the cannon firing at the back end, which had my mom cracking up. XD A few girls behind screeched, "BAKA~~!" It was so cute. ♥ Skip to Ohmiya talk!]

Yuuji: Fuku. Oka.
Audience: LOL.
Yuuji: ... long time no see. Ah, I guess it's not. It should be, "Nice to meet you". I am. Yuuji.
Audience: YUUJI~!!
Yuuji: Taka. [gestures for him to talk]
Taka: ... [high voice] I am Taka.
Audience: SQUEE.
Yuuji: [shifts shades up to squint] Wow, lots of people here. How many of you are watching for the first time?
Audience: [hands]
Yuuji: Woww.

(Um. Again. S-Skip...?)

Taka: [staring at Yuuji's chest]
Yuuji: You know, this guy has been staring at my nipples the entire time.
Audience: SCREAM.
Yuuji: At the concert opening, during the songs...
Taka: Yuuji.
Yuuji: ...
Taka: ...
Yuuji: ...
Taka: ...
Yuuji: [grabs Taka's shoulders] What is it, Taka!
Taka: Yuuji.
Yuuji: Yes.
Taka: Happy birthday Yuuji.


Yuuji: [collapses to his knees]
Taka: [bends down to pat Yuuji]
Yuuji: Ow!! Are you trying to comfort me or break me!?
Taka: [still laughing]
Yuuji: [decides to leave]
Taka: [follows] ... [to the camera] Next will be his nipples! o/
Audience: a;lskfjas;lfksj;ffff

(The girl in front of me was constantly screeching, YABAI YABAI YABAI to her friend, who was nodding vigorously and screaming just as loud. OHMIYA SK WE LOVE YOOOOU.)

Sho: So, did Ohmiya SK convey themselves well to you?
Audience: THEY DID.
Aiba: They conveyed themselves well?
Audience: THEY DID.
Aiba: That's good. Well, they've been doing this for three years after all.
Jun: If it's three years, it really would be hard to forget, huh.
Sho: So they did convey themselves well?
Audience: YEEESSS.
Sho: I'm glad.

(Why. Does this sound like. Arashi asking, so, our bandmates pretty much just came out on their little marriage, how do you feel about it? And the audience just said, POP US OUT SOME CUTE BABIES OKAY. orz)

Random things so I won't forget:
--Jun was a ho all night. Or, rather, he was a very happy boy. XD He was so in cahoots with Aiba on the Nino birthday gift, he totally stared lovingly into Nino's eyes when they sang One Love, and for Day in Our Life, Jun leaned in and kissed Ohno on the cheek, before Ohno fell over. The Jun/Ohno happened close enough for me to see them without looking at the screens too, so I just. Screamed. Like an idiot. *weeps* Damn you Jun. Damn you.

--Take Me Faraway. Someone needs to tell Ohno that wearing tight leather pants and then doing that little wriggly, sexy dance move of running his hands down his body at the my entire body line, ending with his hand lingering on his crotch... will. Just make more of us want to totally take him faraway. And remote. I know a lot of people complained about the screens and a lack of dancing, but... the... hand on crotch. Linger. I was very, very, very happy. And he did dance towards the end, before the chair came in. *___*

--Naked. Enjoyed it. A lot. Especially when these five male dancers came out and carried Jun, and he spread his limbs out like a cross. I just immediately thought, HOLY CHRIST, IT'S JESUS JUN. *shot* My mom, a Jun fan, turned to me and said, "So skinny," when Jun's shirt was removed. I don't think a sandwich is enough, this boy needs a TRIPLE POUNDER. *slaps forehead* If I feel like a man is skinny enough for me to actually sit on him and break his spine, there is something very wrong. ;;

--Hip Hop Boogie. Sho!! Sho was so totally recovered, I'm so happy for him! I mean, you could still see a little stiffness in his right arm, but he was dancing all over the place. If I didn't know about his injury, I just... wouldn't even know he was injured at all. YOU GO, KEIO BOY.

--Hello Goodbye. The furi for Hello Goodbye is pretty simple. Cute, too! I love the way Aiba waves hello, it's like he's doing the "talking" motion with his palm opening and closing like that. And of course, we have Aiba in red and white shorts. That's right Nino, leave the shorts to Aiba, he's got the legs for it. T^Tb

--Gimmick Game. I just. I. Get the DVD, guys, this is a HOT dance. I didn't even notice if he was doing his usual flailing or not, that's how hot it was. Kind of looks like an Ohno-style dance, maybe. *____*

--When introduced, Aiba tried to do consecutive backflips, but botched them up! Poor baby, he was so frustrated that he could barely do that peace sign he shot to us. Right after that, he even slapped his head on both sides in anguish. >:

--At "Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi", Ohno looked like it was the most troublesome thing ever to say, "Smile again". Nino next to him did the usual, point at Leader, he's the one singing thing. Then, Ohno sighs and goes, "I'LL SMILE AGAIN~!!" After which he immediately turns to Nino, as though asking for approval, but Nino blatantly turns his back to Ohno. Bastard. XD

--I forgot which song they were singing. One Love? But the moving platform that they were on stopped so suddenly that Jun actually jerked forward and looked as though he was about to fall off. It didn't look like a, oh, let's play with the audience tee hee kind of jerk either, it was so sudden that everyone around me gasped in fear. (Not another broken thumb!) But he managed to right himself up and get right back into the next song, as expected of Jun!

This is my first concert, and all the con reports I've read of frequent con goers always go, OH MY GOD I FINALLY GOT A FANSERVICE FROM [INSERT NAME] which convinced me that it probably takes a while for you to get lucky. So what I'm going to write next could just be me hallucinating, or just... taking in something that was being dished out for someone else close to me. XD;; On the other hand, I had lots of empty seats next to me (someone probably couldn't sell her tickets in time) s-so. My fangirl heart continues to hope?

Anyway. Aiba-chan came by. I screamed with the rest of them (I whored out to all the boys asl;kj shut up), all the while thinking, I HAVE TO CONVEY adfirmatiosg'S LOVE TO THIS BOY. I had the "Satoshi" and "Throw a Kiss" layers clipped to my uchiwa, so I showed what I thought was the appropriate side and leapt up and down across the empty seats next to me, waving my penlight and screeching, "AIBA-CHA~~~N!!" (The girls behind me were probably like, WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS CHICK. orz)

And then. Aiba, who was waving at folks, suddenly pointed in my direction and laughed. In that, nose-scrunch, eyes thin slits, mouth curved and wide open sort of wholehearted Aiba laugh.

Right after that, he turned and left our stand, still giggling.

While wondering if he was pointing to someone else, I turned my uchiwa around and realized -- I had shown him the "SATOSHI" side. While screeching like a diehard Aiba fan.

als;dkj I don't know. I can't help thinking he pointed at me and laughed to say, "YOU'RE TEASING ME AGAIN, YOU NUT, I'M AIBA," but I might be wrong. If not, well. Alli-chan, I got Aiba's attention! And he thinks I'm an idiot!


Ohno, meanwhile, kept serving the ladies in the rows closer to the bottom of the stands. LOOK UP, YOU SLEEPY PUFFERFISH. *cries*

Sleep. More tomorrow! And probably more details the day after, once I've settled into Nagoya. Haahaha. P-Priorities, wha?
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  • (no subject)

    So I haven't been able to write anything for a while until itsmysunshine gave me the prompt: Yama pair, dance partners, and linked me to…

  • Random musings on Arashi

    I miss them. I've missed them. I thoroughly enjoyed the AraFes concert DVD, probably because it's been so long since I've seen the boys shine in…

  • Musings about Arashi and Japan and kids

    I only spent a week in Japan, but it felt like years. Not only did I get to see lots of my students and former colleagues, I also caught up with…