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19 June'2008, Arashi Fukuoka Con Recollection

6th row today. WAY IN FRONT. Next to winky_chan, who was so much fun to sing and party with at the concert. I just. I. HAPPINESS.

There was Jun/Everyone and Ohmiya kissed. Again. On the lips, for real.

No, really.


Things I forgot from 18th
--Ohno tried to trip Nino/pinch his ass at some point. I couldn't tell which it was, because Nino just kind of stumbled, then whip his head back to say something to Ohno. |D;
--At one point, everyone had taken their coats off, except for Ohno. (Not that I focus on the little thing or anything.) When Sho ran past, the camera caught him whispering something to Ohno, with a hand on his shoulder. Then, Ohno slid the coat off. Oops, Oh-chan? XD
--Nino performed a vicious kick at Sho at one point and Sho dodged it like a pro.

Extra bit in 18th MC
Nino mentioned Aiba in his message to the audience. He said Aiba didn't send him a birthday mail, so--

Aiba: Wait, who was the one you met in the morning? Huh? Go ahead, tell them.
Nino: It was Aiba-san.
Aiba: That's right. I said "Happy birthday, Nino."
Nino: Actually, you opened the car door and said, "Uiiissu." ("Uiiisu" is like the traditional shortened Japanese guy greeting for, "Hey, what up.")
Jun: Wait a minute...
Aiba: Okay, okay, maybe I said that, but I wished you happy birthday after!!

19th MC
Oh man, these boys were just jumping from one topic to another today. I could follow, but I don't know if I can... remember. This is pretty much the gist of it.

Sho: Fukuokaa!
Audience: YEAAH.
Sho: Fukuokaa~!!
Audience: YEAAAHH.
Sho: Yet again, we are Arashi~!
Audience: SCREAM.
Sho: Man, it's our first one in here, huh. Who's coming for the first time too?
Audience: [hands]
Arashi: Ohh, lots of people.
Jun: And there are people who came down from other places too.
Sho: Say, can I change from the headset to the mike?
Arashi: If you can hold the mike, yeah.
Sho: Yes, yes, I can. See, the headset takes in every single noise, including my laughter.
Jun: Don't laugh then!!
Sho: I'll change to the mike. [switches] There, much better.

Aiba: But you know, Sho-chan's amazing, it's only been two weeks and he can hold the mike already.
Jun: Not only that, usually when someone loses the right hand, he can't do anything right? He learnt how to use the chopsticks with his left hand.
Sho: I did.
Ohno: He's very skillful.
Sho: I even learnt how to write with just four fingers. Like this. [clasps his hand in a fist with his thumb sticking up]
Nino: Amazing. And it's not bad either.
Aiba: Yeah, it's not illegible or anything.
Sho: Well, actually, my writing wasn't that great to begin with.
Audience: LOLLLL!!!
Sho: ... is it that funny?
Jun: I'm sorry, I think he's little hurt by that.
Sho: No--
Jun: He's thinking, oh, why did they laugh at that, do they agree that my writing is bad? He's hurt. I'm sorry.
Sho: No I'm not! Really!! ... anyway, you know. After the concert yesterday, we went to eat yakuniku.
Arashi: That's right, we did, we did.
Sho: Somehow we always end up eating yakuniku, huh? We just like yakuniku after concerts!
Aiba: We like the feel of raw meat.
Nino: It's not RAW, is it!!
Aiba: That's true.
Sho: Yeah, so every time we have a concert, we'd crave yakuniku. Except, he [points to Jun] would be the only one who wouldn't want to go. Yesterday we were all, ohhh yakiniku, yakiniku, and Jun-kun's all, nah, I don't want to have such heavy meat after a concert. But you know, he came with us yesterday. And he was really kind-- are you still filming me!? (He said this to the camera in utter shock. Oh chipmunk. XD)
Nino: Well, you're talking!
Sho: That's true. Well anyway, he was really kind. He cooked my meat for me and served it to me.
Audience: SCREAM.
Nino: That's great, but did he eat any of his own??
Jun: I did, I ate. (Well honey, I hate to break it to you: you need to eat more. Like, a lot more.)

(BECKY, IF YOU'RE READING THIS: this whole yakiniku story was told, with Jun leaning very comfortably back against Aiba. It was very. Cute. *____*)

Nino: Lately though, these three have been forming some kind of Curiosity Team.
Sho & Ohno & Aiba: :)))
Nino: They go eating at so many places together, don't you?
Sho: We do. We'd always go drinking and eating somewhere. That time at Nagoya, right? We went out together, the three of us. Waited right in the middle of some eating place(?) for our turn.
Nino: You waited? So they didn't realize...?
Aiba: Maybe we should've told them we were the Curiosity Team, huh. :DDD
Nino: The team wasn't formed yet then!!
Aiba: Oh, that's right.
Nino: You should introduce yourself as the Curiosity Team.
Sho: Okay camera, can you film us please?
Sho & Ohno & Aiba: We are the Curiosity Team~!
Audience: SQUEE.
Sho: Wait, speaking of yakiniku... why don't you know that? (Whether Jun ate or not? L-Like I said, not necessarily in chronological order. orz)
Nino: That's what I want to ask. Why wasn't I invited?
Jun: You were.
Sho: Yeah, we said to go gather at Leader's room.
Ohno: Yeah, we gathered in my room. But you know, this guy, when I was returning to my room, he was already there waiting for me. (Now this I'm not sure. Leader, stop mumbling. ;; But he talked a lot this MC so I'm one happy Ohno fan. *___*)
Nino: Why is that?
Sho: ... 'cause I'm in the Curiosity Team~! :D
Audience: SCREAM.

Nino: Anyway, yeah, I probably didn't turn up 'cause I fell asleep. Like, I was getting a massage and then I just... went to sleep.
Sho: That happens.
Aiba: After the concerts right?
Sho: It's a shock when you suddenly wake up and realize it's morning, isn't it. Like, when did I sleep, kinda.
Nino: Right. I woke up with my feet facing the other end of the bed, so it was weird.
Sho: There was this one time I totally passed out, lying down like this. [demonstrates by looking like those anime characters who spread out all over the futon, drooling. XDD]
Audience: LOL.
Sho: And when it was morning, I was like, whoa when did that happen.
Aiba: Happens often! In the bath, too.
Sho: Yeah. Well, MatsuJun never makes it to the bed, does he?
Jun: No...
Aiba: He always ends up sleeping on the sofa. (Someone write an AibaJun fic with that line.)
Jun: No, the sofa's a recent thing, I used to sleep on the floor.
Nino: Why is that, does that mean you ran out of energy?
Jun: Well... I would lie down. And the floor would be so cold that it's so comfortable...
Sho: Ahhh. You're the cold type.
Jun: Right, the cold type.
Nino: But when you wake up, your back aches.
Jun: My back aches.
Nino: And you get pissed when your back aches.
Jun: I get pissed when my back aches.
Audience: LOL.

Sho: Leader, you should reenact MatsuJun getting pissed from his backache.
Ohno: [looks hesitant] ... well, I can do it, yes.
Audience: SCREAM.
Sho: So, this is MatsuJun who fell asleep on the floor, woke up from a back ache and got pissed about it.
Ohno: [lies on the floor, looking so damn hot on the-- um. anyway, wakes up, winces, SCOWLS.] OW. OWWWW. What the hell, IT HURTS.
Jun: Man, Leader can do anything!
Ohno: No, but really, he gets angry a lot.
Nino: He does.
Ohno: The last time he was pissed right? He was pissed that one other time too!!
Jun: [LAUGHS] Was I? Oh man... what was I pissed about, I don't remember...
Ohno; You were pissed. You always get pissed at Tokyo Dome.
Jun: That's true, I was kind of angry in the car.
Aiba: In the car too, right?
Jun: Yeah. I wonder why.
Aiba: We didn't ask.
Ohno: He gets pissed when we're eating too.
Nino: It's true, I've seen him getting pissed. It's like, when you eat, he gets pissed.
Ohno: Really.
Aiba: Three of us were eating in complete silence, weren't we?
Sho: ... why didn't you ask him why he was angry?
Nino: Well... even if you asked -- right?
Jun: Yeah, it's true, I might've snapped more if you asked. (I, kind of loved this a lot. 'cause we hear so much about Arashi not fighting, and... it's kind of good to know they're human too, you know?)
Nino: Well, four of us went out to drink after that, so it was fine.
Sho: ... wait, why wasn't I there?
Jun: Because you were late.
Sho: No, that's not true! I was there really early! Which Dome are we talking about? Tokyo first day, or second?
Jun: First.
Sho: First I was really early! I was there like, 30 minutes before the meeting time!!
Jun: Well, the earliest on the second day was Leader.
Aiba: Yeah.
Jun: ... why are we even talking about this?

(I... think Ohmiya disappeared backstage at this point. Again. Y-Yeah. Clusters.)

Sho: So let's talk about the shows we'll be in. MatsuJun, he has the Hana Yori Dango Finale.
Jun: That's right. [insert Hanadan promo]
Sho: Say, about the movie... I saw bits of it. And, there was this one scene where you were wearing sunglasses. Tsukasa-chan too.
Audience: WAIT WHAT.
Jun: ... Tsukasa-chan?
Aiba: Oh, you're good!
Sho: [has the, I made a boo-boo face] Well, I wanted to ask why you two were wearing the glasses?
Jun: We were sneaking around, you see. So we were undercover.
Sho: Ahhh, what youth!!
Jun: Also, the Kakushi Toride no Sanakunin movie is playing in theaters. [insert promotions]
Sho: You know, when I saw that, I thought.. you're a good person. Not a bad one. (*akunin = bad person)
Jun: Well, ultimately, he may be, but it's "Three Bad People".
Sho: No, you're a good person.
Aiba: [laughing] (I'm sure Aiba-chan said something here too, but I can't for the life of me remember now. ><;)

Sho: Anyway, as you all know, Leader is holding his art exhibition nearby.
Aiba: That's right. He said he went by to take a peek this morning.
Audience: GASP.
Jun: Wait, really? That must've been really early.
Aiba: Yeah, he got up early. You know how Leader's like, he's like an old man.
Sho: [LOLLL]
Aiba: He is! He gets up early like an old man. Anyway, for those who haven't seen the art exhibition, we've prepared some images for you to have a look!

(OHMIYA SK. Brace yourselves, ladies. Especially you Ohmiya fans. I am just waiting to see if any other shows can top this one. Same thing with the chikubi dial and all that, but for the cannon, instead of Taka pointing in one direction and the cannon firing on the wrong end, he didn't even get to point before the cannon went off. XDDD)

Taka: [looks pissy]
Yuuji: XD
Taka: Where is my spotlight?
Yuuji: I'm sorry. You were taking too long. Taka. Alright. [sits down in front, facing Taka] If you want the spotlight so bad, why don't you show us. Come, show us your performance.
Taka: ... [looks sheepish, suddenly]
Taka: ... [performs his little arm gestures, then points to the direction]
Audience: SCREAM.
Yuuji: LOL. Aaaah, you're so funny.
Taka: [glares] ... [advances on Nino and tries to hit him]
Yuuji: [ducks]
Taka: You... c'mere. [grabs Nino's hand and tugs him to the side]
Yuuji: Wow, you're assertive today.
Taka: [stops at the front of the cannon; to the juniors] Clear it!!
MAD: [clears the cannon away]

Taka: ... [turns to stare at Yuuji. really close.]
Yuuji: ...
Taka: ...
Yuuji: ...
Taka: ...
Yuuji: Taka. Why did you call me here again? Really.
Taka: It's missing~~~ [does the CUTEST little whine and kiddy swaying of the arms]
Yuuji: ... what is?
Taka: It's missing~~~
Yuuji: [laughs] What is??
Taka: We haven't done it for three years~~
Yuuji: [looks about ready to crack]
Taka: I want our Final Love~!!
Yuuji: ... alright. Well. For those of you in the parent-child seats, please make sure your child is looking at your uchiwa right now. Nothing but your uchiwa.
Taka: I want to be seme'd today~~~ (He said this. I'm not kidding. Kyou wa semeraretai~~. GOD.)
Yuuji: Okay, okay. [lifts microphone away from mouth]
Taka: [does the same]
Audience: SCREAM.
Yuuji: ... [shifts Taka's microphone a little higher]
Audience: SCREAAM.
Taka: [raises face up]
Yuuji: Taka. [grabs Taka's face in his hands and lowers it] I'm not that tall. My face is here.
Audience: SCREAAAM.

(AND THEN THEY KISSED. No, it's not even an ambiguous, hmmm, maybe they faked it, 'cause all we see is Nino's back and Ohno flailing and we can't see lips touching from that angle Time concert kiss, the camera was taking them from the side profile, with nothing blocking their faces, no hidden angles, nothing. Their lips met for a second, and then they broke apart. Ohmiya. KISSED. In Fukuoka Dome, with witnesses. Everywhere. Screaming.)

Yuuji: I stole Taka's lips!!

Jun: [looking absolutely DISGUSTED. XDDD Oh Hime, you just want to join in the fun.]
Sho: Are the parent-child seats alright? Did you really make sure they looked at the uchiwas?
Aiba: What was that Final Love??
Sho: They kissed, didn't they? Was everyone okay with that?
Audience: YEEESSSSSS a;lskjd;lf.
Sho: Oh, good.
Aiba: You know, I could hear Leader say to himself, "We did it!"
Jun: Man, our group is so disgusting!!

(It doesn't end there. We had a third encore today -- with the girls in the back gasping, Oh my god this is so RARE -- with Jun looking so pleased, and almost ready to tear up. He was delighted with Fukuoka's atmosphere, and yes, the tension here was just high and electric for both days, it's been amazing. Anyway, before they sang "Hero", they spoke a bit.)

Jun: Fukuoka, the concerts have been extremely enjoyable. Everywhere I go, I see smiling faces, people looking like they're having the time of their life; it makes me feel happy as well. It may be sad that we're going to end, and we may feel fragile, but we'll be alright, because we would definitely like to meet you again.
Audience: SCREAM.
Nino: Yes. So, having turned 25-years-old, my first kiss is with Ohno.
Audience: SCREAAAAM.
Ohno: [frowning]
Sho: Leader, go, say something. [pushes Ohno to Nino]
Ohno: ... well. [arm round Nino] We're going out, so. Look at us with grentle eyes.
Nino: LOL.
Ohno: Gentle. Look at us with gre-- gentle eyes. (Only Ohno can slip on his words during a confession. Only Ohno. T^Tb)
Nino: [looks at the camera and does a shy, eheh, hand behind his head.]
Jun: And?
Ohno: And?
Jun: Your drama.
Ohno: Oh. Ah. I'll be playing the lead role in a drama series, Maou [insert drama promotion].
Sho: And who's appearing in the first episode?
Ohno: ... [embarrassed laugh]
Audience: SQUEEEEEE.
Ohno: [goes up to Nino and puts an arm around again] Nino is.
Nino: o/
Sho: [cracking up on the side]

Random bits:
--Clearly, when Jun is happy, Jun whores out to people. Jun/Nino at One Love, Jun advancing on Ohno so close that Ohno had a |D;; smile on his face at Fight Song, Jun/Aiba during the MC... just Sho left, really. Just Sho.
--Lots of YamaTaro love after the Ohmiya kiss. XD It's almost like Sho is all, HOORAY BFF, YOU DID IT and Nino's all, I DID I DID, and they do retarded skips and dances during songs together.
--During Fight Song, instead of singing his line, Sho said, "--ahhhh, I feel sick." Meanwhile, Aiba was hanging upside-down a good 80% of the time, while Ohno just kind of let his body sag like a limp thing.
--Aiba messed up Step and Go. *pats baby* Was close enough to see lots of sudden stumbling and hurried switching, and Winky-chan and I were like, oh dear.
--Ohno forgot to take his coat off again. XD This time, he was dancing with his coat on while everyone else already had it off. Then, there was a brief pause where the members surrounded him, and then we could see him throwing the coat to the side, while Nino's laughing and saying things to him. Probably, "You're an idiot, but I love you." ... alright fine, just the first part. :/
--Again, I watched Ohno grab his crotch. And again, I loved it.
--Again, I watched Jun strip. Eat a sandwich plz. ;; I don't know if those female dancers did anything for him, because it just served to... emphasize his gay. Somehow. His gay is strong. Not that I'm complaining or anything. *hummm*
--Aiba-chan played his harmonica beautifully. /o/
--I now think Nino's flailing is part of the reason why Gimmick Game is so hot. Can you imagine? Those little limp wrists transform into pure sex with the right mode. *___*
--Hi Sho. You're all recovered. I'm so happy. Your rap makes me smile. Especially the images of your retarded bandmates behind you.
--During an encore song, Ohno ran full-speed at Nino, leapt, and did the Freestyle pose in mid-air. Nino bent over double, LAUGHING. XD

al;ksf OHNO. OHNO.

He went by on his bubble float, so I turned my uchiwa to "SATOSHI" and immediately leapt up and down with one hand doing the GETTSU point, screaming, "Oh-chan~~~!!" I didn't think he'd look. I really, did not.

But he did.

He pointed right back, GETTSU point, then smiled when I covered my mouth with a hand in surprise. And waved.


Also, also, Winky-chan! Sho saw her! And waved! And maybe nodded a little in acknowledgment!

Those seats are miracle seats. T^Tb

I will read everything once I've settled down in Nagoya tomorrow and reply every single one of you loves, so expect random late spam! ♥
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