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Persona 4 Drama CD

Gosh, this was... fun. This was really fun to work on. I haven't checked it yet, but the gist of it is there. And I had fun giving French phrases to Teddie l-lol I'm weird what. To all those who went to AX, WELCOME BACK? ♥ I'll get to replies real soon, loves.

Oh, and Track 11 with the seiyuu bit should be done tonight. o/ I lied! Just got home and showered and it's midnight s-so... tomorrow! Maybe I can work out good bear puns, too. ;;


Track 1

Yosuke: All right, all done with stock checking! Up we go... whoof. Whoaa, we're almost out of lotion tissue. Guess it IS March, huh.
Staff: Great job, Yosuke-kun.
Yosuke: Thanks!
Staff: You're free to go now.
Yosuke: Okay!
Staff: You're really checking those supplies lately. For a bike, was it?
Yosuke: Yep! That and, well... I have to take responsibility as his owner.
Staff: Huh?
Lady: W-Wha-!? Eddie-san!?
Lady: Stop hanging off the set-- waargh!
Yosuke: I'm sorry! I'm really sorry!!
Staff: Uh... haha... anyway, we'll head off first, so... could you lock up for us?
Yosuke: Oh yeah... I'll be sure to lock him up GOOD.
Staff: Um... I'm talking about the floor.
Yosuke: Totally... I'll lock them BOTH up... for SURE.

Lady: Eddie-san... calm down...!
Teddie: *grunting*
Lady: *grunting*
Lady: C-Can you at least take that costume off!?
Yosuke: Aaaahhh, hello!! I'm so sorry you have to care for this animal day in, day out!
Teddie: Yooooosukeeee!
Yosuke: What'd you do this time!?
Teddie: Yosuke! Big trouble! They're gonna fake garb the TV!!
Yosuke: Dude, dude... speak English.
Teddie: The sad TV is trembling on the wagon!!
Yosuke: I don't know what the hell you're talking about!
Lady: It seems Eddie-san is upset that we're going to move this big TV set...
Yosuke: What? You're moving it? To where?
Lady: Where? After this month, we're shutting down half the electronics floor.
Yosuke: What!?
Lady: Our electronics aren't selling well. We have lots of those large electronic stores as competition, you see. Besides, it costs a lot to maintain this floor.
Yosuke: I see... there really aren't many people around, huh. That's why we can get in and out without anyone noticing.
Lady: ... sorry?
Yosuke: N-Nothing! Please do something about it!
Lady: But Eddie-san, why do you like this one so much?
Teddie: Well! It's a shortcut to my home!
Lady: Huh?
Yosuke: Aaah! Please ignore this idiot!
Teddie: Yosuke! Can't you do something about this!?
Yosuke: Not really...
Teddie: Everyone wouldn't be happy either if the TV's taken away!
Yosuke: Hmm... I don't think we really care either way...
Teddie: Ahhhhh!! You're so mean! J'ai besoin de toi! Je te veux!!
Yosuke: Get OFF me!! Teddie-! All right, I get it already! I'm sorry, but... can you wait a little longer before moving that TV?
Teddie: Teddie will work super hard to sell at least one TV set on this floor!
Lady: Well... all right. We'll leave it here until the weekend.
Yosuke: I owe you one!
Teddie: Yo-Yo-Yosuke!!
Yosuke: Dude, you should get on your knees and thank her, too!
Teddie: Okay okay! I promise never to sleep on this floor again!
Yosuke: Don't sleep on the sales floor!!

Voiceover: Drama CD. Persona 4. Volume 1.

Track 2

Rise: Good evening~!
Nanako: Ah, it's Rise-chan! Welcome!
Rise: Good evening, Nanako-chan!
Chie: Yo~!
Yukiko: Welcome!
Teddie: Come, come~!!
Rise: Sorry I'm late!
Yosuke: Thanks for coming! Hey, shall we start the fire for the stew?
Rise: Here! It's the tofu you ordered.
Nanako: Woow! It's in a wooden box!
Rise: A plastic bag would've ripped with this much tofu.
Chie: Trust old stores to know their stuff!
Souji: Welcome.
Rise: Good evening, Senpai!
Kanji: Senpai! I'll cut the tofu, so I'll leave this to you.
Souji: Aah.
Rise: What's this? Senpai and Kanji are in charge of the kitchen?
Teddie: Sensei's cooking is bear-y marvelous!
Nanako: Bear-y marvelous!
Yukiko: Sorry for making you wait.
Chie: Maybe we should help with other stuff besides the carrots.
Yosuke: No! You don't have to bother!
Rise: In that case...
Yosuke: You just came in, so you should sit down and wait too!
Rise: Senpai... your eyes are watering.
Yosuke: Hahaha... we've had this conversation three times already.

Kanji: All right. If the water's boiling, you can start putting in the tofu and stuff.
Teddie: So? Is the water ready?
Yosuke: Yeah... I think it's good.
Nanako: We have lots of vegetables!
Souji: We certainly do.
Nanako: We have round and square carrots, too!
Souji: You're right.
Yosuke: She just said your carrots are square.
Chie: Sh-Shut up!
Yosuke: Wait, hold up! Forget the squares, there's this huge one in the shape of a dice!
Yukiko: Since we were cutting them in squares, I thought we might as well make it even on all sides.
Chie: Ohhh! If we're gonna fail, we'll at least fail spectacularly!
Kanji: This isn't going to cook properly at all.
Yukiko: Also! I tore the cabbage apart with my bare hands! The head chef said it would turn red if I used a knife.
Teddie: Oh wow! Yuki-chan's so knowledgeable!
Kanji: You do that for lettuce...
Chie: Speaking of, you're really working hard at the inn lately, Yukiko!
Yukiko: I'm still pretty bad at cooking, though.
Teddie: Mmmm! How inspiring! Teddie's doing his best at making people care for him, too!
Rise: You got the phrase wrong.
Yosuke: Well, the content is accurate.
Teddie: So anyway! Rise-chan, have you ever considered buying a TV~?
Rise: Nope.
Teddie: You answered so quickly...
Yosuke: That's 'cause your topic change was too sudden!
Rise: What's going on?
Yosuke: See, Junes is closing down half of its electronics section.
Kanji: Seriously!?
Yosuke: Business isn't doing so great. Anyway, that big TV we used is going to be removed, apparently.
Rise: What? That's terrible! ... I guess?
Teddie: It's terrible! Where else can Teddie stay?
Yosuke: You're freeloading off ME, you jerk!
Chie: But you can still go to the other side through other TV sets, right? It's not dangerous anymore, so do you have to freak out that much?
Teddie: Yes I do! There's a reason for entering through that TV in Junes!
Yukiko: That's right! Different TV sets connect to different places.
Teddie: I may not be able to get to my home anymore! Just when I've come up with a solution to live comfortably...
Rise: So Teddie does have a house?
Chie: Aahh... he did mention that before, didn't he?
Yukiko: I wonder what kind of house he has!
Kanji: I think I can guess even without looking at it.
Yukiko: Really?
Kanji: It's Teddie, right? So it's probably like that forest, right? Like the 100 Acre Woods or somethin'.
Yukiko: 100 Acre Woods! How many square meters is that!? (*note: the original uses "LDK", which means "Living, Dining, Kitchen" - also refers to the size of the house)
Souji: Is that what you're curious about?

Teddie: Anyway, after a thorough discussion with Yosuke, we promised to sell at least one TV set by this month so they won't move that TV!
Yosuke: HELL NO. You totally made that up!
Rise: By this month? You only have less than two weeks!
Yosuke: Hello? Why are you ignoring me?
Teddie: So please! I want someone to buy a TV! Anyone? Come, don't be shy, baby. Tell Teddie you want a TV.
Nanako: Ah. The stew's ready.
Teddie: The wind of society is a cold breeze...
Yukiko: Ah, Nanako-chan... I'm sorry we keep talking about things you don't understand...
Nanako: It's okay!
Souji: How shall I say this... she seems to have mastered the art of tuning out, you see.
Chie: We've been trying to steer away, but we always come back to the topic of that other world, huh?
Kanji: What a good girl.
Rise: Hey, Teddie! Why don't you call out to customers on the floor? I can teach you how to get their attention!
Yosuke: Oh well. Guess I'll cut down your shifts as a mascot, then.
Teddie: Whoa... are you all thinking of a plan for Teddie?
Yukiko: Ohhh!
Kanji: Uh... can we start eating the stew now?
Souji: Ah, that's right. Yes, it's ready.
Kanji: Whoa. It's hard. The carrots are really hard.
Yosuke: See?
Chie: SHUT UP.
Kanji: Well... it's edible if you avoid the dangly bits.
Yukiko: Um... whose side are you on?

Dojima: I'm home! Huh... we've got lots of shoes here again...
Nanako: It's dad! Welcome home!
Naoto: Sorry for the intrusion.
All: Sorry for intruding!
Souji: Welcome home.
Dojima: Ahh, that's right, you said you were having stew tonight.
Yosuke: Sorry! We just decided to get together for the last stew of the season...
Naoto: Thank goodness. It smells wonderful.
Chie: Doesn't it?
Yukiko: ... "thank goodness"?
Rise: Over here, Naoto-kun! We've saved a spot for you between me and Kanji!
Kanji: You little-!!
Naoto: I apologize for showing up only at dinnertime. I shall wash my hands right away.

Souji: Here.
Dojima: Thanks.
Teddie: By the way, dear Papa-san of Nana-chan! Have you ever considered switching your ancient TV to a brand new flat-screen?
Dojima: Hm?
Yosuke: You're hopeless!
Nanako: I would like a new TV!
Teddie: You go, Nana-chan! Keep it up!
Nanako: Dad, Teddie-san said he'll be in big trouble if he doesn't sell a TV set.
Dojima: Oh, trying to sell his wares, huh.
Yosuke: Don't worry about it! He's just getting into the spirit of working on the electronics floor. It's not like he's trying to meet a quota or anything, so don't bother!
Teddie: I want him to care! Do YOU have any intention to buy a TV, Naoto-kun?
Naoto: I'm afraid I don't.
Teddie: *upset noises*
Yukiko: I'll ask the waitresses at the inn if they would like a TV set.
Teddie: Aah! Thank you, Yuki-chan!
Naoto: Teddie-kun. It may be difficult to sell an expensive product like a TV set, if you don't have some form of incentive for buying those at Junes.
Teddie: Incentive?
Chie: Like a huge discount or something.
Yosuke: There's no way we can beat those electronic stores that sell things in bulk.
Chie: Then... maybe you can work something out at a different store...
Kanji: Hey, guys. Can we talk about this later? Let's eat already. I'm hungry.
Rise: Yeah! The tofu's an extra special brand, you know!
Dojima: All right. Let's eat.
All: Thanks for the food~!
Naoto: It's good.
Kanji: (overlapping) Um, the carrots are really crunchy. I've never seen carrots like these.
Yosuke: Sorry, I'm passing on the tofu.
Rise: No waaay.
Yukiko: (overlapping) We have a lot of pork today.
Yosuke: (overlapping) Forget it! We've got pork!
Souji: I'm sorry for all the noise.
Nanako: Nah! It's fun to eat with everyone, right Dad?
Dojima: Yeah, well... it feels right to have this much rowdiness in the house.
Nanako: Will everyone stop visiting when Big Bro goes home?
Chie: Of course not! We're friends, aren't we?
Naoto: Oh yes. Dojima-san.
Dojima: Ahh... you want to know if you can come over after he's gone, right? Don't worry about it. Shirogane's been asking me the same thing over and over again.
Naoto: Do-Dojima-san...
Nanako: Hooray!!
Teddie: Mar-bear-lous! Every day's stew-day! Teddie's gonna eat a looot!
Yosuke: What the hell was that!?
Teddie: Let's eat~!

Track 3

Kanji: All right. We're taking the turn here.
Naoto: Thank you for the meal.
Rise: Good night!
Souji: Good night.
Yosuke: Kanji! You better see them home right!
Kanji: Sure thing.
Girls: Good night!
Teddie: Seeya!

Teddie: Please, Chie-chan... get your family to buy a TV!
Chie: I'll give it a shot...

Yosuke: We've solved the case, so I figured there wasn't a need to go to the TV world anymore. I don't think I'll be really upset or anything if that TV's gone...
Souji: You're right.
Yosuke: But Teddie's treating it like a major crisis. It's kinda surprising how desperate he was. He'd be all alone over there... and he's gotten used to Junes, so I always thought he'd stay over here for the rest of his life. Guess he wants to go back to the TV world someday...
Souji: Maybe.
Yosuke: You're going home too, aren't you? Right after our graduation ceremony, right?
Souji: Yeah.
Yosuke: We've just got a week left, huh. It'd be great if we could sell a TV before you go. You'll be worried if you leave without resolving this, won't you?
Souji: I will, yes.
Yosuke: I want to help out too, but there's no way I can afford a TV.
Teddie: Sensei, Yosuke! Chie-chan and the others are leaving!
Chie: My home's this way.
Yosuke: Okay! We're done for the day.
Yukiko: Thank you for accompanying us all the way here.
Souji: I'll walk you home.
Yukiko: What? You don't have to...
Souji: It's late.
Yukiko: I'll be fine. Chie's with me.
Chie: You can count on me!
Souji: Ah... but...
Chie: It's okay! Nanako-chan'll get worried if you go home late!
Souji: You're right... well, be careful then.
Chie: Sure! See you tomorrow! Night!
Yukiko: Good night!
Teddie: Good night!
Yosuke: Later!
Souji: Good night.

Track 4

Teddie: Come one, come all! Drop by and take a look! It's the King of Entertainment, Televisions! We've got a whole assortment of TV-related innovations right here!
Nanako: Ah, Teddie-san really is in the TV section!
Souji: He certainly is.
Yukiko: Oh! You're here as well?
Souji: We dropped by after getting our groceries.
Yukiko: I guess we're all worried about Teddie.
Nanako: Big Sister Yukiko, too?
Yukiko: Yes. I was running an errand for the inn, so I decided to drop by.
Teddie: Sensei, Nana-chan! Yuki-chan, too! Thanks for coming, guys.
Nanako: Teddie-san, you're working hard!
Teddie: But I'm not getting any customers... it was a bad idea to give a special offer for these products! What should I do?
Nanako: What? Um.... um... why don't you make the TV sets stand out?
Teddie: Stand out?
Nanako: Like decorating them with flowers!
Lady: Eddie-san! You're wanted at the food court!
Teddie: Okaaay! I've gotta go already... geez, it's so hard when e-bear-yone wants a piece of Teddie! Well, I'm off!
Nanako: See you later! Teddie-san looks so busy...
Souji: Shall we head home?
Yukiko: Say! If you have time, would you like to come over to my house?
Nanako: Your house? You mean the inn?
Yukiko: Yes! You can see a bride.
Nanako: A bride!? I want to go!

Track 5

Guy: Okay, I'm taking the picture! Smile, please! Ready... say cheese! Okaay!
Nanako: The bride is so pretty!
Yukiko: Isn't she?
Souji: The Amagi Inn holds wedding ceremonies as well?
Yukiko: It's not really a ceremony... more like a party. A large ceremony involves invitations to the bride and groom's family, but this is more like a small dinner party with close friends and relatives.
Old lady: Oh my, if it isn't Yukiko-chan. Thank you so much for today. The Amagi Inn has done so much for us...
Yukiko: Not at all. I'm very glad to be of service.
Old lady: My granddaughter is quite pleased, too. My goodness, is that your future husband?
Souji: What!?
Yukiko: Ah, n-n-no! He's a friend at school!
Old lady: I see. It's still too soon for you, hm?
Yukiko: Y-Yes...
Old lady: Oh, it looks like they're done with pictures. Do excuse me, we can chat more later.
Yukiko: I- I'm sorry! That was the bride's grandmother. She regularly frequents our inn. Over a decade ago, when she got married, she had her wedding ceremony at the Amagi Inn. Her granddaughter heard about it, and insisted on having her ceremony at the inn as well... she said she wanted to have fond memories of the famous site in her birthplace... *laughs* I think it's quite an exaggeration to call us a famous site.
Souji: That's not true.
Nanako: Big Bro's right! Dad says this is a famous inn!
Yukiko: Thank you. I'm happy to know that you feel that way. I didn't like the pressure of such high expectations at first... but it's a valuable place that the people around us and our employees all treasure. It's natural to feel pressurized.
Souji: You may be right.
Yukiko: That bride will soon move to her husband's hometown. If I were to get married, I have to find someone who will stay here and take over the inn. I used to envy those who could leave their home after marriage, but I don't feel that way now. No matter how pressurized I may be, I want to protect the treasure that everyone has cared for. Protect it until the bride today can one day bring her granddaughter here and say, "I was married here."
Nanako: I want to get married at Amagi Inn, too!
Souji: When you've grown up.
Yukiko: Dojima-san will get so flustered if he hears that Nanako-chan wants to get married. But I understand! Please make use of our inn when the time comes, okay?
Nanako: Okay!

Track 6

Teddie: Aaahh! Why can't I make this paper flower look pretty!?
Nanako: It'll look pretty if you fold it right.
Teddie: Ahhh, I tore it!
Nanako: Don't worry, it's just one sheet!
Chie: I did it! What do you think of my masterpiece?
Teddie: It's not all that different from mine...
Chie: Whaat!? Ah, Nanako-chan, you're really good at making flowers.
Nanako: I made a lot for sports meets and art festivals. They decorated the school with my flowers!
Chie: That brings back memories! We made flowers for our events, too.
Yosuke: Boys didn't do any of this back in my school. What about you?
Souji: I've made these before.
Teddie: C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! Your hands have stopped moving! Work on this seriously!
Yosuke: All right already! Tch, this is way too boring.
Dojima: I'm home.
All: Sorry for intruding!
Nanako & Souji: Welcome home.
Dojima: Wha-? What are these?
Nanako: Don't step on them, Dad!
Dojima: Sure. Is this handicraft homework for school?
Teddie: We're decorating TV sets with these flowers!
Dojima: TV sets...? Ah, for the electronics floor in Junes.
Nanako: The TV sets will stand out more if they're decorated prettily, right? So I'm teaching them how to make flowers.
Dojima: I see.
Teddie: I've taken up Nanako-chan's idea! Also, I've been coming up with those "incentives" Naoto brought up!
Yosuke: What incentives?
Teddie: Fufufufu... if you buy a TV set, I'll throw in a remote control, too! If we can't lower the prices, then we add extra products as the incentive!
Chie: Oh! Not bad! Good thinking, Teddiekins!
Yosuke: But dude, we don't have a supplementary budget for giving away extra products.
Teddie: No no no no! We've got to put in money to earn more in return! If people won't accept a remote control, then Teddie will come up with brilliant items that are way better than that! Any suggestions?
Souji: No.
Teddie: Sensei... you're so cold!
Chie: I got it! How about a TV stand? A new TV and TV stand that coordinates well with the rest of the interior design!
Teddie: Chie-chan! Ce' manifique!
Nanako: Someone set up a personal page for that on the internet before.
Chie: What, really?
Teddie: Clouds of depression...
Yosuke: Besides, I don't think it's right for an employee to pay for these stuff out of his own pocket... You don't have the money either.
Dojima: Eddie-kun, you're quite passionate about your sales job.
Teddie: Yes! Teddie's future is at stake. For the first time in my life... um, my bear life? ...I feel the motivation to work really hard! My work ethnic changes when there's a goal in mind!
Dojima: I see. It's always good to see a youngster brimming with enthusiasm. Do your best.
Teddie: I will! You know, it feels great to be praised by Nanako-chan's Papa-san, 'cause he's a hard worker like me!
Yosuke: Who's a hard worker?
Teddie: Papa-san is amazing! You're the God of Hard Workers! You come back late everyday, and you take no breaks, and you even get injured on the job! Despite all those harsh conditions, you continue working anyway! You must really love your job!
Dojima: Uh... I wouldn't say I love it...
Teddie: Huh? You do your job even though you don't like it?
Dojima: Ah... that is... well...
Yosuke: Hey! Don't confuse him with your stupid questions!
Teddie: I want to know Papa-san's reason for working! Like why Detective Dojima pushes himself so hard!
Nanako: Um, Teddie-san? Dad is working hard so that we won't be troubled by bad people. Right, Dad?
Dojima: Mm? Ah... yes, I suppose.
Teddie: Ohhhh! So he does it for society and its people! How cool!!
Chie: Dojima-san, why did you decide to be a detective?
Dojima: Huh? Well... I guess my biggest reason is that I love this town.
Teddie: You like the town, not your job?
Dojima: Yeah... there isn't much, but I like that kind of tranquility.
Chie: Me too! It's the town I was born and raised in, after all.
Dojima: I like this town's scenery, fresh air, friendly people... My friends and family are here as well. That's why I want to protect this town. I want to make this a peaceful place that everyone can live in without worry.
Teddie: Ohhhhh!
Dojima: That sounded really sappy, huh.
Chie: Not at all! I sort of understand how you feel.
Dojima: Being a police officer is the obvious choice. And that's exactly why I have this job.
Chie: I see... you're right.
Yosuke: If a policeman resorts to an act of violence, he's doing his job, but if a random high school girl does it, then she's just some violent chick!
Chie: Shut up! But... you're right. A policeman... huh.
Souji: Did you think of something?
Chie: Yeah... kind of.

Track 7

Teddie: Ahh, it's nice to see everyone here!
Souji: Great work.
Teddie: It's really hot today... *zips*
Yosuke: AAH! Idiot, don't take your head off here! Didn't I tell you you'd traumatize the poor kids!?
Teddie: D-Did you?
Rise: Teddie, you're working hard on the TV section!
Yosuke: He comes up with some idea everyday.
Teddie: But I haven't sold a single set...
Yosuke: You can't sell one that fast.
Teddie: Today, Teddie made his own original flyer! Check it out!
Rise: Let's see... Um... this is kind of...
Kanji: The hell is this?
Naoto: It looks like cuneiform writing. (*note: cuneiform - think Egyptian pictograms)
Teddie: You're all mean! I worked hard on this!
Kanji: Your handwriting stinks! What's this? "Born us in them"? (*note: Teddie wrote 特典 (bonus item), but his handwriting is so awful, Kanji read the kanji - pun not intended - separately. This is what Kanji read in Japanese: 牛(cow) 寺 (temple) 曲 (song))
Teddie: That's "bonus item"!
Kanji: Oh, it's "bonus item"? No way in hell we can read this god awful writing. (*note: in Japanese, he complains about the way Teddie wrote the kanji radicals so far apart that they can't be read)
Teddie: Clouds of depression...
Souji: What does it say?
Teddie: It's an announcement that you'll get a bonus item if you buy a TV!
Naoto: I see. You have thought of an incentive.
Teddie: That's right! I'm using Naoto's idea! Still don't know what items to use, though.
Yosuke: You better figure that out soon.
Rise: Hey, where are you distributing these flyers?
Teddie: At the food court and the electronics floor!
Rise: That only covers the inside of Junes! You should widen your target field. Not many people will buy a TV when they're already here to get something else.
Yosuke: Besides, it takes so long to decipher your writing that no one's gonna bother.
Teddie: *sobs*
Naoto: I understand. I can recreate a simple version of the flyer on the computer.
Teddie: Really!? Thank you!
Yosuke: Can we really trouble you with that?
Naoto: Yes. I am accustomed to writing reports, so a document like this will not be any trouble. However, I am unable to decipher the writing, so I will require you to tell me the necessary words, Teddie-kun. I have a notebook at hand.
Teddie: That was unintentional but still cruel, Naoto. But thank you very much!
Rise: Think you can finish that flyer by tomorrow?
Naoto: Certainly.
Rise: In that case, I'll hand those out at the flea market tomorrow!
Yosuke: Flea market?
Rise: Kanji-kun's got a plushie booth at the flea market in the city's central area.
Teddie: Plushie?
Naoto: Kanji-kun and plushies?
Yosuke: Hahahaha! Are you serious!?
Kanji: Yeah.
Rise: They're such cute plushies, but no one's going to buy them if Kanji's manning the booth.
Kanji: Shut up!
Rise: That's why I'm helping him with the sales. I can promote the electronics section there, too!
Yosuke: If Risette lends a hand, people will totally be interested!
Teddie: This world is full of kind souls! Teddie is so bear-y happy to receive so much help from you all!
Yosuke: All right! If you print out a flyer and bring it over, I can make copies at the Junes office!
Naoto: I will bring it over tomorrow morning, then. Once the copies are made, I will deliver them to the recipients.
Rise: Awesome! I'll leave it to you. If you're free, it'll be swell if you could help out with sales after that, too!
Kanji: Huh!?
Rise: It's better to take shifts, right?
Naoto: I don't mind.
Kanji: Wha-!?
Naoto: I have never participated in a flea market before, so I may not be of much assistance.
Rise: All you have to do is sit next to Kanji!
Kanji: Wh--
Naoto: Very well.
Kanji: Whaat!? Kujikawa!
Rise: Hush! I invited her just for you, you know!
Kanji: Huh? That's completely unnecessary!
Rise: Senpai, too! Come down tomorrow if you're free!
Souji: Me?
Rise: Look, I'm a famous idol, so the crowd might get too big and swarm in, and I don't know if Kanji alone is enough...
Kanji: I... I hope you'll join us, too!
Teddie: Why's Kanji so desperate?
Kanji: Please! I can't stop Kujikawa's crazy antics on my own!
Yosuke: What the hell do you mean by crazy antics? She's trying to help you, so just go with the flow!
Kanji: You bastards... you're enjoying this, aren't you!?
Souji: Guess I have no choice.
Kanji: Thank you! I owe you big!

Track 8

Rise: Here's your change of 200 yen! Thank you very much!
Rise: (overlapping) We have handmade plushies! Please take a look!
Souji: They're rather popular.
Kanji: Y-Yes.
Naoto: Good morning.
Rise: Good morning~!
Souji: Morning.
Kanji: Heyyy....w-WHAT THE HELL. What's with that outfit!?
Naoto: Is it too strange? Kujikawa-san told me to wear this.
Rise: It's not weird, it's super cute!
Kanji: You! What did you say to her!? She's wearing a skirt...!!
Rise: Well, we're acting as your salesgirls 'cause it's weird for a guy to sell plushies. It wouldn't make sense for Naoto-kun to wear a guy's outfit, right?
Kanji: This is what I'm talking about, Senpai! Kujikawa's crazy antics!
Souji: I see...
Naoto: Here. These are Teddie-kun's TV flyers.
Souji: Thanks. You did a fine job.
Rise: It even has a photograph! With Teddie-kun posing in front of the TV sets!
Naoto: With Teddie-kun on it, it's easy to tell that it's a flyer for Junes, isn't it?
Kanji: Hmm? "Teddie will kindly and politely explain the products to you. He eagerly awaits your arrival!" Can he really pull this off?

Naoto: I have to say... these are amazing. Did you sew every one of these, Tatsumi-kun?
Kanji: Huh? Y-Yeah.
Rise: They're cute, aren't they? It's kind of amazing... you really can't judge a person by their appearances. Oh! Welcome!
Child: Mama! It's a panda!
Mother: You're right, how adorable!
Child: There's a bunny... and a kitty!
Mother: Oh! These are oven mittens!
Rise: That's right! Aren't they cute?
Mother: Yes. I sew once in a while too, but not to such detail.
Child: Aaahhh! This bunny's wearing a princess dress!
Mother: It's so frilly. I wonder how this was sewn... are you the young ladies who made these?
Naoto: Um... no. He did.
Kanji: Yo.
Mother: What!?
Child: You're really cool, Mister!
Rise: Kanji, tell her how you made it.
Mother: Um...
Rise: Don't worry! He doesn't bite!
Kanji: WHAT!?
Mother: *gasp*
Kanji: Ah, sorry... for yelling. Uh... well... you have to make the body first, before you sew the eyes on.
Mother: I'm... not very good at sewing such wide eyes...
Kanji: Ah... um, how 'bout I give you a demonstration? Um... this is for one eye. Sew this one piece in, and secure it. This is where I start sewing outwards. If you sew it outwards and spread it out, it'll turn really big... well, if it's too difficult, you can always tie it off and start a second layer. After the second, go back to the first... after the second, go back to the first...
Rise: Does Kanji always carry a sewing kit with him?
Naoto: Tatsumi-kun has very skillful fingers.

Mother: I see! It's much easier to understand with a demonstration! Thank you!
Kanji: S'nothing...
Child: Mama... I want the bunny.
Mother: All right... Mama wants one, too. We'll take this one.
Kanji: Thank you very much!
Child: Thank you, Mister!
Kanji: Sure. Take good care of it, y'hear?
Child: I will!
Kanji: Hehe.
Rise: You did great, Kanji! Your teaching style's pretty good, too.
Kanji: Y-You think so? I've only ever taught Senpai.
Naoto: Huh? You sew as well, Senpai?
Souji: He forced me to do it before I could say a word.
Kanji: What!? You had fun, right!?
Souji: Ah... yeah.
Naoto: Tatsumi-kun's family is selling these in front of their shop as well, aren't they? Have people not asked how you made these, like just now?
Kanji: Nah, I never said I made 'em.
Rise: Why not?
Kanji: Why not? 'cause it's weird, s'why! Same reason why you came to help out, right?
Rise: Ah, good point.
Kanji: But it's kind of nice... to have someone ask about my sewing... for a conversation to start because of that.
Naoto: She thanked you for it, too.
Kanji: Y-Yeah.

Boy: See! It really is Risette!
Boy: She really did move to Yasoinaba!
Boy: Ah, um...!
Rise: Yes?
Boy: Can I take a picture of you on my cellphone?
Rise: Ah... sure!
Boy: Seriously!? Awesome!
Boy: Thank you very much!
Boy: Okay, here I go!
Rise: Okay, chee-- ah. Hang on a minute! Kanji, could you pass me that?
Kanji: Sure.
Rise: All right! Cheese! Got it?
Boy: Um... half your face was covered by the plushie...
Rise: Isn't it cute? It's a special plushie made by Tatsumi Textiles! Make sure you show that picture to everyone, okay? Tell them they can head over to Tatsumi Textiles if they want a handmade plushie!
Boy: Huh?
Rise: Also! Here's a campaign flyer!
Boy: What's this? TV sets?
Rise: You'll get a wonderful bonus item if you buy a TV at Junes this month!
Boy: Is Rise-chan involved in this campaign? Oh! Can we get like, Rise-chan goods!?
Rise: Well... the bonus item is still a secret, but it's sure to be something different from the other stores! Go ask for details at the electronics section. Thanks a bunch!
Boy: Um... can I retake this picture...
Rise: Please continue supporting me, okay?
Boy: Holy shit! We spoke to Risette!
Kanji: You really forced those stuff on them.
Souji: It's very... Rise.
Rise: I helped promote your plushies, didn't I?
Naoto: I thought it was brilliantly done.
Rise: This is going to cost you!
Kanji: I didn't ask for any of that promotion shit!
Rise: As a reward for today's services... let's see... you're good at sewing lace, so make me a shawl for spring!
Kanji: Huh!?
Rise: There's the antique kind with flower patterns, right?
Kanji: The irish crochet, you mean?
Rise: Ah, yeah, that's the one! Thank you!
Kanji: Will you cut it--
Rise: Of course, you have to sew one for Naoto-kun, too! You have to make it SUPER cute!
Kanji: *gnk*
Naoto: Me? I don't need one. Unlike Kujikawa-san, I haven't exactly done anything.
Rise: He said he'll sew you one, so it's okay!
Kanji: I didn't say that.
Rise: Anyway, you're a girl Naoto-kun, so you shouldn't wear those stiff clothes all the time! It's a real waste! Like the skirt today, for example, it looks great on you. Right, Kanji?
Kanji: Yeah. --DON'T ASK ME.
Naoto: Really? I can't quite tell myself...
Souji: It looks good.
Naoto: T-Thank you...
Rise: You'll regret it if you don't wear cute stuff, or the clothes you want. That's what my stylist told me. You should enjoy the fact that you're a girl!
Naoto: Ah...
Kanji: Stop pressurizing her! She's gettin' all confused!
Souji: Are you all right? Can you keep up?
Naoto: Yes. A conversation between friends like this is new and enjoyable. I have always been surrounded by adults, so I never had the chance.
Kanji: 'cause of your detective work?
Naoto: That's right. I did not wish to be dismissed at the workplace just because I was a child as well as a female, so I kept trying to grow, and had no idea how people of my age interacted with each other. I never had fun either.
Rise: If you've got nothing but old men around you, there's no way you'll experience girl talk. It's not entirely your fault that you didn't have friends your age.
Naoto: But, I should have been able to make friends at school, had I harboured such an intention. I think it was my own principles that prevented me from building friendships before this.
Kanji: Well... I was the same, too. I knew I was being a stubborn ass, but it's not too late now. Before, there was no way in hell I'd ever sell my handmade plushies and admit that I made 'em... but now I find it fun.
Naoto: Yes, I agree. It is too late to act as a child should... but as Kujikawa-san said, I still have time to enjoy being a girl.
Rise: Ohh! From her own mouth! Then you should wear skirts more often! And that chest the doctors measured wrong! Make sure you expose it, okay?
Kanji: *explosion*
Naoto: Tatsumi-kun!? Oh no... he needs a tissue!
Kanji: I- I- I'm okay! Seriously! Don't come near me!
Rise: Okaaay... it looks like Kanji's doing pretty well, so let's leave these two at the booth and go distribute Teddie's flyers! Senpai!
Souji: Wha?
Kanji: Huh!? You can go on your own!
Rise: Rise'll be in trouble if fans surround her again!
Kanji: You liar! You totally handled yourself fine just now!
Naoto: Tatsumi-kun. If you flail your arms too much, the blood will splatter on the plushies.
Kanji: *explosion*
Rise: I hear the old Daidara storeowner's holding some kind of rare art exhibit! We might find a good bargain!
Souji: That does sound interesting.
Rise: Okay, we'll leave the rest to you then!
Kanji: Wait, Senpai! Don't leave us alone! Hey!!

Track 9

Yosuke: Why are we having stew again? Didn't we have stew the last time 'cause it's the last one of the season?
Chie: It's not stew, it's shabu shabu!
Kanji: Senpai. Please cut the cabbage with a knife.
Yukiko: I know!
Kanji: And uh... chop the carrots in thinner pieces...
Yukiko: Silence.
Yosuke: Hehe. So Kanji, how'd the flea market go yesterday?
Kanji: Aahh... it went okay.
Rise: His nose bled all over the place!
Kanji: Shut up!
Naoto: We sold all the plushies. A lot of people came to ask how he made them as well, so it turned into a small plushie sewing classroom.
Kanji: Y-Y-Yeah. It was fun.
Nanako: I got a plushie from Big Brother Kanji, too!
Yukiko: That's great. What kind did you get?
Nanako: A spider!
Yosuke: Man, you really make all shapes! I'm impressed!

Chie: Leader, can you get the plates?
Souji: Roger.
Rise: The flea market was great. Loads of bargains.
Chie: I want to go to the next one!
Teddie: What about the flyers?
Rise: We gave out every single one.
Souji: When Risette said she was giving something out, they were gone in a flash.
Rise: How was the TV floor?
Teddie: We had lots of customers thanks to you, but we haven't sold a thing. It's depressing!
Naoto: You won't get a result so quickly. You still have time, don't you? Don't panic and keep it up.
Teddie: You're right...
Yosuke: All right, can I start the fire now?
Rise: Please do the honours!
Yukiko: Here are the vegetables.
Chie: About the meat... we're all growing children who can't afford to buy all the meat we need, so we've chosen pork shabu!
Yosuke: Yo! The amazing economizer!
Chie: Tada!
All: Thick! So thick!
Yosuke: What's up with this meat!?
Chie: It's roast pork!
Naoto: Are you certain it's not for pork cutlets?
Yosuke: Do you seriously think we can cook this for shabu shabu!? You're insane!!
Souji: Don't tell me that's the only meat we have.
Rise: We also bought pork used for shabu shabu, too!
Souji: Thank goodness.
Chie: We bought this as a special menu, you know...
Kanji: Senpai... you guys really go all out.
Chie: Well, yeah.
Teddie: *sigh*
Nanako: What's wrong, Teddie-san? You look sad.
Teddie: I'm just so worried...
Yosuke: Dude. Why are you so fixated on that TV anyway? If it's taken away, you can just look for a different entrance. We can look for a TV that connects to the place closest to your home together!
Teddie: Well, any TV would do if I was just going back. But, that TV is a place of memories, the place where you went in and I came over.
Yukiko: A place of memories...
Teddie: It's special to Teddie! If I lose it, it feels like I have to choose between the two worlds.
Yosuke: This side is better, right? You'll be all alone over there!
Teddie: But, that's the place Teddie was born. I remembered when Chie-chan said she loved her birthplace. This world was so fun that I forgot about that, but I did like the TV World before the Shadows started a ruckus.
Chie: Listen, I said I liked Inaba City because I was born here, but that's not the only reason. Dojima-san said so, didn't he? That he liked the people in this town.
Teddie: Mm... I don't have friends over there, but...
Yukiko: You can't throw it away, right?
Teddie: Sensei, you left your birthplace to come here too, didn't you? What was that like?
Naoto: He knew it would only be for a brief period of time, so I believe he may have felt differently from you.
Teddie: But I want to know!
Souji: I was a little anxious... and a little excited, I guess?
Teddie: Teddie was really excited, too!
Rise: I felt the same way when I went up to Tokyo for my work. I was nervous, but I was even more excited! I was really worried, but I chose to be excited.
Teddie: But Rise-chan, you came back to your birthplace.
Rise: Yeah... I had lots of happy moments, and lots of sad moments. I've returned here, but I still like the world of showbiz!
Teddie: That's how Teddie feels, too. I want to stay here now, but I might want to go back to the TV World someday... and if I go back, I might miss this side again... ooh... what a dilemma!
Rise: Keep cracking your head over that!
Teddie: So mean!
Kanji: Choosing one doesn't mean you have to throw away the other. You can just go back and forth between the two.
Teddie: Is such a selfish thought allowed!?
Kanji: They're still connected, so it's fine, right?
Yosuke: You know, I felt totally out of place with the Inaba remoteness when I moved here, but instead of boredom, I feel comfortable now. I think it's because I've made friends, including you.
Chie: It all boils down to the people, right?
Yosuke: It's the same for you, right?
Souji: That's right.
Yosuke: Is he going to lose a place in our hearts just 'cause he's leaving?
Nanako: Of course not! Big Bro's family!
Teddie: Teddie will always welcome you back with a big BEAR hug, Sensei.
Yosuke: See? That's how it works. Your place in life doesn't refer to a physical spot, but the connections you have. You've got a place in our hearts, too. Wherever you choose to live, this is where you belong. So! I don't think you have to get all philosophical about where you should live.
Teddie: Yosuke...
Yosuke: I kind of got sappy there, huh?
Yukiko: You certainly did.
Yosuke: W-Whoa, I'm getting a blizzard in the face here!
Souji: Hey, shall we begin? The water is boiling.
Chie: Right, let's eat before the vegetables dry up.
Teddie: Actually, this is Teddie's very first shabu shabu! You put the meat in the stew, then dip it in sauce, right?
Nanako: That's right. This is ponzu, and this is peanut sauce.
Teddie: Okay! Go!
Yosuke: Hey-!! That's the meat for pork cutlets!
Teddie: Wow... this meat's not a very good swimmer.
Kanji: Stop sinking!!
Yukiko: *snort* The meat... is drowning. The meat is drowning...
Chie: Okaay! Yukiko's laughing switch is now on!
Souji: Nanako, can you reach the food?
Nanako: Nope. Can I stand up?
Teddie: It's gooood!
Yosuke: Get rid of the meat besides the shabu shabu ones.
Kanji: The carrots are still thick as hell.
Naoto: Kujikawa-san, your sauce is bright red. What did you put in it?
Rise: Hm? Chili powder.
Chie: Yukiko. You're not going to get any meat if you keep laughing.

Yosuke: Damn, that was good!
Chie: I'm so full!
Yukiko: The tea is ready.
Souji: Thank you.
Naoto: Thank you.
Rise: Delicious!
Kanji: It's about time for the big reveal. Can we bring it out?
Yosuke: Yep. Let's begin!
Teddie: What? What's starting?
Kanji: Here you go. Plushies made as bonus items for your TV sets.
Teddie: Aaah! They're Teddie-shaped!
Nanako: They look exactly like you!
Kanji: They're not Teddie fur, though.
Teddie: I'm so happy! Thank you, Kanji!
Kanji: Argh! Quit it!
Teddie: Ow...
Rise: This is my contribution! A Risette photo set complete with autographs! The photographer printed out a collection of my favourite photographs from my photobooks, so it's super rare!
Teddie: Ohhh! Rise-chan!
Naoto: I made wireless earphones. You can watch TV without worrying about background noise.
Teddie: Wow... the earphones are Teddie-shaped too! Naoto, you're amazing!
Yukiko: These are a pair of lodging coupons for the Amagi Inn. They can take up to six people. And these are for the hot springs. They also come in a pair and they're for four people.
Teddie: C-Can I really accept such expensive things?
Souji: This is an art piece I brought from old man Daidara at the flea market.
Teddie: What is this?
Souji: I don't know. Art?
Yosuke: Anyway, here! Junes vouchers. I tried getting my dad to keep the electronics section, and it didn't work. So I tried to get discounts for the TV sets, and it didn't work. Instead, he gave me vouchers.
Teddie: Yosuke...
Yosuke: Hehe... I tried to tell him that floor had good feng shui, but it didn't work. Sorry.
Teddie: Thank you, Yosuke! Mm... but, feng shui isn't a good argument.
Yosuke: So sorry I've got such poor ideas!
Teddie: Thank you, everyone! Thank you! Teddie's so happy he's gonna cry...
Chie: Hold up! I haven't shown you my bonus item yet!
Teddie: What? Chie-chan, too?
Chie: Tada! --ah, sorry. It's from home, hang on. Hello? What? Yeah, I'll do it, I'll do it. I promise. Really!? Awesome! Thanks, Dad! Okay. Sure. Bye! *laughs*
Yukiko: W-Why...?
Chie: Hahaha! The Satonaka family has decided to buy a TV!
Teddie: What!?
Nanako: Isn't that great, Teddie-san?
Yosuke: You did it!
Chie: You better be grateful! In exchange for buying a TV, my parents are cutting my allowance by ten percent for half a year, and I have to study every morning for the entire spring break!
Rise: Wow, that sounds painful!
Teddie: Thank you, Chie-chan! I love you!!
Kanji: Wait... does that mean Satonaka-senpai gets all our bonus items?
Chie: I don't need them... that art piece would take up space anyway. Use those as your sales incentives! Try to sell as many sets as you can.
Yosuke: She's right. We shouldn't be contented after selling just one set... we're trying to preserve the whole floor.
Naoto: You should sell at least one more.
Teddie: I will do my best! I'm full of motivation now!
Rise: By the way, what was Chie-senpai's bonus item?
Chie: Mine is... tada! DVD: Legend of Seiryuu 3, the first limited bonus edition!
Yosuke: I knew it'd be something like that.
Souji: At least it's not meat gum.
Chie: A special DVD set, it even comes with a figurine of the master! I have two copies in order to keep one intact, but I now tearfully part with this one! Um, can I take this one home as my bonus item for buying a TV?
Yosuke: Be my guest.
Nanako: This doll's face is scary!
Chie: (overlapping) Yeah, but it's the master, so it can't be helped!

Yosuke: Welp, I'm glad we managed to sell off one set.
Souji: It's a relief.
Yosuke: That Teddie... so he really wasn't sure about staying here.
Souji: Seems that way.
Yosuke: I've already gotten used to caring for that thing. With you leaving, my life will be totally empty without Teddie, too. Wanting to be acknowledged by you... wanting to care for Teddie... makes you wonder how dependent I am on other people. Hehe... I've gotta forge a path for myself too.
Souji: I know you'll find it, Yosuke.
Yosuke: You bet I will! Guess I should focus on that bike first.
Souji: I think you should give up on that.
Yosuke: Why!?

Track 10

Dojima: I'm home.
Nanako: Ah, welcome home!
Souji: Welcome home.
Nanako: We all ate shabu shabu today!
Dojima: I see. That's great.
Souji: Have you had your dinner? We still have pork cutlets leftover from the shabu shabu.
Dojima: Pork cutlets from shabu shabu? ... it's all right. I've eaten already. Want some coffee?
Souji: Yes, please.
Nanako: Me, too!
Dojima: All right. Takes too much trouble to brew a cup, so I'll use instant coffee. Speaking of which, I got a call this evening from my sister... your mother, that is.
Souji: Ah, I see. About their flight today?
Nanako: Big Bro's mom and dad are home?
Dojima: Yeah, they called to say they're home. And they asked if you've been a good boy. Said they wanted to come over to bring you back, but they're busy catching up with work.
Souji: That seems to be the case.
Dojima: They're asking Nanako and me to visit you guys instead. Apparently they have souvenirs for us. Something about bringing Nanako to Destiny Sea since it's spring break. (*note: Destiny Sea - a reference to Disney Sea)
Souji: That sounds great.
Nanako: I want to go to Destiny Sea!
Dojima: Sorry, maybe next time. I don't think I can take any days off in spring.
Nanako: Oh, okay...
Souji: It's okay if you can't make it this time. You can still visit anytime you like. Maybe the May holidays, or even in summer.
Nanako: May I?
Souji: Of course. We're family, aren't we?
Nanako: Yeah!
Dojima: Family... huh.
Souji: We're family. We even use matching mugs.
Dojima: Of course.
Nanako: Big Bro, I've never been to Destiny Sea. Micchan said her grandparents brought her there once!
Souji: I see. Let's go there together sometime. You, me, and your father. As a family.
Nanako: Yeah! It's a promise, okay?
Souji: It's a promise.
Nanako: Let's do a pinkie swear! Dad, you too!
Dojima: A three-person pinkie swear? How does that work?
Nanako: Um... like this. Use both hands! Ready, set...
Trio: I swear by my pinkie to keep my promise! May a blowfish sting me if I've told a lie!

Track 11

Daisuke: I'm Namikawa Daisuke and I play the main character. Thanks for the hard work, everyone.
All: Thank yooou.
Daisuke: Great job. Um... this time...
Morikubo: (overlapping) He said, "Namekawa".
All: (overlapping) *LOL*
Daisuke: Um... it's the first time I was given lines to say for the drama CD, so all of them ka-- uh...
Morikubo: Namekawa-kun stumbled on his words!
All: *LOL*
Morikubo: Namekawa-kun stumbled just now!
Seki: It's "Kamikawa-kun". (*note: kamu - in this context means to stutter/trip on your words, so Seki changed the form to 'kami' and tacked it to Namikawa's name)
Morikubo: Haha, Kamikawa-kun!
Daisuke: Um, all of them kept telling me to use a unique speech form like, "Dude, ya hungry or what?" It was a fun recording, though! Um... I would like to do this again, so I hope to see you all soon.
All: We hope so, too.

Morikubo: Okay! Thanks for the hard work, guys!
All: Thank you! Thank you!
Morikubo: I'm Morikubo Shoutarou and I play Hanamura Yosuke. Let's see, um... it's a game, so we all do separate recordings for games, right?
Seki: Right, right.
Morikubo: It's the first time all of us met up, so um... I... had a lot of fun.
Seki: You really faltered there.
Morikubo: No, I did have fun. So, I hope this enjoyment was conveyed in the CD. Okay. Next one, please!
Seki: Okay~
Daisuke: Who's next?

Ami: I'm Koshimizu Ami and I play Amagi Yukiko. Playing Yukiko after such a long break made me realize... well, Yukiko's a cute girl and she's supposed to be a popular character, right...? But I feel like her image will go down the drain if you find out the truth about her... so I got all nervous...
Morikubo: This is something you should ask an actual popular character.
Ami: Huh, wait, she's supposed to be a popular character, right? She's not?
Seki: She's popular, she's popular. She WAS popular.
Daisuke: Yeah, she WAS popular.
Ami: The people who prey the game a lot have also-- (*note: it should be 'play'. yay engrish!)
Seki: Prey!
Ami: Preyyy!
Morikubo: Prey!
Seki: Prey!!
Ami: *giggle* They've also told me that they were really turned on by Yukiko, so... I felt like I had to perfect her laugh. I had fun. And I really liked Namikawa-san's lines.
Daisuke: Thank you very much.
Ami: We did a great job.
All: We did!

Seki: Okay! I'm Seki Tomokazu and I play Kanji Tatsumi.
Morikubo: (overlapping) Oh, it's read as "Seki"? (*note: kanji characters can be read in different ways; 'Seki' is actually the most common way to read Seki Tomokazu's family name)
Seki: Huh? Yeah, it is.
Ami: I thought it's read as "Tsubasa"!
Guys: What!? "Tsubasa"!? No way!
Daisuke: That's the wrong kanji!
Guys: It can't be "Tsubasa"!
Seki: Nice to meet you all. Yeah.
Morikubo: (overlapping) Calm down!
Ami: (overlapping) I'm totally calm, see!
Seki: I'm Tatsumi Kanji.
Seki: Uh excuse me, I'm trying to talk here.
All: *LOL*
Seki: They're all partying behind me, but um... it's been a while since I've recorded for this show, and it reminded me that, oh yeah! I've worked in this recording before. I listened to people's voices and was so touched to recognize all the voices from the game. Also, I'm halfway through the game, so um... when I listen to Nanako-chan's voice, I recall that she's currently being kidnapped. And--
Kanda: Please save me!
Seki: Yes, I'll try my best! Yep! Uh... Persona 4......
Morikubo: He's trying to wrap it up.
Daisuke: We already said this was for P4!
Seki: You know, I always suck at this talking corners.
Ami: You have no idea what to say when you go to the front, right?
Seki: Exactly! It's hard.
Morikubo: It really is.
Seki: Yeah. But still, uh... what was it? Persona is... cool, huh?
All: *LOL*
Morikubo: I think you can end there!
Seki: Can I?
Daisuke: You're done, you're done!
Seki: Can I?
Daisuke: You did your best, you did your best.
Seki: Yep. So... yeah. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Okay... here.

Kappei: Okay, hello! I'm Yamaguchi Kappei and I play Teddie. Uhhh... let's see... it really was the first time we got together to do a recording, so that was really fun. When we recorded for the game, we did it completely alone, so... well, the Persona series are famous games, right? Um, I was told that I was going to be in a Persona game, so we talked about how cool the personas look and stuff. I wondered what kind of character I was getting, and when I got the character design, I was like, is this a persona!?
All: *LOL*
Kappei: I was like, oh, I'm not a character who's going to be in the Persona game, I'm actually going to be a persona! I thought he was someone's persona, but... yeah. I love Teddie, though! Yep! Please keep looking forward to... uh...
Seki: I wonder if they can!
Guys: *snicker*
Kappei: Okay? Thank you very much!
Guys: Thank you very much!

Yui: Guys, I'm going to speak in a soft tone, so please be quiet! I'm Horie Yui and I play Satonaka Chie. Um... this time we've recorded a drama CD, and I'm a huge lover of Persona 4, so I'm really glad for the opportunity to play Chie again. I really, really like Chie-chan's strong spirit, so um... I really do hope I can play her again. Thank you very much!

Rie: I'm Kugimiya Rie and I play Kujikawa Rise. Thanks for the hard work! The story this time is... well, we all had stew together in a rowdy atmosphere, so I thought it was really fun as I did the recording. I'm a huge fan of Teddie, and I found him to be really strange and adorable when I read the script, so I hope everyone will pay great attention to him. Please keep supporting us. Thank you very much!

Paku: Hello everyone, I'm Paku Romi and I play Shirogane Naoto. Um... let's see, when I heard that Persona 4 was going to have a drama CD, I was like, oh! Persona 4? This is a character I absolutely adore, so I was super happy to have the opportunity to play Naoto-kun again. Naoto-chan or Naoto-kun? It's a tough role because it kind of swings vaguely between the two, but um... I'm glad that I was able to spend some time with her... her? him?

Unsho: I'm Ishizuka Unsho and I play Dojima Ryotarou. Thank you very much for today. What am I thanking you for? Anyway, I'm not all that involved in the main story, but more in the scenes at home... well, people do have lots of scenes at home too. Also, there weren't any real murder cases in here, so... I had tons of eating scenes. Pork cutlets shabu... pork shabu, that is. They had pork cutlets shabu and pork shabu at the same time. Wonder if it tastes good. It's kind of scary, huh. But I'd like to try it someday. Let's meet over stew again. This was Ishizuka Unsho.

Kanda: I'm Kanda Akemi and I play Dojima Nanako! Great job, everyone!
All: Thank you!
Kanda: Okay! Um... *giggle* Ah! Um, for the test, I nearly misread Destiny Land... that famous--
Seki: It's Destiny Sea.
Kanda: Ah, you're right! Destiny Sea! Um... I said something I shouldn't have said and went, "Open Sales Sea", so I'm glad someone noticed... I'm glad Namikawa-san noticed. Um... ah! Is this going to get cut out? It's okay? It's okay. I'm talking weird. Well, whatever!
Morikubo: (overlapping) Whatever?
Kanda: It was fun! ...it was fun!!
Morikubo: You said that already.
Daisuke: We all did.
Seki: Encourage them to listen to the next one, too.
Kanda: Okay! Um, I look forward to a continuation!
Tags: persona 4, translations

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Recent Posts from This Journal

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