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Persona 4 Drama CD Vol 2

italics - English

BOY: [hair tied back in a ponytail]
AKI: Hey, I like that. That's very cute.
BOY: Cute? Really? You think I'm cute!?
AKI: I was talking about your hair.
BOY: Oh.

l-lol these boys. ANYWAY. I haven't really checked it yet, but the Persona 4 Drama CD Volume Two translation is DONE DONE DONE.

T/N: I... tried to follow the game's English localization style as much as I could, but well, I'm not that great at puns, amongst other things. Haha, ha. The last track with the cast is also the most random thing I've ever heard on a drama CD. XD

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Password: t3mp0r4ry paralysis

Track 01
Music: (background) Every day is appreciation day for Junes customers. Please visit us all the time!
Yosuke: *grunting*
Yosuke: Geez, every box I open is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.
Music: Let's have dinner at Junes today, too! ♪Everyday's great at your Junes ♪
Yosuke: Wha-? Dinner? It's this late already!? Crap!!
Kanji: Hanamura-sempai. Still working?
Souji: Your shift is almost over, isn't it?
Yosuke: Yeah, but look at this! Tens of thousands of chocolate all over the place!
Kanji: Whoa. There's a sweet smell drifting out of the boxes.
Yosuke: You don't like sweet stuff, Kanji?
Kanji: Don't hate it, but this much sweetness stings my eyes.
Yosuke: Heh. I've been putting up so much chocolate, my hands smell sweet.
Kanji: Hehe. You can just smell your hands instead of eating snacks when you're hungry.
Yosuke: You wanna eat snacks now?
Kanji: Totally.
Yosuke: Right. Anyway, give me a few more minutes, will you?
Souji: Need any help?
Yosuke: Nah, I can't make you guys work. Oh yeah, where's Nanako-chan?
Souji: She's at the food court, talking to Chie and the others.
Kanji: They chased us off! Said they needed to talk about womanly stuff.
Yosuke: Ahhhh, I see.

Teddie: Hey hey hey hey hey! Outta the way outta the way outta the waaaay!!
Kanji: Teddie. What's with the enthusiasm and why the headband?
Teddie: Teddie is always an eager lad! Glistening sweat is the sign of a working man!
Yosuke: We got it! We got it already, so just gimme that cardboard box! ... dude, you got items from the wrong sales floor!
Teddie: Aieeh?
Yosuke: Whatever. I'll bring this back, so go line up the shelves over here.
Teddie: Hoooo. These shelves are completely empty!
Yosuke: That's why I'm telling you to get more items from the storage room!! Geezus. I'll be right back, so watch over Teddie while I'm gone.
Teddie: "Watch over Teddie"? How bear-y rude! I'm a perfectly capable businessman!
Kanji: Businessman?
Teddie: Business... bear?
Souji: That's not the problem.
Teddie: Whatever the case, check out my amazing hand control! I shall perform this trick with lightning speed!!
Shelf: *crash*
Kanji: Oh. This is why Hanamura-sempai wanted us to watch over him.
Teddie: Just a small, bear-able mistake! Teehee!
Yosuke: Oh god, you've wrecked the place again!
Teddie: Yoooosukeeeeee~! I'm so sorry!!
Yosuke: It's okay. I'm used to it. I'll clean this up, so get the stuff out of the boxes over here.
Kanji: Man, you look so busy.
Souji: Let us help you.
Yosuke: You're right. Thanks.
Teddie: Yosuke! I'm done! What's next? What can I do next?
Yosuke: Let's see... go pitch our products to customers.
Teddie: Gotcha!
Souji: You want him to pitch products?
Yosuke: He'll cause the least amount of damage over there.
Kanji: Why's he so eager anyway?
Yosuke: You can't tell by the shelf displays?
Kanji: Aah~? Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate... ahh. You're going on a field trip?
Yosuke: NO. Valentine's Day! He's trying to appeal to girls to get chocolate.
Souji: To get chocolate? From customers?
Yosuke: Yep. Apparently a capable working man is the quality women want most in a boyfriend.
Souji: Where did he get this information from?
Yosuke: Some magazine Rise showed him.
Kanji: Haha. You should be glad he's working so hard now!
Background: *crash*
Kanji: Gck.
Yosuke: Haha, ha. I'd agree with you if that wasn't the result.

Souji: Drama CD: Persona 4, Volume 2.

Track 02
Chie: *gobblegobblegobble*
Chie: This is so good~! The meat in Junes is as awesome as always today!
Yukiko: You eat that meat like it's the best food in the world...
Nanako: Big Sis Chie, is meat your favourite food?
Chie: Mm... I think beef is my favourite! Of course, I like pork, and chicken's pretty tasty too!
Rise: Honestly. Hanamura-sempai isn't around, so no one's here to tell her off.
Yukiko: Speaking of which, he's late. I wonder if he's busy.
Rise: I've finished reading my magazine, too.
Chie: Hey, pass that over.
Rise: Here.
Nanako: Ah!!
Chie: Two hundred extreme sweets...?
Nanako: They look so good!
Chie: What, no meat feature?
Rise: You'll never find that in a woman's magazine!
Yukiko: Ah, I've ordered this dessert before. It's a cake, but soy sauce was added to give it a rich flavour. It was delicious.
Chie: Wow, soy sauce. That's unique.
Yukiko: The cook at our inn is researching on sweets in preparation for Valentine's Day.
Rise: The cook? Is your inn giving out chocolate, Sempai?
Yukiko: Yes! They've decided that it would be fun to let our customers enjoy the event. I think they're working on how to combine chocolate with Japanese desserts right now.
Rise: Wow, Japanese-style chocolate, huh...
Yukiko: I hope to contribute in some way, so I've been doing some research myself.
Chie: Very admirable!
Rise: In other words, your chocolate is going to be made Japanese-style?
Yukiko: Huh?
Rise: For Valentine's Day. You're giving chocolate to someone, aren't you?
Yukiko: N-Not really! I haven't thought about that at all!
Rise: Ooh suspicious~! We got Kanji and the rest out of the way, so I want to hear the truth!
Yukiko: What?
Rise: You too, Chie-Sempai!
Chie: Huh!? Me, too!? I... uh... I... ahahaha... ahaha...
Yukiko: What about you, Rise-chan?
Rise: I'll tell you if you tell me.
Chie: What? That's not fair!
Rise: Don't complain! What are you going to do on the 14th?
Nanako: What's on the 14th?
Rise: Ahh, right. There's an event called Valentine's Day.
Nanako: Valentine's Day?
Rise: On that day, you give chocolate to the boy you like!
Nanako: Chocolate? Why?
Rise: Well... you're giving him your feelings of love.
Nanako: Feelings of love? It's not enough just to tell him you like him?
Rise: Mmmmmm.... this is tough... Sempai, your turn!
Yukiko: It's not enough, you see. Sometimes, words can't quite express what you want to say.
Chie: Besides, it's embarrassing to actually say, "I love you."
Yukiko: And you end up saying things that you shouldn't have said at all.
Rise: Exactly. That's why you give a present along with those words.
Nanako: Hmmm~
Rise: Sempai! It sounds like the two of you have already decided on your Valentines!
Chie: What!?
Yukiko: Of course I have! There's the cook, the waitresses, um... and...
Rise: Reaaally?
Nanako: I'll give chocolate too!
Chie: What? You want to give chocolate, too?
Nanako: I'll give them to Dad and Big Bro!
Chie: I see! I'm sure they'll love it.
Nanako: Uh huh!

Yosuke: Heeey!
Rise: They're finally here!
Souji: Sorry for the wait.
Yosuke: Sorry, I had my hands full... whoa, Satonaka! You're eating meat again!?
Chie: I'm not giving you any.
Yosuke: I don't want any!
Kanji: Aaahh, I'm starving. We ended up working a lot, huh.
Yosuke: I got it, dinner's on me.
Yukiko: Shall we get food, then?
Yosuke: Someone's already eating, though.
Chie: Oh, this is just a snack.
Yosuke: Isn't it great that you're not the only high school student who eats snacks before a meal?
Kanji: Don't put me on the same level as Satonaka-sempai!
Yukiko: But you two are quite similar.
Chie & Kanji: What!? In what way!?
Yukiko: Well...
Yosuke: You can't think of any similarities?
Rise: Ah, they do share the same wavelength.
Chie: Wavelength!?
Yukiko: Yes, yes! Exactly the same!
Chie: Yukiko!!
Kanji: I'm not that much of a meat lover!
Chie: I'm not that much of one, either!
Yukiko: Ah!!
Chie: W-What?
Yukiko: Meat lovers and wheat kernels sound the same. (*note: In Japanese, Yukiko compares the words "niku-ningen" (meat lover) and "sayaingen" (string bean))
Rise: No they don't.
Yukiko: Chie's a wheat kernel.
Yukiko: *gigglesnortgiggle*
Yosuke: We've got a jolly bunch over here.

Teddie: Guys~! Don't forget about Teddie~!!
Yukiko: Ah. I completely forgot about him.
Teddie: Ah, what a wonderful breeze. Sorry for making you wait, everyone! Your Teddie bear is here!
Nanako: Hello, Teddie-san!
Teddie: What have you been up to, Nana-chan?
Nanako: Guess what? I'm gonna give cho-- ah. It's a secret.
Teddie: Is this what they call the "rebellious stage"?
Rise: A secret's a secret! Right~?
Nanako: Uh huh!
Souji: Does this include me?
Nanako: Yep!
Souji: She's rebelling...
Yosuke: Don't get depressed! Here, eat some meat for your hard work.
Chie: Meat?
Yosuke: Not you!!
Yukiko: Are you hungry, Nanako-chan?
Teddie: Ah! Wanna eat some of my professionally made yakisoba?
Chie: Professionally made yakisoba?
Yosuke: Yep. Teddie's a whiz behind an iron plate!
Kanji: What? He wants cheese? (*note: In Japanese, Yosuke says Teddie is "takumi" (skillful), but Kanji hears his name, "Tatsumi".)
Yosuke: Argh! There's way too many retards in our group!
Nanako: I want professionally made yakisoba!
Teddie: Okay, Nana-chan! Let's dash to the yakisoba stall!!
Nanako: Ah, wait for me, Teddie-san!
Teddie: Faster, Nana-chan, faster!
Nanako: Waaaait!!

Track 03
Friends: See ya later! Bye! Bye bye, Nanako-chan!
Nanako: See you tomorrow!
Nanako: Valentine's Day...
Rise: You're giving him your feelings of love.
Nanako: Feelings...
Rise: You give chocolate to the boy you like!
Nanako: Chocolate...
Chie: I'm sure they'll love it.
Nanako: Oh yeah!

Nanako: I'm home!
Nanako: I'm off!

Yosuke: What's this? Nanako-chan! Here on your own?
Nanako: Ah! Big Bro Yosuke! I'm here to do a little shopping!
Yosuke: Oh yeah? What are you looking for?
Nanako: It's a secret!
Yosuke: Haha, I see. You said that yesterday, too. Do you know where to get it?
Nanako: Ah... I don't.
Yosuke: Okay. Why don't you tell me what you want? I won't tell your Big Bro.
Nanako: But...
Yosuke: I won't tell your dad, either. Promise.
Nanako: Promise... okay! I'm gonna give chocolate.
Yosuke: To your dad and Big Bro?
Nanako: Uh huh.
Yosuke: Then head over to that special sales section. Just for you, I'll take out the chocolate that aren't on display yet.
Nanako: Wow! Thank you!!

Salesgirl: Welcome! We sell only the most famous chocolate brands!
Nanako: Wow... there's lots!
Yosuke: Nanako-chan... about payment... I can't buy it for you because it's Valentine's Day...
Nanako: It's okay! I broke my piggy bank and brought all my savings. Is this enough?
Yosuke: Definitely. You can get the good ones with that much.
Nanako: Hooray!
Salesgirl: Have you decided, Miss?
Nanako: Um... um... what's good?
Yosuke: Well... knowing those two, they probably like bitter chocolate.
Nanako: I don't know...
Yosuke: Don't worry about it! I'm sure they'll be happy as long as it's from you.
Nanako: Really?
Yosuke: Really.
Nanako: Then... I'll take my favourite chocolate! Two of these, please!
Salesgirl: Okay! Thank you very much!
Salesgirl: Say, Yosuke, I hate to do this to you, but Eddie-kun has upturned one of the shelves again, so...
Yosuke: Geez. Okay, I'm on it.
Salesgirl: Thanks!
Nanako: What's wrong with Teddie-san?
Yosuke: Hm? *sheepish laugh* Ah, that's right! I have a favour to ask of you, Nanako-chan.
Nanako: Sure.
Yosuke: Could you buy another box for Teddie? He's working really hard. I'll give you the money for it, of course.
Nanako: I see! It's okay to give chocolate to lots of people!
Yosuke: What?
Nanako: I don't need any money! I'll buy it! Then I'll give chocolate to you and Teddie-san!
Yosuke: Nanako-chaaaaan.
Nanako: Ah, I shouldn't have told you that.
Yosuke: It's okay, I'll keep it a secret.
Nanako: Even from yourself?
Yosuke: You bet!
Nanako: *giggles* You're weird!
Salesgirl: Extension call for you, Yosuke-kun!
Yosuke: Coming, coming! It probably has something to do with Teddie anyway... Ah! Can you make it home on your own, Nanako-chan?
Nanako: Yep! I'll be okay. Bye bye!

Track 04
Nanako: Dad's late.
Souji: I think he should be home soon.
Dojima: I'm home!
Nanako: Welcome home!
Dojima: Oh, you're still awake?
Nanako: Uh huh! I was up waiting for you!
Dojima: Did something good come up? You look especially happy today.
Souji: Welcome home.
Dojima: Thanks. Anything good happen to Nanako today?
Souji: Not that I'm aware of.
Nanako: Dad, Dad! Can you come home early on the 14th?
Dojima: 14th... next week, is it? I think I'll probably make it home at the usual--
Nanako: No "probably"s!
Dojima: Then I'll check my schedule tomorrow.
Nanako: Okay!
Dojima: Come on, it's time for bed.
Nanako: Oka~y! Good night, Dad! Good night, Big Bro!
Dojima & Souji: Good night.

Track 05
Chie: Hey, Yukiko...
Yukiko: What is it?
Chie: I... need to ask you something...
Yukiko: I... I have something to ask you as well...
Chie: Okay... let's say it at the same time.
Yukiko: O-Okay. Let's do that.
Chie: Ready, set...
Chie & Yukiko: Teach me how to bake chocolate!
Yukiko: Ah! You're going to bake chocolate too?
Chie: You, too... I see...
Yukiko: I had a feeling you were going to bake it yourself...
Chie: Yeah, well, homemade chocolate convey my feelings a lot better...
Yukiko: F-Feelings?
Chie: Aah! Ahaha, ahaha, ahahaha...
Yukiko: Chie... your chocolate...
Chie: What? It's nothing! Nothing at all!!
Yukiko: Oh I see! Ahaha... I, I have to go home!
Chie: Y-Yeah! School's over! S-So I'm going home, too!
Yukiko: Okay... bye bye!
Chie: Yeah... later!

Nanako: Dad's late.
Souji: I think he should be home soon. It's time for you to go to bed.
Nanako: I'll wait! Just a little longer!
Dojima: I'm home.
Nanako: He's back! Welcome home, Dad!
Souji: Welcome home.
Nanako: How'd it go?
Dojima: Hm?
Nanako: The 14th!
Dojima: Mm... sorry. I have a business trip on that day.
Nanako: A business trip? Will you be late?
Dojima: I won't be coming home.
Nanako: You won't be here on the 14th?
Dojima: Yeah, I'm sorry. Is there something happening on that day? If that's the case, your big brother--
Nanako: Nope, it's okay. There's nothing going on. Good night.
Dojima & Souji: Good night.

Dojima: *sighs*
Souji: Would you like some tea?
Dojima: Sure. Actually, I'll put on some coffee. Want some?
Souji: Yes, I'll have a cup.
Souji: Are you busy at work?
Dojima: The streets are peaceful, but I have mountains of paperwork and reports to file. We don't have enough people.
Souji: Of course.
Dojima: Spit it out.
Souji: What?
Dojima: You have something to say, don't you?
Souji: She was really looking forward to your return.
Dojima: Did she now...
Souji: I know I have no right to tell you this, but... I think you should pay a little more attention to her.
Dojima: Not at all. Thanks. I know what I have to do, but...

Track 05
Nanako: The toast is ready!
Dojima: Got it. I'll be there in a second.
Dojima: Morning.
Souji: Good morning.
Nanako: Let's eat.
Dojima & Souji: Let's eat.
Dojima: Nanako.
Nanako: Yes?
Dojima: About last night... I'm sorry.
Nanako: I'm not angry.
Dojima: I think I can come home early today.
Nanako: Really?
Dojima: I know! Why don't we go to Junes?
Nanako: Really!? Hooray!!
Dojima: If you're around, come join us.
Souji: Yes, of course.
Nanako: ♪Everyday's great at your Junes ♪

Nanako: Dad's late.
Souji: Yeah. Want to go with me to Junes?
Nanako: It's okay.
Souji: Shall I turn on the TV?
Nanako: It's okay.
Nanako: He said he'd be home early.
Souji: Maybe some work came in at the last minute.
Nanako: A case?
Nanako: Dad hasn't called, either.
Souji: He must be very busy.
Nanako: But he always calls.
Souji: Maybe he's especially busy today. I'm sure he'll be home soon.
Nanako: Yeah... Is Dad going to be okay?
Souji: He'll be fine.
Nanako: When Dad has a case, he has to fight bad people, doesn't he?
Souji: Fight... well...
Nanako: If the bad people are strong, Dad might...

Dojima: I'm home.
Dojima: Nana--
Nanako: *hug*
Dojima: Nanako...
Nanako: Welcome home, Dad!
Dojima: I'm sorry. I promised to take you to Junes, didn't I?
Nanako: It's okay...
Dojima: Shall we go this coming weekend?
Nanako: It's okay!
Dojima: Or would you rather go with your big brother?
Nanako: I said it's okay!!
Dojima: What's wrong? If I'm free this weekend--
Nanako: I don't care! I don't want to go to Junes!
Souji: Nanako...
Nanako: I understand that you're very busy with your work!!
Dojima: Nanako... what are you mad about?
Nanako: This isn't about Junes... Dad... why are you always so late!? I hate detectives!!
Dojima: Nanako! Hey, Nanako!!

Dojima: What was that about...
Dojima: "I hate detectives", huh... haha. Can't argue with that.
Souji: Nanako was worried about you.
Dojima: Well I'd hate to be in a family run by a detective.
Souji: Dojima-san.
Dojima: I'm kidding. I have no idea how to deal with this.
Souji: Shall I put on coffee today?
Dojima: Ahh... no. Could you make tea instead? Brew something strong.
Souji: All right.

Track 06
Dojima: ♪Everyday's great at your Junes ♪
Dojima: Nanako really got this song stuck in my head. Now then, what should I get...
Yosuke: Huh? Dojima-san?
Dojima: You're... Hanamura? That's right, you're the son of the owner here.
Yosuke: Yep! I'm working today, too! Did you come in the middle of work, Dojima-san?
Dojima: Yeah. I'm heading back right after.
Yosuke: Getting something for Nanako-chan?
Dojima: What?
Yosuke: You're standing in the toys section.
Dojima: Ahh... right. Here I thought you were a great detective.
Yosuke: I leave that to Naoto.
Dojima: I broke my promise to bring Nanako to Junes. Not that I'm trying to make up for it or anything, but I want to get her a present.
Yosuke: What? But Nanako-chan came here on her own the other day-- aaahh, forget I said anything! Um... have you decided on what to get?
Dojima: No. I don't have the slightest clue.
Yosuke: Nanako-chan loves plushies.
Dojima: Does she?
Yosuke: Well, she adored Kanji's knitted stuffed animals.
Dojima: *sighs*
Yosuke: Dojima-san...?
Dojima: I wasn't even aware of that.
Yosuke: *awkward noise*
Dojima: Sorry. Maybe I'll get a plushie, then. Whoa, there's so many of them...
Yosuke: Wait! I take it back!
Dojima: Hm?
Yosuke: I think Nanako-chan doesn't have a piggy bank anymore! She said she broke hers.
Dojima: She broke hers? So she used up her savings?
Yosuke: I uh... I don't really know the details! Anyway! You won't go wrong if you buy a piggy bank! Probably...
Dojima: I see. Then I'll get that instead. Thanks.

Nanako: Is he coming home today?
Souji: He will. You should go to bed now.
Nanako: I'll wait for a little longer.
Dojima: I'm home!
Nanako: He's back.
Dojima: I'm home. Still awake?
Souji: Welcome home.
Nanako: Welcome home.
Dojima: Here you go, Nanako.
Nanako: A Junes bag! What is it?
Dojima: It's for you.
Souji: A present? Isn't that great, Nanako?
Nanako: Yeah...
Dojima: Aren't you going to open it?
Nanako: Did you go to Junes on your own?
Dojima: Ahh, yeah, in the afternoon. It'd be too late on the way home, so I deliberately went there in the middle of work.
Nanako: Deliberately?
Dojima: Ah..
Souji: Dojima-san...
Dojima: Don't you want it, Nanako?
Nanako: Don't want it... I don't want this sort of thing!
Present: *breaking noise*
Dojima: Nanako!
Nanako: I don't want it! You're stupid!!

Souji: Don't worry. It's not broken.
Dojima: I see.
Souji: Is this a piggy bank?
Dojima: Yeah. Seems she broke her old one.
Souji: Oh, really?
Dojima: *chuckles*
Souji: Why are you laughing like that?
Dojima: It's just, I thought you knew Nanako far better than I did, but it looks like a few things still manage to slip past you.
Souji: A lot of things do, actually.
Dojima: Is that so?
Souji: Even if we were to be together the entire time, some things won't be said. Some things can't.
Dojima: You're right. Sorry, but could you watch over Nanako for me?
Souji: What about you, Dojima-san?
Dojima: I have to return to the station.
Souji: You came back for Nanako? You should've told her.
Dojima: There's no way I can say that. All right, I leave the house in your hands.

Nanako: *crying* I hate you, Dad... I'm not giving you any of this! Ever!
Souji: Nanako? May I open the door?
Nanako: Big Bro...?
Souji: Your dad went back to work. He came back just to give you your present. *rustle* Is this chocolate? Did you throw this?
Nanako: I don't want it anymore!
Souji: May I have it then?
Nanako: No, it's Dad's--!
Nanako: I'm sorry...
Souji: Why did you throw it away?
Nanako: Because I don't want to give it to Dad anymore.
Souji: Why?
Nanako: Because... Dad doesn't understand anything.
Souji: You mean he doesn't understand you?
Nanako: Uh huh...
Souji: What do you want him to understand?
Nanako: Huh?
Souji: What do you want to say to your dad?
Nanako: To Dad? *crying* I want to tell Dad that I love him...! I love him lots!
Souji: But you can't say it?
Nanako: I can't...
Souji: Why?
Nanako: I don't know...

Yukiko: Words can't quite express what you want to say.
Chie: Besides, it's embarrassing to actually say, "I love you."
Yukiko: And you end up saying things that you shouldn't have said at all.
Rise: That's why you give a present along with those words.

Nanako: I see. That's why people give chocolate...
Souji: Hm?
Nanako: Nothing!

Track 07
Yosuke: Huh? Satonaka and Amagi have gone home already.
Souji: They seem pretty busy lately.
Yosuke: It's understandable for Amagi, but Satonaka... I wonder what they're doing.
Rise: Sempai! Are you free today? I'm going to Junes with Naoto-kun today! Come with us!
Yosuke: What? You and Naoto? That's a rare combination.
Rise: It's an important errand! And Kanji's not invited.
Yosuke: Whoa, that's mean!
Souji: What is this important errand?
Rise: The hint is on the 2nd floor of Junes!
Yosuke: 2nd floor? Home appliances, accessories... ladies wear?
Rise: That's the only hint you get! Naoto-kun's waiting for us, so let's hurry! She keeps saying she wants to go home.
Yosuke: You didn't even wait for a response... Whatever. Let's go.

Yosuke: Huh? That person in the bookstore... doesn't that look like Dojima-san?
Souji: Ah, you're right. Dojima-san!
Dojima: Hey. School's over?
Souji: Yes. We decided to make our way to Junes.
Rise: Good afternoon! I'm borrowing Sempai for a while!
Naoto: Good afternoon. Are you researching on a case? If so, please allow me--
Dojima: No, it's fine. I've done all the legwork.
Yosuke: Dojima-san... how'd it go yesterday?
Dojima: Well... about that...
Rise: Yesterday?
Yosuke: Oops, is it okay to talk about it?
Dojima: Yes, it's all right. He chose Nanako's gift for me yesterday.
Rise: I see! What'd you pick, Sempai?
Yosuke: A savings box in the shape of a platypus!
Rise: A platypus?
Dojima: She seems to like platypus. The last time I gave her clothes with the picture of a platypus on them, she was very happy.
Naoto: Perhaps... it was not the platypus she was happy about...?
Dojima: Hm?
Naoto: Ah, it is nothing.
Dojima: You took the trouble to pick out a nice gift for Nanako, but unfortunately, she hasn't seen it yet.
Yosuke: Oh, you haven't given it to her!
Souji: He did, but she gave it back.
Yosuke: What? Crap, did I make the wrong choice?
Dojima: No. She said she didn't want it and threw it back without looking at it.
Yosuke: Nanako-chan threw it back...?
Dojima: Honestly. She's not the kind of child who would do such a thing... *sighs* I don't understand what she's thinking at all.
Yosuke: Ah... right...

Rise: Does that make Nanako-chan a bad girl?
Dojima: Mm?
Rise: Is Nanako-chan only a good girl if she just endures everything and doesn't complain? If you enforce your image of a good girl on a child, the child would just act the way you want her to be. Then she would lose who she really was!
Souji: Rise.
Rise: I'm sorry. I'm projecting my own experiences. But why haven't you tried to understand why Nanako might have done that?
Naoto: We were not at the scene, nor did we hear Nanako-chan's side of the story. However, she is not a child who would do such a thing without reason. She must have a reason.
Dojima: The reason being... that I can't spend time with her... and she's lonely?
Souji: Dojima-san...
Naoto: It appears you do understand what she is thinking. Nanako-chan is still in the first grade. She cannot express exactly what she wants to say. She's incoherent, she makes mistakes... that must make her frustrated and angry with herself. I believe it is natural. After all, it is the same for you, Dojima-san.
Dojima: W-What did you say?
Naoto: *laughs*
Yosuke: Dojima-san, yesterday, you said that you made a promise with Nanako-chan to go to Junes. Maybe it's not that Nanako-chan wanted to go to Junes... rather, she wanted to go with YOU to Junes.
Dojima: Huh?
Phone: *ring*
Dojima: Yes, it's Dojima. Ah, I got it. Be right there.
Dojima: Sorry, I've got work.
Yosuke: Ah, okay.
Rise: Um... I'm sorry.
Dojima: No, it's all right. Thanks. I'll be home late tonight. Put Nanako to bed for me, will you?
Souji: I will. Be careful.
Naoto: Dojima-san, I will accompany you. This is for the case in the next town, am I correct?
Dojima: Haha. You're amazing. All right, I'll get my car.
Naoto: Yes, Sir. I apologize, everyone, but I shall take my leave now.
Rise: Ah! You're the whole reason for this outing!
Naoto: I'm sorry. Perhaps another time.
Rise: And she's off.
Yosuke: *sighs* What were you going to do with Naoto?
Rise: It's a secret.
Yosuke: Secret, secret... everyone's throwing that word around these days...
Rise: Ah! Where are Chie-sempai and Yukiko-sempai!?
Souji: They left earlier.
Yosuke: Speaking of which, I saw them in the grocery section. Yesterday, I think?
Rise: Were they together?
Yosuke: Nope, they were doing their own thing.
Rise: What did they buy?
Yosuke: That's the weird part. When I went up to say hi, they ran away! Totally hurt my feelings.
Rise: I'm losing out!
Yosuke: At what?
Rise: Sempai! Which do you prefer, durian or habanero?
Yosuke: Extreme choices at the first go!?
Souji: Uh... both of them are...
Rise: You like both? Got it! I'm going home now! You like chocolate too, don't you? Look forward to them, okay! Bye bye!
Yosuke: That was completely unsubtle...
Souji: So she's making durian and habanero chocolate...?
Yosuke: Oh man... will you eat the chocolate if you receive it?
Souji: Will you?
Yosuke: If I get chocolate from Rise, I'll definitely eat them! Just saying that makes me sad. Anyway. I have one thing to say.
Souji: Hm?
Yosuke: Don't die.
Souji: Tell that to Rise.

Naoto: Um... Dojima-san. I apologize for teasing you earlier.
Dojima: No, it's fine. You were right.
Naoto: I do envy Nanako-chan.
Dojima: You?
Naoto: Yes. I have never really interacted with my parents before, you see. My parents were always busy and I, too, was concentrating on my detective studies. Now that I think about it, the pressure of inheriting the family business had burdened me greatly. Eventually, both my parents left this world...
Dojima: I see. Well, I can't say that we interact all that much...
Naoto: However, I am certain Nanako-chan understands.
Dojima: Yeah. I'm emotionally inept, after all.
Naoto: That's right.
Dojima: You actually agreed! Are you that keen on overtime?
Naoto: Unfortunately, I am not the investigator in charge of this case, so I do not have to take your orders.

Track 08
Souji: I'm home.
Nanako: W-Welcome home!
Souji: Nanako? What's wrong?
Nanako: Listen, Big Bro. Um. I have a favour to ask.
Souji: What is it?
Nanako: Well... I want to give a Valentine present to Dad.
Souji: Ah. If we rewrap the chocolate from yesterday, it's still--
Nanako: Nuh uh. I'll eat that and give him something else.
Souji: Something else?
Nanako: Dad doesn't like sweets.
Souji: He'll be happy with anything you give him.
Nanako: Yeah, but um! I want to give Dad something he likes... because it'll tell him how I feel.
Souji: I see.
Nanako: Dad loves gyoza! That's why I want to make gyoza for him!
Souji: All right.
Nanako: But I don't know how to make gyoza, so...
Souji: Shall we make them together?
Nanako: Thank you!
Souji: Tomorrow is the 13th? Your dad will be gone the day after, so let's make them tomorrow.
Nanako: Okay!
Souji: Shall we hold a party?
Nanako: A gyoza party!? Will Big Sis all come!?
Souji: Yes, I'm sure they will.
Nanako: Hooray!!
Souji: All right, who's sleeping early tonight?
Nanako: I am~!

Dojima: I'm home.
Souji: Welcome home.
Dojima: Where's Nanako?
Souji: She's asleep.
Dojima: I see.
Souji: Dojima-san, will you be home early tomorrow?
Dojima: Tomorrow? It's the day before my business trip, so I probably will.
Souji: No "probably"s.
Dojima: You sound exactly like Nanako.
Souji: *sighs*
Dojima: What now?
Souji: You're really weak when it comes to Nanako.
Dojima: Look at you, giving me lip. I have to tell her how I really feel, right? I get it.
Souji: And tomorrow?
Dojima: I'll come home early. For sure.

Girls: Sorry for the intrusion!
Rise: Okay, let's do this!
Yukiko: Nanako-chan, let's work hard together.
Nanako: Yeah!
Chie: Woo-
Girls: -hoo!
Chie: Let the battle begin! Fire the rockets!
Nanako: Rockets...? This, you mean?
Chie: Yep, yep! You take this, and you get the radish, and-- wait this is a grater!
Yukiko: Chie...
Chie: Awk... did you come up with a bad joke?
Yukiko: That's a slicer.
Rise: Ah... that's what she wanted to point out.

Yosuke: Hey... I thought you were gonna make the gyoza for the party.
Kanji: Yeah! I wouldn't be here otherwise.
Souji: That's why I didn't tell you the truth.
Teddie: What's wrong, Sensei? You look like you've lost all your spirit.
Yosuke: They're going to make Dojima-san eat it too, right? Don't you think we should spare the poor guy, since he has to go on a business trip tomorrow?
Kanji: Are you doing it because misery loves company? Sempai, that's really unmanly!
Teddie: If Sensei isn't manly enough, what does that make Yosuke?
Yosuke: Shut up!
Chie: Hai-ya!
Kitchen: *chopping noises*
Yosuke: *gurgle*
Yosuke: What the hell was that? That's not a sound you make from cooking!
Kanji: Sempai... did you really think they were going to cook?
Teddie: You should be more bear-ceptive! Even I saw through that!
Yosuke: Shut up!! Why are you here anyway!? You should be in the kitchen!
Souji: They said they wanted to surprise me.
Yosuke: Huh!?
Souji: They won't even tell me what they're putting in the gyoza.
Yosuke: Oh god we're so dead. We're so dead!
Teddie: Maybe Teddie should head back... I have work to do at Junes...
Yosuke: It's okay. You definitely have your leave cleared for today.
Teddie; Yosuke... you're so crafty.
Yosuke: Where's Naoto? Where's the only girl we can trust?
Souji: She said she's coming with Dojima-san.
Yosuke: Are you serious? Hey, Kanji! Go sneak in and join them. You'll totally fit in without them noticing.
Kanji: That's just pathetic, Sempai.
Yosuke: What!?
Kanji: I'll... be okay. I took some stomach pills before coming here.
Yosuke: You idiot! Stomach pills are no match for their cooking!

Chie: One more time! Hai-yaa!
Rise: Hiiiii-ya!

Yosuke: M-Maybe they're just really violent when they cut stuff...
Rise: Listen, you guys! I've come up with a totally original gyoza!

Kanji: Crap... I can feel the effect of my stomach pills fading away.

Yukiko: I'm going to put in all the ingredients I received from the inn's cook!
Rise: Woww, that's crazy!
Chie: You're mixing all that? How extravagant!

Teddie: At this rate, we have no choice but to use ninja techniques!
Yosuke: Ninja techniques?
Teddie: The art of pretending to eat the food and tossing it on the floor!
Yosuke: You can only use that once!

Rise: The gyoza I ate at a famous restaurant the other day had reaaally hot soup inside, so it was super tasty!
Chie: Then let's put soup in!
Yukiko: Ahh! I have just what we need!
Nanako: But this is corn soup.
Chie: No worries! Anything goes with meat!
Nanako: Wow, I see!

Yosuke: Hey! They're teaching Nanako-chan the wrong things!
Souji: I'm going in!
Boys: Ohhhhh.

Rise: Ah! Sempai, you can't come in yet!
Souji: I wanted to cook something as well...
Nanako: Big Bro, come cook with me!
Chie: Oh well... we were looking forward to your reaction, you know.
Souji: Why don't you look forward to Yosuke's reaction?
Yukiko: Ah! Maybe I should make them really big!

Track 09
Dojima: I'm home.
Naoto: Sorry for the intrusion.
All: Thanks for having us over!
Souji: Welcome home.
Dojima: Ohh, what a great smell.
Nanako: Dad, you're home early!
Dojima: Yeah, I'm home.
Nanako: Welcome home!
Naoto: I'm sorry I was not able to lend a hand...
Souji: It's fine. Have a seat.

Chie: We just finished!
Dojima: That's a lot of food.
Naoto: This really is a gyoza party...
Nanako: Everyone! This plate holds the gyoza Big Bro and I made!
Naoto: What!?
Rise: What's wrong?
Naoto: Ah... well...
Teddie: So this plate is the only one with real gyoza!
Chie: Are you trying to say the rest aren't?
Teddie: Not in the least, ma'am...
Nanako: This plate is for Dad and Big Bro.
Dojima: Okay.
Naoto: Dojima-san...?
Dojima: It's so great to have food cooked by my own daughter.
Souji: Your eyes are red.
Dojima: Shut up! You're not getting a single one.
Souji: What?
All: Hahahahaha!

Chie: Come, let's eat, let's eat!
Nanako: Uh huh!
Dojima: Let's dig in.
All: Let's!!
Kanji: Whoa. What is this red lump?
Rise: Gyoza of course! I personally made those.
Kanji: What the hell did you put in to make it so red!? Even red food colouring isn't this red!
Yukiko: Does it... have a taste?
Naoto: Yes. The taste... expands.
Yukiko: Expands?
Teddie: It has many different tastes... but they're all bad.
Yukiko: No they aren't!
Nanako: Are they good, Dad?
Dojima: Yeah... they're the most delicious gyoza I've ever had.
Nanako: Ahhh! Really!?
Dojima: You're a genius at cooking, Nanako.
Nanako: I'm a genius!
Chie: Are mine delicious, Hanamura-san?
Yosuke: You're a genius at cooking... in some sense.
Chie: Awww, you flatterer!
Yosuke: Hey! Those gyoza you made! Give me a piece? Please!?
Souji: No.
Yosuke: You're so cold!
Souji: Dojima-san really isn't giving me any.
Nanako: Ah! I have a different plate for you, Big Bro!
Nanako: Here!
Yosuke: Whoa. It's yellow.
Nanako: It's curry flavour!
Yosuke: Oh, that sounds tasty! You'll give me a piece of that, right?
Souji: No. They're all mine.
Yosuke: You're so cold!!
Nanako: You love curry, don't you? That's why I made it curry-flavoured!
Kanji: Really? You love curry?
Nanako: I was told that you really liked the curry made by Big Sis Chie and Big Sis Yukiko!
Yosuke: Hey... who provided such false information?
Chie: What?
Yukiko: You mean he doesn't?
Yosuke: You guys are way too positive.

Chie: A-Anyway! Why gyoza today?
Nanako: Ah... see... it's for Valentine's Day.
Souji: It's a present for Dojima-san.
Nanako: Uh huh!
Dojima: I see...
Rise: Hee! Are you going to cry again?
Dojima: Like hell I am!
Yosuke: Huh? But you bought chocolate...
Nanako: Dad likes gyoza, you see! I want Dad to be happy.
Dad: Nanako...
Yosuke: I see. You really understand the meaning of this event. Huh? What's wrong?
Chie: Nothing.
Rise: Don't mind us.
Yukiko: We're... fine.
Kanji: What's wrong?
Rise: Sempai! You like durian and habanero, right? What else!?
Chie: What about meat? What kind of meat do you like? Or actually, what parts do you like!?
Yukiko: I think chocolate and seafood go well together! In fact, I was thinking of throwing in fish roe!
Souji: Huh...?
Girls: Well!?
Souji: Huh!?
Yosuke: Don't die.

Teddie: Yosuke and Kanji aren't eating at all!
Kanji: Hey! Don't tattle on us! What about you!?
Teddie: Teddie's on the verge of collapsing from o-bear-eating!
Yosuke: Liar! You ate ten bowls of ramen on our school trip!
Teddie: How rude! I ate eleven!!
Yukiko: Ahhh... now I remember.
Teddie: Yu-Yuki-chan? Your smirk is kind of scary somehow...
Kanji: Isn't it always?
Yukiko: Kanji-kun.
Kanji: What? It's nothing! I mean, that's the great thing about you.
Naoto: Really?
Kanji: What? No...!

Yukiko: Stop talking and eat up.
Kanji: Is this some kind of punishment!? They look like tiny basketballs!
Yukiko: They're gyoza.
Kanji: Huh?
Yukiko: They're gyoza.
Yosuke: Just give up and eat them! It's your fault for opening your big mouth in the first place.
Kanji: Not helping!
Chie: Why don't you take mine?
Kanji: That's another extreme choice!
Yosuke: I think the ingredients she chose would have been delicious if they weren't wrapped up and fried as gyoza.
Chie: Awww, thanks!

Nanako: Hey, Dad... do you hate having a daughter like me...?
Dojima: Haha... don't be silly.
Nanako: I'm silly?
Dojima: Ah, uh...
Souji: Dojima-san! Come on! Convey your feelings properly!
Dojima: I know! Listen... you're my pride and joy, Nanako. Even when you're angry, when you cry, when we argue... you're still my greatest treasure.
Nanako: I love you, Dad. Ah! Thank you for this.
Dojima: Ah. The piggy bank, huh.
Nanako: I broke my old one! You know everything!
Dojima: Hahaha.
Nanako: And it's a platypus again!
Dojima: You really like platypus, don't you.
Nanako: Uh huh! 'cause you're the one who gave it to me!
Dojima: I see... All right. Let's go somewhere after I'm back from my business trip.
Nanako: Okay!

Track 10
Chie: Ahhh... I'm so full!
Rise: Thanks for the food, Sempai!
Souji: Thank you for everything today.
Yukiko: We had fun as well.
Souji: I'm glad.
Rise: Ooh it's cold! Tomorrow is finally Valentine's Day, huh! I won't let any of you beat me!
Chie: What!?
Rise: I'm serious! Sempai! Tomorrow shall be our final showdown!
Yukiko: For what?
Rise: Don't bother hiding it!
Teddie: Teddie really wants chocolate from Yuki-chan and Chie-chan and Rise-chan and Nao-chan!
Yosuke: You indulgent jerk-!
Chie: I didn't know you liked sweet stuff, Teddie-kun.
Yukiko: He should at least like melted honey. Hee hee...
Kanji: You're talking about a real bear.
Yukiko: The head cook said that a bear's right paw smells sweet!
Teddie: Oh, really? *stuffs paw in* Wow, it really does taste sweet. See!
Chie: Ugh! I don't want to lick your paw!
Yosuke: But it might be sweet, you know.
Chie: Huh?
Yosuke: All the people working in Junes right now would have sweet hands.
Chie: So you'll never need snacks again!
Kanji: I told you!
Yosuke: Your snack is meat, Satonaka!
Chie: True, true.

Rise: So? What are you going to do, Naoto-kun?
Naoto: I... I, um...
Rise: Valentine's Day is a huge event for girls!
Naoto: Well... I do not believe in buying chocolate...
Chie: You mean...
Rise: ... yours are homemade?
Naoto: Y... Yes.
Rise: I, I'm in a hurry, so I'm going now! Later!
Chie: I suddenly remembered an important errand! Good night!
Yukiko: Ah! Um... I have to drop by the pharmacy! Good night!
Naoto: Huh? Um... I shall take my leave as well. Thank you for the food today.
Souji: Good night.

Teddie: *sighs*
Teddie: And now everyone is gone.
Yosuke: Welp. They need the training. A war's gonna break out tomorrow. Uh... hey, Kanji?
Kanji: Yeah?
Yosuke: Don't get too down!
Kanji: Over what?
Yosuke: Uh... I'll treat you to anything you want tomorrow!
Kanji: Huh?
Souji: Only Kanji?
Yosuke: You don't need the sympathy! You'll have so much chocolate it'll gush straight out your nose!
Teddie: Do you think I'll get some, too?
Yosuke: Well, you worked hard to appeal to the ladies. I'm sure you'll get at least one from Nanako-chan.
Teddie: Wow! Chocolate from Nanako-chan!?
Yosuke: I don't know! Just saying!
Teddie: I definitely, definitely want chocolate from her!
Yosuke: Then... why don't you reverse the pattern?
Teddie: Reverse the pattern?
Yosuke: Where the guy gives the girl chocolate instead. It's pretty popular lately.
Teddie: Oho! I'll give Nana-chan chocolate! And Yuki-chan and Chie-chan and Rise-chan and Nao-chan! And the salesgirls on my floor and the young housewives who always buy my balloons!
Kanji: Young housewives!?
Yosuke: Haha... if you're taking chocolate from the sales floor, don't forget to pay for them.
Yosuke: --hey! Why are you guys deep in thought!?
Kanji: A pattern reversal...
Souji: That sounds like a great idea.
Yosuke: What?
Kanji: Sempai! When does the grocery section close in Junes?
Yosuke: You're going to buy chocolate?
Souji: Are they still selling ingredients?
Yosuke: You're going to make them!? Ah... it looks like the war tomorrow is getting fiercer.
Teddie: Don't worry, Yosuke, you won't be involved! You'll be the only fish out of water.
Yosuke: Let me in on this, you ass!
Boys: Hahahaha!
Kanji: Okay, Sempai! I'm off!
Yosuke: See you later! Come on, Teddie, let's go.
Teddie: Bye, Sensei!
Souji: Good night. See you tomorrow.
Kanji: You got it!
Yosuke: Later!
Teddie: See you later~!

Track 11
Daisuke: I'm Namikawa Daisuke and I play the main character. Thanks for the hard work, everyone. It looks like none of us are tired, though. This time, the drama CD was really short... that is, how should I put it... if we talk about it in terms of angles, it was about five degrees worth, but I did my very best. Um... gyoza... this story is wonderfully heartwarming and fills you with warmth, but well... I think normal gyoza is the best. Normal chocolate is the best, too. And... hmm... this is Volume Two, so the main character is starting to interact more with the rest. He's starting to have more lines and that makes me really happy. This might ruin the entire premise of the Persona series, but... I would prefer for the main character to have a name. At the moment, he's just called "Main Character". I know it's absolutely impossible to give the guy a name given the premise of Persona, but it must be hard to talk to the others. Like when he talks to Dojima-san! I'm Dojima-san must have no idea what to call him. I'm okay with the nicknames, like Teddie calls him Sensei and Nanako calls him Big Bro and stuff... but it must be really difficult for the scriptwriter to write his lines when he's with everyone else. That's how I feel. I think it's about time they did something for the drama CD... even though I'm sure it's impossible. Anyway, I'll do my best. I'll do my best as the main character. It was a fun recording. I'll be more than happy to do another drama CD, so please give us your continued support. Thank you very much.

Morikubo: Okay, I'm Morikubo Shotaro and I play Hanamura Yosuke. Thanks for the hard work, everyone.
All: Thank you!
Morikubo: Um, the theme of this story... was um... about Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is an event that makes guys all excited, doesn't it?
Seki: It makes me ex-thited.
Morikubo: Ex-thited.
Seki: Yes.
Morikubo: Or excited.
Seki: Yes.
Morikubo: Speaking of being excited, for the first time in my life - and this is totally true - I experienced temporary paralysis.
Seki: That's completely unrelated to the theme.
Morikubo: It's related to excitement! Excitement!
Seki: Only to the excitement!
Seki: What, you had temporary paralysis!?
Morikubo: That was really, really interesting! I kind of want to experience it again, but um... well, I was exhausted, so I took a bath which I haven't done for a long time.
Seki: Right, right, right.
Morikubo: Okay? I put in tons of bubble soap, so I could get all the kinks out of my body and fully relax.
Seki: Uh huh.
Morikubo: Then I got sleepy, so I fell asleep. I had a dream! It was a really interesting dream, so when I woke up, I wanted to go back to sleep and continue it. I think I was facing that way in the dream or something when it ended.
Seki: Uh huh.
Morikubo: So I tried to turn my head in the same direction to continue the dream, but I couldn't move it!
Seki: Whaaat?
Morikubo: I couldn't move at all!
Seki: No way!
Morikubo: "This must be the rumoured temporary paralysis!" I thought.
Seki: Heavens!
Morikubo: With that in mind, I laid down and covered my head with a futon, right? Then some mouse-looking thing fell from the ceiling and onto my futon. Bam bam bam! Right on my futon. Then it felt like they went bam bam bam on my face--
Seki: So you could feel the weight?
Morikubo: I could feel something! Even the noises... but when I tried to shout, my entire body froze, and I was like, "This is totally the rumoured temporary paralysis!"
Seki: You've experienced it!
Morikubo: Finally! That's what I thought, but it was pretty scary. Honestly, I was scared. So I kept thinking, I shouldn't continue my dream, I shouldn't I shouldn't I shouldn't... then it faded away and I managed to go back to sleep.
Seki: Whoa... so that whole thing wasn't a dream?
Morikubo: I don't know.
Seki: More like you were in limbo?
Morikubo: Yeah, limbo.
All: Ohh...
Morikubo: It made me realize that this is how it felt to have a temporary paralysis, to not be able to move my own body... I might want to take a bath when I'm worn out again just to see what happens.
Seki: Sounds great.
Morikubo: Why don't you all try it, too? Morikubo Shotaro, over and out!

Yui: I'm Horie Yui and I play Satonaka Chie. Thanks for the hard work! Thanks for the hard work! Actually, I have a story related to temporary paralysis.
Morikubo: Ooh!
Yui: I experience that quite often.
Morikubo: What!?
Yui; Um... how should I put this? It's like my body is asleep, but my mind is awake. That's how it works, right?
Morikubo: Yep, yep, yep.
Yui: When that happens, my body won't move, but because my mind wants me to get up, I start worrying about what to do. Even so, I can't just will the paralysis away, so lately, I've learned that there's something you can do to get rid of it.
Morikubo: No way!! No way that exists!!!
Yui: I've figured it out! The method... is to breath wildly.
Morikubo: Whaaat!?
Yui; When you sleep, your bread is probably...
Morikubo: Bread?
Seki: You eat bread when you sleep, huh.
Yui; When you sleep, your BREATH is quiet and calm, right?
Morikubo: Right, right.
Yui: You have to make that really wild, like *gasps*. You'll move after that.
Seki: It helps to spread oxygen through your body, doesn't it?
Yui: Yes. You can move by doing that. But you'll feel really tired. That's my secret technique for the day! Thanks for the hard work, thanks very much!

Ami: I'm Koshimizu Ami and I play Amagi Yukiko. It has been a while since I've recorded a drama CD for this series, so I had a great time catching up with everyone. Thank you very much. Also... what? We were talking about temporary paralysis? Temporary paralysis... I don't know if this is temporary paralysis or not, but um... there were a few times when I felt like I couldn't move my body. When that happens, I really force myself to try and move to get rid of the paralysis... I'm suddenly really motivated. Does a person see scary things at the same time as well? In any case, the look on my face when I'm trying to move is probably scarier. Thank you very much for today.

Seki: We're doing a review on today's recording. I'm Seki Tomokazu and I play Kanji Tatsumi.
Morikubo: All right, thanks for the hard work!
Seki: Thank you. Um! I've experienced temporary paralysis, too. Just once.
Morikubo: Right, right.
Seki: In my life. When I used to live with a girl, um...
Yui: Used to?
Seki: Yeah, used to. A long time ago. Anyway, like you, I was tired,
Morikubo: Uh huh.
Seki: but after sleeping for a bit,
Morikubo: Uh huh.
Seki: I woke up.
Morikubo: Right.
Seki: Then, when I tried to move my body a little, I couldn't move.
Morikubo: Right.
Seki: So, I thought, "Huh!? I can't move! Is this what they mean by temporary paralysis!?" When I tried to call the girl in the next room, I couldn't speak. It was like, *strange grunting noises* "Crap!" I thought. Then it felt like there were noises around my head on the pillow like angel laughter, going, *creepy giggly noise* But strangely, it felt kind of warm. Yeah. It wasn't scary at all.
Morikubo: Maybe you were near death.
Seki: Maybe you're right! Maybe I was at the pearly gates.
Morikubo: If we were living together, I would've smacked you out of it.
Seki: *LOL* I don't know, but you know, I got out of that quickly enough at least. On the other hand, the girl I lived with, she had temporary paralysis almost every night. Maybe the mental stress spread to me as well.
Morikubo: I see.
Seki: Right, right. Well, we should take care of ourselves. Even though we might be able to get out of it. Okay, next person... who's next?
Morikubo: Kugimiya-chan.
Seki: We all want to hear about Kugimiya-san's experience with temporary paralysis, right? Please continue to support us.

Rie: Thanks for the hard work! I'm Kugimiya Rie and I play Kujikawa Rise. I'm really glad to have a chance to appear in Persona 4 again! Um... temporary paralysis, right? Temporary paralysis, huh. I'm really surprised that everyone has so much experience with temporary paralysis. I didn't think that many people had temporary paralysis, but well... um... it feels like I've stepped into an unknown area. I've never experienced anything like that, so I would like to thank everyone for educating me on the subject! Maybe someday I'll experience temporary paralysis. Thank you very much!

Kappei: Okay! I'm Yamaguchi Kappei and I play Teddie. Temporary paralysis, was it? Temporary paralysis huh... I've never had temporary paralysis, but I think some TV programme explained the reason for temporary paralysis at some point. Yeah. They explained it on TV. I remember watching it. But... I've forgotten what the explanation was, so whatever. Yep. Still, I'd like people to be careful of temporary paralysis. For the rest of the season, I hope everyone will take care not to have temporary paralysis. Um... also... I had great fun recording for the drama CD! I don't know what it is, but the more I record for the series... well I did a lot of takes as Eddie-san this time, but I think I've begun to blur the lines between soft toy Teddie and human Teddie! I wonder how everyone hears it? I look forward to meeting you all again!

Paku: Everyone, thank you listening. I'm Paku Romi and I play Shirogane Naoto. Umm... I was conserving energy. That's what someone from the production staff told me. Well... I agree completely. I think I was working with the smallest amount of energy possible. I'm probably using that energy to talk on this track right now. It feels like I can talk for a long time. I really love playing Shirogane Naoto, so I was... very happy to say his? her? lines again. Everyone, please continue to support the Persona series. Thank you very much.

Unsho: I'm ishizuka Unsho and I play Dojima Ryotaro. Temporary paralysis, huh? You know, I don't have any kids, so I'm not familiar with this whole daughter dilemma... well... girls are difficult, aren't they? I guess they do tie you down like temporary paralysis, but I think my real "temporary paralysis" is golf. Makes me want to hit a ball. Ah, but you don't care about that, do you. I've learned that it's hard having a daughter. Sorry, that's all.

Kanda: I'm Kanda Akemi and I play Dojima Nanako. Thanks for the hard work!
All: Thank you!
Kanda: Um... this time, it's a story about a parent-child relationship, so it was quite a good...... huh?
Morikubo: Huh?
Kanda: Do I only have to talk about the recording process? Well, um... it was a story about a parent-child relationship with moving scenes and I also had scenes where I could have a solid conversation with Big Bro Yosuke...
Morikubo: Yep.
Kanda: so I think it was wonderfully heartwarming. This kind of story is great, isn't it?
Morikubo: Name something you've experienced for the first time.
Kanda: Temporary paralysis!
Morikubo: See?
Kanda: Temporary paralysis is something I've experienced for the first time. When I first had temporary paralysis... I've had it before.
Seki: Ohh.
Kanda: While I was sleeping, my left hand... what is this finger called?
Seki: The middle finger.
Kanda: Some electric feeling, like goosebumps, ran all the way down from my middle finger... and when I realized that, I couldn't move.
Seki: Your body?
Kanda: I couldn't move. And when I tried to speak, it felt like someone sat down on me from above. So...
Seki: In what way?
Kanda: Like someone plopped down. It felt like someone's binding my arms in the back.
Seki: That happens from behind.
Kanda: *giggles*
Seki: Sorry.
Kanda: From above, from above.
Seki: Right.
Kanda: It's like I was pinned down and it wouldn't go away even when I tried to scream for help. I kept yelling, "Idiot! Stop it!!" But it wouldn't go away, so I figured there was no point in getting angry. And when I apologized, the paralysis disappeared.
All: Ohhh...
Seki: So maybe something was mad at you?
Morikubo: He's right.
Kanda: Is this a paranormal experience then?
Yui: Out of all the others, your story sounds the most real.
Kanda: Is it?
Morikubo: Ours happens because of exhaustion.
Seki: Right.
Morikubo: Comes in once in a while, right?
Seki: Yep, yep, yep.
Morikubo: Yours sounds dangerous!
Seki: Yeah!
Morikubo: You might be in danger!
Kanda: What!? I went to all this trouble... all this trouble...
Guys: (background) Why'd you bring in the real thing? Don't tell us horror stories!
Kanda: I'm sorry, I'm very sorry!! Um... it was a great recording! And very fun! Thank you very much!
All: Thanks for the hard work~


I may one day do a Pasta recap because it's just. just too adorable. And everyone should try watching it.
Tags: crack, high skool kids are speshul, kdrama, kids say the darndest things, persona 4, teaching in nippon, translations

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