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5x10 MC Talks (All)

Thank you for all your comments! ♥ I will find the time to reply to them soon. m(_ _)m For now!

SAPPORO 2009/11/14.15
Sho: We're Arashi~! Pleasure to meet you~!
All: Pleasure to meet you! Pleasure!!
Jun: Are you having fun?
Audience: Yeah~!
Jun: Yeehaw!
Sho: It's fun, isn't it? You're really pumped, aren't you?
Audience: Yeah~!
Sho: Wow, it feels like we're all--
Jun: Yeehaw!
Sho: Sorry, we really like doing that lately.

Sho: Observing the audience from yesterday,
Nino: Yes?
Sho: don't you think Sapporo has lots of males in the audience?
Nino: Ohh.
Aiba: Yeah, there are a lot.
Nino: There are, huh?
Aiba: Yeah, yeah.
Jun: Let's hear the men's deep voices.
Sho: Shall we? Okay, all the men in the house... this includes the kids, okay? All the men, as well as the young boys... let's hear you cheer.
Jun: What shall we have them say? What shall we have them say?
Sho: What shall we have them say? Shall we have them say, "Arashi"? "Arashi"?
Nino: Let's make it "Arashi, we love you!"
Sho: Okay, okay, okay.

Sho: From what I've seen, there's quite a large number of them out there, so...
Nino: We'll definitely hear them, then.
Sho: Let's become one, guys!
Ohno: (overlap) With your deep voices...
Jun: (overlap) Let's go!
Sho: We're going with, "Arashi, we love you," okay?
Jun: Show us your manly ways!
Sho: Are you ready? On your mark...
Guys: Arashi, we love you!
Aiba: There are tons of you!
Nino: This is awesome!
All: This is crazy!
Aiba: There are lots of guys!
Sho: That was great!
Aiba: We're really happy to hear this!
Sho: I want to hear you guys again!
Jun: Hang on. Let's just go with, "We love you!"
Sho: What?
Jun: Just, "We love you!"
Sho: Here we go. On your mark...
Guys: We love you!!
Sho: There are way too many of you!
Ohno: Wow!!
Nino: The number has increased from before!
Aiba: Huh?
Nino: What?
Sho: There are way too many!

Sho: When I went around the dome during our performances, I noticed that the men who come to concerts in Sapporo always try to stand out!
Nino: I hear you.
Jun: The way they try to get your attention is amazing, right?
Sho: Amazing.
Nino: They'll come way out in front.
Sho: Like for "Hadashi no Mirai"... after [hums], they do this.

Ohno: They do!
Sho: I'm like, "What am I supposed to do!?"
Nino: It's a happy thing, isn't it?
Aiba: Very happy!
Sho: Yeah, that's why I had to return the gesture.
Nino: You're doing it man-to-man there.
Aiba: And most of them are in short sleeves.
Sho: You're right, you're right.
Aiba: The men.
Jun: It must be hot for them!
Aiba: It must be!

Sho: We went out for dinner yesterday, didn't we?
Jun: We did.
Nino: Yep.
Aiba: That was really delicious.
Sho: It really makes you realize that we've matured.
Nino: That's true.
Sho: It might not sound like much, but we went to a sushi restaurant. The type with a counter... the kind where five people will fill up the entire place.
Jun: The type that doesn't revolve.
Sho: Right, right. It doesn't revolve... the kind where we have to revolve on our own, you know, the normal type...
Jun: We didn't revolve, though.
Sho: I felt like we've matured.
Nino: Me too! When you see the stuff we ordered, right?
Aiba: Even the small bowls could only fit one mouthful.
Sho: No matter how many you ate, you'd never get full.
Aiba: Never, right? Because we usually eat in the big rice bowls, right?
Sho: Exactly. The food came out in sizes that were for light eaters...
Nino: That's the grown-up part, right?
Sho: A sign of maturity, huh?
Nino: That's a sign of maturity.
Aiba: The fact that we're eating bit by bit, yeah.

Sho: You know, yesterday, while we were eating sushi and the tuna came out... I was sitting next to Ohno Satoshi, but there was a moment when I wondered if he might have turned into a foreigner or something.
Aiba: Oh?
Jun: What is it?
Sho: He ate the tuna and went, "Oh my god..."
Jun: What? Satoshi Ohno said that?
Sho: Satoshi Ohno said, "Oh my god..."
Nino: Really?
Sho: After eating the tuna.
Nino: (overlap) But you fish for tuna, don't you?
Sho: He just kept repeating that...
Ohno: But that tuna tasted fantastic.
Sho: I wondered what he was saying, but when I listened carefully, this person was actually saying, "Ohma's tuna!" He was saying, "Ohma's tuna!" (*note: Ohma City in Aomori Prefecture is known for tuna fishing spots.)
Aiba: Ohma's tuna, huh.
Nino: You don't remember, do you?
Ohno: No, I don't.
Nino: Even he thought he said, "Oh my god."
Ohno: I thought I did.
Nino: What's up with that?

Jun: Our oldest member is going to be 29.
Sho: That's right, he's turning 29 next week.
Nino: Happy birthday.
Aiba: Happy birthday.
Ohno: Thanks.
Aiba: What do you want this year, Leader?
Ohno: Hmm...
Aiba: From the four of us.
Ohno: Are you going to give me something?

Aiba: If there's anything you want, that is.
Nino: If you want anything.
Aiba: We just want to ask you first.
Nino: Better than receiving Japanese yam or something, right?
Aiba: Right.
Jun: Ohno-san, you just gave us a really happy look.
Aiba: Your, "Are you going to give me something?" expression was great.
Ohno: But you know what, I shan't ask. I don't want to know.
Nino: I'm sorry, we're the ones asking right now.
Aiba: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're asking you right now.
Nino: Get a grip! We're the ones asking. Just hypothetically!
Ohno: Hypothetically?
Nino: What's the one thing you want most right now?
Jun: Hypothetically.
Ohno: Hypothetically, right?
Aiba: Even if it's expensive, we'll split it amongst ourselves, so it's okay. Anything goes.
Nino: Don't think about the price.
Ohno: A boat.
Jun: You gotta be kidding me.
Sho: We can't afford it even if we split the cost!
Aiba: Do you know how much that costs?
Sho: Do you!?
Ohno: What!? You're the ones who told me not to think about the price!
Nino: I get it! Sorry, that was our fault! We're sorry!

Aiba: Sorry!
Nino: But we can't give you a boat!
Jun: What would you want if you were a little more considerate about the price?
Aiba: What about a salt boat? Shall we build you one?
Jun: A salt boat will cost a bomb!
Sho: If you don't want a salt boat, a Lego boat can last for pretty long.
Aiba: What about a kelp boat?
Ohno: Nah, that's kinda embarrassing.
Sho: What do you mean, embarrassing!? How can you call it embarrassing when we worked our butts off!?

TOKYO 2009/12/04 - 06

Sho: Everyone's really enthusiastic!
Nino: This is great!
Aiba: Totally, totally, totally.
Sho: It might be because this is our last performance in Tokyo, but...
Jun: No... I'm sure it just means the audience wants to have fun!
Sho: I see, I see, I see!
Aiba: You know, the audience aren't the only ones.
Sho: Yes, yes.
Aiba: We're pretty excited too, aren't we?
Sho: Of course.
Aiba: Sho-chan!
Sho: What?
Aiba: Before we started, right?
Nino: He was amazing backstage. Do you know what he did?
Jun: I have no idea.
Sho: What, what, what?
Aiba: When we first appear, we come out held up by those balloons, right? The device that Sho-chan detests?
Sho: Yeah.
Jun: He hates high places, right?
Aiba: Right. He hates high places, but... but! Once it's our last performance for the year, right?
Nino: Right. It looked like he might actually do a few spins, didn't it? He was fabulous backstage. He was doing a handstand and everything.
Aiba: We're actually floating above the ground at about this height while we're on standby.
Nino: Yeah.
Aiba: Our feet are floating about this high and we're strung up by the buckle here, but the minute Sho-chan was strapped in, he tried to do a handstand. He kept doing stuff that he would never do.
Ohno: That was awesome.
Nino: Either he got used to the device, or he thought he could pull it off because of the low height - it's one of the two. I bet it's one of the two.
Sho: Shall I explain?
Nino: Yes.
Sho: I've harboured a yearning to do that ever since I watched you guys spinning in that thing.
Jun: You had a yearning?
Sho: Yeah, yeah.
Ohno: You wanted to do it too?
Sho: To be honest, I got used to the device after using it for our concert tours. And I thought I wouldn't have another chance to spin anymore, so I figured I could spin at this height and gave it a shot. That was super exhilarating.
Jun: I have to say this, but this height is lower than that of a horizontal bar.

Ohno: That's true.
Aiba: It's just a forward spin.
Jun: You'll just do a forward spin.
Sho: Do you know why I ended up doing a handstand?
Nino: No.
Sho: I actually intended to do a spin, but I got so scared that my hands reached for the ground, so it became a handstand.
Ohno: Because you were at that height?
Sho: Yeah. My hands could touch the ground.
Nino: Your hands were really close to the ground after all. Really close.
Sho: I do want to spin too, you know.

Sho: Okay then.
Aiba: Okay what?
Nino: Okay what?
Sho: I'll leave you here...
Jun: What is it? You're going to leave after talking for a little bit?
Sho: I'm sorry, I know I only spoke for a short while, but--
Nino: Are you going home?
Sho: I have to...
Aiba: Come, come, it's okay.
Sho: Go to the back...
Nino: Right?
Aiba: Right?
Sho: I have to go to the back...
Jun: Why?
Ohno: Why?
Sho: Well, I just...
Ohno: Do you need to pee?
Sho: No, I don't need to pee.
Jun: What is it?
Nino: What is it, then?
Sho: This is... turning into this. Sorry!

Aiba: When Sho-chan did this, his teeth bumped into the mike.
Nino: He must've gotten a little excited.
Aiba: It looked painful.

Aiba: Leader, you had your birthday during this tour, didn't you?
Ohno: I did.
Nino: The band members...
Aiba: They gave you a gift, didn't they?
Ohno: Yeah, they did.
Nino: They gave you clothes, didn't they?
Aiba: What did you get?
Ohno: Um... I usually wear black, right?
Aiba: Yes, yes, yes.
Jun: You have a lot of blackish clothes.
Ohno: Right. That's why they gave me orange-coloured clothes.
Aiba: The juniors gave you something too, right?
Ohno: They did. You guys gave me gifts too.
Aiba: We did.
Nino: I gave him Mario.
Ohno: I got Mario, and Aiba-chan...
Jun: Huh?
Aiba: Hang on.
Jun: Wait a minute.
Aiba: Hold on a second.
Jun: I got Mario, too.
Aiba: Me too.
Ohno: What!? You!!

Nino: I gave Mario to everyone. It's only natural. After all, Mario is for everyone. Mario's not just for you, okay! Mario's for everyone!
Ohno: Then you should give me two copies for my birthday!
Aiba: The Mario game, right?
Nino: What a greedy boy! Goodness!
Ohno: Huh?
Nino: What a greedy, greedy boy!
Ohno: How can you just give me something you've given everyone else!?
Nino: Oh god, how frightening!
Aiba: But you got presents from the rest of us, didn't you?
Ohno: I did, I did.
Nino: What did you get?
Ohno: I got a T-shirt and a pair of socks from Aiba-chan.
Aiba: Matsujun gave you something too, right?
Ohno: I got a T-shirt from Matsujun.
Aiba: What about Sho-chan?
Ohno: He didn't give me a thing!
Aiba: He didn't?
Nino: What!?
Aiba: Even though you got a Mario game!
Ohno: Even though I got a Mario game!
Aiba: You got a gift from everyone,
Ohno: (overlap) He didn't give me anything.

Aiba: but Sho-chan!
Ohno: He asked me for my shoe size,
Aiba: Uh huh.
Ohno: so I got my hopes up, but I got nothing.
Aiba: Nothing!?
Nino: Uh oh!
Aiba: Huh?
Nino: What's with that?
Aiba: Yeah, what's with that?
Sho: (background) I'll buy them tomorrow. I'll buy them tomorrow.
Nino: Wait, he asked for your shoe size, didn't he?
Sho: (background) I'll buy them tomorrow. I'll buy them tomorrow. I swear I'll buy them tomorrow. Tomorrow. I swear. I swear. I swear.
Nino: Do you hear something? Whoa, this is scary. What is this?
All: What is this?
Sho: (background) I swear I'll buy them tomorrow.
Jun: Can you hear this? Is this okay? We can hear something! What's going on?
Sho: (background) I swear I'll buy them tomorrow. Tomorrow.
Nino: How scary, how scary!
Ohno: I can hear it really clearly. What is this?
Sho: (background) I'll go to the store and buy your 25.5 shoes tomorrow. Your shoe size is 25.5.

NAGOYA 2010/01/16.17

Sho: Man... the final concert is awesome, isn't it?
Nino & Aiba: It is!
Jun: This tour lasted for half a year, you know!
Sho: Right?
Jun: Since we started from the end of August. Somehow... it forces us to think about things.
Sho: Yeah, it really does. It feels like each and every song is really invaluable.
Nino: It does, it does.
Aiba: I'm giving my 120% for every song.
Sho: Aiba-kun really looks like he's having fun.
Aiba: I'm really enjoying myself. I really am.
Sho: You really are!
Aiba: Man...
Sho: When we were singing "Hitomi Naka No Galaxy", I was standing next to Aiba-kun. He kept saying, "This is fun!" "This is so fun!!" I was like, "Not now, I have to sing, I have to sing..."
Aiba: Sorry for distracting you.
Sho: No, it was great. I was having fun, too.
Aiba: You were, right?

Sho: Okay, Ohno-san... please take care of it.
Aiba: Huh? Leader, you're not covering him at all. Huh? You're not covering him at all. Right, right, over there.

Sho: That was unnecessary! Completely unnecessary!
Nino: Get a hold of yourself!
Jun: People can see everything!
Nino: He says people can see everything.
Sho: What's the setting? Are you an event manager, or a creepy attendant?
Ohno: An attendant.
Nino: Sounds about right.

Sho: Man...
Jun: Hey, guys. What did you do last night?
Sho: Last night... I went back to my room and had a few drinks.
Jun: On your own?
Sho: On my own.
Jun: Oh, I see. And you?
Nino: I... um... had a massage and went to sleep.
Jun: You know, I... encountered something really shocking.
Sho: What is it? It sounds scary.
Aiba: Huh? Do you know want to hear about it?
Sho: Wait, you were there!? You were there, too!?
Nino: Don't hop into the conversation like you're the key person in the story!
Aiba: (overlap) Do you want to hear about it? Who wants to hear about it? Who wants to hear about it?
Nino: Don't hop in there like you're the key person!
Jun: Seriously, this will--
Nino: You jumped in so suddenly!
Jun: Seriously, this will shock you!
Aiba: Who wants to hear the story!
Jun: It made me a little worried, even!
Aiba: If you want to hear the story, raise your hand!
Sho: I want to hear it! I really want to hear about it!
Ohno: Me too.
Aiba: Ohh, you want to hear it, huh?
Nino: What's up with this enthusiasm?

Jun: Yesterday, well... we had a general reception, didn't we? And the general reception was--
Nino: Ah, the general one, right?
Jun: We had one, right?
Nino: Yep.
Jun: After the reception, we all went back to the hotel, right?
Nino: Right.
Jun: I wanted to have a few more drinks, so I went to the catering section. Because some of the staff members were still at the catering section, I invited them to my room for some drinks, and we did just that.
Nino: Ooh.
Jun: How many hours was it? I think about two hours passed.
Nino: Right, right.
Jun: A staff member came back to my room again. The staff member was like, "Hey, this is bad. This is bad. Come with me!" So I went out to the hallway. And a security guard was standing there, looking pale. I was wondering what's going on, and it turned out, this guy was right in the middle of the hallway...

Ohno: Seriously?
Nino: You're the worst!
Ohno: Seriously?
Nino: What's wrong with you?
Ohno: Why??
Jun: It doesn't make sense, does it?
Nino: Not at all.
Ohno: Were you sleeping?

Nino: Don't knock your teeth into the mike! You're hurting it!
Jun: Out of the blue! When I came out wondering what happened, the security guard was like, "Um, thanks for your hard work! Um... actually..." And when I looked, Aiba-kun was like...

Aiba: Wait, sorry, sorry. I'll fill in the details. I'll fill in the details.
Nino: We want to hear them, too.
Aiba: Right? You want to hear the story from the beginning, right?
Nino: Tell us your side of the story.
Aiba: You want to hear about it, right?
Nino: Your side.
Aiba: Well, everyone went back, and I had some beer on my own. Then I went to sleep.
Jun: In your room.
Aiba: In my room. I fell asleep in my room.
Nino: Okay.
Aiba: Without talking to anyone.
Nino: Okay.
Aiba: In order to prepare for today, I went to sleep.
Nino: You went to sleep.
Aiba: Then, probably because I had a few drinks, I wanted to go to the toilet. So I went to the toilet. When I came out of the toilet... I was probably kind of sleepy, you know? My home... my home... my home, okay?
Nino: Okay.
Aiba: The one in Chiba.
Nino: Yes. Your own house.
Aiba: My own house... um, the layout of the hotel room felt exactly the same as the one in my house, as in, it felt really similar coming out of the toilet.
Nino: I see.
Aiba: In my house, the bed is on the right side of the toilet.
Nino: Okay.
Aiba: The bed's on the right side. But when I went out the right side, it was the hallway. And the door shut behind me--
Nino: Hold it! Before you go out the right side, there must have been a second door, right?
Aiba: That door was... that door was... that door was, to me, the door to my bedroom. You know?
Nino: Ah, that's what you thought.
Aiba: Yeah I was probably sleepy, so I went out and I woke up when the door shut behind me. "Crap!" I thought. "I left my room!"
Nino: You've locked yourself out.
Aiba: I've locked myself out. Plus I'm in shorts, a T-shirt--
Nino: Bad, this is bad.
Aiba: --and bare-foot...

Nino: You considered your options! This is bad, this is bad!
Aiba: I considered my options! Crap, crap! That floor had a lot of rooms, right?
Nino: Right.
Aiba: And it was late in the night, you know?
Nino: It's a hotel after all.
Aiba: I figured it was a bad idea to wake you guys up.
Nino: I see, I see.
Aiba: We also have a concert today.
Nino: Right. It'd be bad to wake any of us up, crap, crap. What should you do, what should you do.
Aiba: What is my manager's room, what is my manager's room?
Nino: You don't know, you don't know.
Aiba: I don't know, I still don't know even after accessing Masaki.com.

Nino: You can't get a single hit.
Aiba: I can't get a single hit.
Nino: What should you do, what should you do.
Aiba: What should I do? Ah. I could just sleep here until morning.
Nino: Why!?
Jun: Your reasoning is totally bizarre. Too bizarre.
Sho: It really is...
Aiba: But listen, listen! When it's time for us to get up, my manager would definitely come get me, right?

Nino: What about your bags!?
Aiba: What?
Nino: You have to pack your bags for the return trip, right!?
Aiba: I figured we'd still have about two or three hours to do that.
Sho: It's a hallway for everyone.
Aiba: Sorry.
Sho: It's not yours.
Aiba: I considered going down to the hotel lobby, too! But I was bare-footed and in a T-shirt and shorts... so I thought people would think I was some crazy person.
Sho: You would've looked like a crazy person either way!
Aiba: That's why the minute Matsujun appeared and woke me up, I was super happy! Someone finally came! It wasn't my manager, but still!
Sho: He's your saviour!
Aiba: He's my saviour! My God, My Buddha, My Matsujun has appeared!

Nino: He appeared! You woke up!
Aiba: Then Matsujun let me into his room and lent me his phone to let people know that I've locked myself out...
Sho: That was really fortunate.
Aiba: Yeah, I managed to sleep properly on a bed.
Sho: It's a good thing Matsujun was around.
Aiba: I was really lucky. If Matsujun wasn't around, I would've slept in the hallway.
Ohno: It's amazing that your decision was to sleep in the hallway after getting locked out.
Aiba: Well I was sleepy!
Nino: Who the hell cares about that?
Aiba: I was sleepy.
Nino: Call someone!
Sho: You're a mess!

Sho: On the other hand, Matsujun also missed out on a touching moment.
Jun: What's that?
Sho: Um... we had a general reception with all the staff members. On the way back, the staff all did this...

Nino: They formed an arch with their hands.
Sho: "Yaaay..." That's how we went back to our rooms, right?
Jun: Right, right.
Sho: We did that amongst ourselves, too.
Nino: Yeah. We thought you might be coming, so the four of us were doing that.
Aiba: That's right.
Sho: We were waiting for you.
Jun: What are you talking about?
Sho: So, the staff did that going, "Yaaay," and at the elevator, the rest of the members formed the arch for me, too.
Nino: We formed it for him.
Sho: If you want to know how it worked...
Aiba: When Sho-chan came...
Nino: We were like, "Sho-chan's coming, Sho-chan's coming..."
Aiba: "Sho-chan's coming..."
All: Yaay...
Sho: This one. This one.

Jun: Sorry. What is this?
Nino: It's a test on how you would go through that.
Ohno: You have to go through...
Nino: What you would do.
Ohno: You have to go through here.
Sho: Right in the middle of the elevator...
All: Yaay! Yaay!

Aiba: That was the touching moment.
Nino: That was it.
Sho: You didn't experience that, did you?
Matsujun: I didn't.
Nino: Ah, that's too bad!
Sho: That's not good!
Nino: That was touching...
Sho: Next time... we have to do it for the next tour.
Nino: It's too bad.
Jun: That's far off.
Nino: Shall we do it now? Shall we do it now?
Jun: May I?
Nino: Let's do it now, let's do it.
Jun: Sorry for the trouble!
All: Yaay! Yaay!

Sho: Sorry.
Jun: Thank you.
Nino: Sorry, just having a little fun on our own here.

--Fukuoka MC
--Osaka MC
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  • Disjointed Thoughts on Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies

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