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Persona 4 Drama CD Vol 3

I am so tired, I'll keep this short. orz Again, I tried to keep to the English localization of the game and uh... took some liberties with the puns. ^^;

Upped by swordieman,
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Track 1
Teddie: Why are we in Sensei's house instead of Junes?
Yosuke: That place is too noisy for studying. Ahem. We shall now begin the first official meeting to improve Tatsumi Kanji-kun's grades!
Yukiko: What? Are they that bad?
Yosuke: Take a look at his answer scripts for Math.
Souji: That is... quite an amazing score.
Yukiko: For a total score of 20.
Yosuke: Told you it sucked.
Kanji: 'Least I got my multiplications right!
Yosuke: Why are you so proud!?
Yukiko: Do you know any Math formulas at all?
Kanji: Sure! Megido, Megidora, Megidoraon.
Rise: Those aren't Math formulas.
Yosuke: You can't use those in Math! And you can't raise your grades if you don't know your formulas!
Chie: My scores aren't impressive either, but this is slightly disturbing.
Rise: So this type of thing actually corresponds with your image.
Kanji: You can't talk! Your Math scores are only ten points below mine!
Rise: Well I have a store to tend to!
Kanji: I'm making stuffed toys too, you know.
Rise: That's just a hobby.
Naoto: Perhaps you will understand the formulas more quickly if we relate them to something you like?
Kanji: So-something I like?
Naoto: For example, you could rephrase the question like this...
Kanji: How many stitches do you need to make three 48cm-tall stuffed toys?
Chie: They're huge!
Kanji: If we start the legs from the 4th row... hang on! What's this dot and "O"?
Yosuke: That question is impossible for him!
Yukiko: Was he referring to the sin, cosine, tangent sign?
Chie: That took a while!
Naoto: Oh... I see.
Chie: You too!?
Rise: Sin, cosine...?
Yosuke: There's one here, too!

Nanako: I'm home! Ah, you're all here!
All: Sorry for the intrusion!
Souji: Welcome home.
Nanako: What are you doing?
Souji: We're studying.
Nanako: Studying? You're all so hardworking!
Chie: I really envy you, Nanako-chan! I never worried about test scores when I was in elementary school.
Nanako: Test scores? I got a hundred in my last one! Dad said I was amazing!
Chie: I, I see. A hundred...
Yukiko: You didn't get a hundred in elementary school, did you?
Chie: Quiet, Yukiko!
Kanji: Not to brag or anything... but I've never seen a hundred on my papers since the day I was born.
Yosuke: That really isn't something to brag about at all!
Rise: I've gotten a hundred before.
Chie: I lost to Rise!?
Kanji: That must've been in first grade.
Rise: I got that in second grade, too!
Teddie: Bears of thick fur flock together.
Naoto: It's "birds of a feather" (1).
Yosuke: You're the hope of Class 1-2, Naoto.

Kanji: What about Senpai and the others?
Chie: Yukiko's grades are good.
Yukiko: Well... they're not that great.
Chie: Don't be modest!
Yosuke: Mine are average.
Chie: I thought so.
Yosuke: I'm being modest!
Chie: I don't think you know what modest means.
Teddie: What about you, Sensei?
Souji: Well... I've never had a problem. As long as I pay attention in class, I can answer the questions.
Yosuke: You're just special.
Kanji: Is this what a stratified society is like?
Teddie: Here, here! Teddie has a question!
Yosuke: Shoot.
Teddie: What's "studying"?
Yosuke: ... look, this world requires lots of things, like academic qualifications and stuff.
Teddie: Academic qualifications? Like an anemic coronation (2)?
Yosuke: What kinda king is that!?
Naoto: Um, Teddie-kun... I will give you a full explanation later.
Teddie: Oho! A private lesson with Nao-chan! I can finally climb the stairway to maturity!
Kanji: Teddie, you jerk... I'll stitch your mouth up for good!
Yosuke: Cut it out, Kanji! Put that sewing needle away!

Dojima: I'm home!
Adachi: Sorry for the intrusion!
Nanako: Dad!
Chie: Two excellent role models...
Nanako: Welcome home! You're back early!
Dojima: Yeah, I came back straight from the crime scene today.
Souji: Welcome home.
Dojima: Whoa, lots of people I see.
All: Sorry for the intrusion!
Nanako: Big Bro and the others are studying!
Dojima: Really? That's pretty passionate.
Naoto: We're not making much progress, I'm afraid.
Rise: Maybe you could teach us, Dojima-san!
Dojima: What? Me?
Adachi: Haha, you can't ask Dojima-san! He's never even taken the exam for a promotion before!
Dojima: Adachi... I'm more interested in a hands-on investigation.
Adachi: Sure, that's what you always say.
Rise: What about you, Adachi-san?
Adachi: I may not look like it, but I'm quite an elite.
Yosuke: Elite?
Teddie: That's a wind instrument.
Yukiko: That would make him a trombone.
Chie: I think you mean a flute!

Track 2
Adachi: Let's see... Whoa! This is terrible! Single digits as far as the eye can see!
Kanji: That last part was unnecessary.
Adachi: Man, this brings back memories. What stuff are you learning in high school again? Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto?
Naoto: Adachi-san, Pluto is no longer considered a planet.
Adachi: What?
Dojima: Looks like you just embarrassed yourself, Mr. Elite.
Adachi: W-Well...! What about the Taika Reforms in the year 640?
Chie: The Taika Reforms?
Adachi: Heh, that's not good, guys! You should work on your Japanese history.

Naoto: Are you talking about the Isshi Incident?
Adachi: Huh?
Chie: Oh, I've heard of that one! Fujiwara no Kamatari's involved, right?
Naoto: Prince Naka no Oe and Nakatomi no Kamatari. Later known as Emperor Tenji and Fujiwara no Kamatari, they assassinated Soga no Iruka in the Isshi Incident. The Taika Reforms occurred thereafter due to an imperial decree proclaimed by Prince Taishi--
Yukiko: I thought you were a science person, Naoto, but you're well-versed in history too.
Naoto: As a detective should be.
Yukiko: Really?
Chie: Just how super are detectives exactly?

Adachi: 1192 is the year the Kamakura shogunate was formed! (3) ... that hasn't changed, right?
Kanji: There's no point in learning history if it changes.
Adachi: H-History has nothing to do with investigations anyway! That's just for the college entrance exams!
Yosuke: What subjects apply in investigations, then?
Dojima: First of all, you need to be good at Japanese literature. Adachi, you made a mistake with the victim's name the other time.
Adachi: Do-Dojima-san! You don't have to say that here! L-Look! Once you use a computer too often, you tend to forget your kanji...
Dojima: Then why did you make that mistake on the computer? Geography's important too, but this guy can't read a map for nuts. He got lost with the patrol car for 30 minutes once.
Adachi: The streets of Inaba are really narrow! They don't even show on the map!
Souji: Aah. I got lost when I first came here, too. There are quite a few places to visit, like the riverside and the shopping arcade...
Adachi: It's complicated, isn't it? When I first got here, I lost my way even when I asked for directions. It was terrible!
Chie: That's an elite?
Yosuke: Makes you wonder what we're studying for.

Teddie: Ohhh! I know what you're talking about! I saw it on TV! Because the economy is going into a recession, businesses are trying to stay afloat by laying off their employees!
Yosuke: So close and yet so far!
Dojima: Anyone hungry?
Souji: We've had dinner. Kanji made croquettes for us. I'm sorry, we weren't sure when you would return, so there aren't any left...
Dojima: No worries. We'll eat outside. Let's go, Nanako.
Nanako: I want a hamburger!
Dojima: Sure.
Adachi: Since we're going out, why don't we go for a Korean barbecue?
Dojima: Why don't you go home?
Adachi: Oh c'mon, you said you'd order take-out for us!
Dojima: They can't study if we're around!
Souji: That's not true.
Adachi: That's why you owe me a treat!
Dojima: What do you mean, "that's why"? Geez. Come on, let's go. Don't let the girls stay too late, you hear!
Guys: Yes, Sir.
Adachi: Okay, thanks for having me over!

Rise: We're inheriting our family business anyway, so academic qualifications doesn't matter to us! Right, Yukiko-senpai?
Yukiko: Huh? I'm... not that keen on inheriting the inn...
Chie: Oh man! What about the rest of us!? We don't have any family business to inherit!
Yukiko: You can be anything you want, Chie.
Chie: You think so?
Rise: Yep! With your tenacity, I think you'll survive no matter what happens.
Chie: You make me sound like a weed.
Teddie: Teddie will inherit Junes, you know!
Chie: That's Hanamura's line.
Yosuke: I told you, my dad's just a hired manager! I almost got in trouble when you got clothes for Teddie the last time!
Chie: What are you talking about?
Yosuke: Oh, is this how we're playing it?

Naoto: Um... is studying really that unenjoyable? Don't you feel satisfied when you manage to solve a Math problem?
Kanji: It'd be fun if we could solve it...
Naoto: All you have to do is fit the numbers into the formula. It is similar to a puzzle.
Rise: I'm not that great at puzzles, either...
Chie: I see! It's like a puzzle, huh... A puzzle...
Teddie: If it's fun, Teddie wants to try it too!
Yosuke: Don't do it, Teddie! That's first-year Math...!
Teddie: Uh... Y minus five is... cross?
Naoto: Teddie-kun!
Chie: Purple smoke is coming out his ears!
Kanji: Teddie exploded.
Chie: Don't narrate his inner implosion like a common scientific explosion!
Yukiko: Wow... that was well said.
Teddie: Y-Yuki-chan... can't you show more sympathy for... *faint*
Naoto: Was it that difficult?
Yosuke: Let me see! Ahh... quadratic equations...
Rise: Will this actually be useful in life?
Chie: I know exactly how you feel.
Naoto: It is very useful in mechanical engineering. The parabola formed by a quadratic equation can be used to estimate the trajectory of a rocket or a fired bullet. Gravity pulls the bullet down, so your shot will always hit a mark lower than the firing point. In order to hit the bull's eye, you have to aim a little higher. To calculate the exact firing point, you have to use the parabola of a quadratic equation to--
Rise: Kanji! Don't fall asleep! Someone cast Patra or Me Petra on him!
Yukiko: Wake up.
Kanji: *gnk!*
Yosuke: Whoa, that must've hurt!
Kanji: Amagi-senpai... can't you be a little more gentle?
Yukiko: Ah, I'm sorry. I forget my strength when it's you.
Kanji: You promised to be nicer to me, didn't you?
Yukiko: No I didn't.
Kanji: Huh?
Yukiko: I never said that.
Kanji: ... sorry.

Track 3
Chie: We ended pretty late after all...
Rise: Senpai! Please give me a private lesson next time!
Chie: You really know how to make use of the situation, don't you?
Naoto: I will come up with questions for the next session.
Rise: What? You're going to think of difficult ones, aren't you?
Naoto: You'll make a fine detective if you can solve them.
Rise: They're totally going to be unsolvable.
Yukiko: Okay, we can make it on our own from here.
Chie: Yep. See you later, bye!
Souji: Take care.
Guys: Bye! (See ya!)

Yosuke: Since we're here, let's get a drink.
Kanji: I'm getting the wildflower red bean soup.
Yosuke: I didn't know you were into sweet stuff. They only have it cold for this season, you know!
Teddie: I'll have a Pom juice!
Yosuke: Okay, okay! I'm paying for it, aren't I. No freebies for you, Kanji.
Kanji: Yeah, yeah.
Teddie: Yosuke's heart is cold, not the drinks!
Yosuke: What's that? You don't want your juice anymore?
Teddie: I'm sorry, I spoke out of turn.
Yosuke: Hey partner! Not getting anything?
Souji: Huh? Oh... I guess I'll have one.
Yosuke: You're getting the cold soup too?
Kanji: I knew you would, Senpai! Cold red bean soup is way more savory than hot red bean soup! Hot red bean soup just sticks in your mouth and--
Yosuke: Who cares!? And how many times are you gonna to say "red bean soup"!?
Kanji: But it's really good!
Teddie: Whoo! I live for this one mouthful of joy!
Yosuke: Where'd you get that from?
Teddie: From you.
Yosuke: I've never said that before!

Souji: I was just thinking... maybe it's the assumptions we make.
Yosuke: What? About red bean soup?
Souji: No, Math.
Yosuke: You've gone way off tangent! Uh, in other words... what are you trying to say?
Souji: Maybe you can't solve them, because you keep thinking you can't solve them. Like Rise said, Kanji's Math skills correspond with his image. That's because it's easy to view Kanji as a delinquent.
Kanji: Well, sorry for giving off that impression.
Souji: Let me finish. Everyone says Kanji can't do Math, right? Because of that, he loses motivation, and he starts to believe that he really can't do Math.
Kanji: Uh... you think so?
Souji: You're good at numbers, Kanji.
Yosuke: Really?
Kanji: News to me.
Souji: Stuffed toys. You taught Nanako and me how to make them, didn't you? That was really difficult. You have to count the stitches as you sew, but I eventually lost count and had to redo everything. But you never forgot the number of stitches.
Kanji: Well that's... well...
Yosuke: Hold up! You made stuffed toys!?
Souji: Nanako wanted to learn, so I sat in with her. But we both gave up in the end, so Kanji completed the sewing for us. All we did was wait for the finished product.
Kanji: Senpai's oven-glove animal was perfect, though!
Yosuke: The hell is that?
Souji: A stuffed toy made from an oven glove.
Teddie: Sensei... Kanji has poisoned you thoroughly with his bear-zarro ways...
Souji: I'm not giving you my toy.
Yosuke: That just makes me want it even more!
Kanji: Why don't we make some at your house?
Yosuke: Not interested!
Kanji: You're mean!
Souji: *chuckles* Besides skillful fingers, you need to have a good idea of the final product to make those toys. You also didn't use a recipe for the croquettes today, did you?
Kanji: Well yeah... I just figured putting in this much would make it turn out that way...
Yosuke: If only those girls could have a tenth of your abilities...
Souji: ... it's a bit hard to say this now that you've made that comparison, but if we consider all these factors, I think you're quite smart, Kanji.
Kanji: For real?
Yosuke: Even he doesn't believe you.
Souji: That's because no one has told him that before, and he doesn't show off his skills, either.
Kanji: Show off...?
Souji: You keep thinking that's not in your character, thus limiting your potential.
Kanji: R-Really?
Souji: You could do it if you tried. Such a waste.
Kanji: M-Maybe... I'll try studying...

Teddie: Kanji full of Kan-centration (4)! Hee hee!
Souji: You too, Teddie. You're always laughing to hide your real feelings.
Teddie: *gulp!*
Souji: You're actually a kind person who's capable of supporting his friends.
Teddie: Sensei... is that what you think of me?
Souji: You can be quite serious... and have a very strong yearning to learn.
Teddie: Ohhhh Sensei! Teddie will become a study maniac!
Souji: If you study together, I'm sure you'll be good at Math.
Kanji: Teddie!
Teddie: Kanji!
Kanji: Senpai! We're going to the bookstore!
Teddie: Bye bye!!
Teddie & Kanji: *chaaarge*

Souji: Huh?
Yosuke: Hehe. You'd make a good teacher.
Souji: Not really... that wasn't my intention.
Yosuke: What?
Souji: I just thought it was a waste. For example, Dojima-san never cooks, but I think it's because he assumes it doesn't suit him.
Yosuke: He's a regular customer to our boxed lunch sales at Junes, so it works for me.
Souji: He's busy, of course, but he tries to hide it from us more than he ought to.
Yosuke: Hide? Hide what?
Souji: How hard he's really working... I guess? He never shows us how tired he is.
Yosuke: I can understand how he feels from a male perspective. It's more cool to hide your efforts and hard work. We've got people like that in school, right? The ones who say they didn't study at all, but end up getting good scores anyway.
Souji: Ahh, you're right.
Yosuke: Those people probably think it's uncool or embarrassing to reveal how hard they really worked.
Souji: And you, Yosuke?
Yosuke: I totally feel the same way! ... but I guess that might've changed a little after I met you guys.
Souji: How so?
Yosuke: Don't make me say it, idiot! You know what I'm talking about.
Souji: *laughs*
Yosuke: But you know, you're no different.
Souji: Huh?
Yosuke: People think you're calm and really cool.
Souji: Me?
Yosuke: I'm pretty sure they can't imagine you as someone who puts his utmost effort into things.
Souji: You think so?
Yosuke: Not me, anyway! Well, I'm off. See you!
Souji: I see...

Track 4
Souji: One more week to the sports festival...
Yosuke: What are the girls doing?
Chie: Don't pretend like you don't know...
Kanji: What? What is it?
Chie: All the girls have to join the mass dance! Geez... I hate it so much!
Yukiko: You're very athletic, Chie, so you'll be fine. I think your leg movements are pretty.
Chie: Don't be silly! I'm no match for an idol like Rise!
Rise: But of course.
Chie: You don't know what modesty means either, I see.
Yukiko: I already have a hard time remembering the choreography...
Naoto: What exactly is the point of a mass dance? Physical education is not required for the college entrance examinations, and most working Japanese do not need to perform a dance in daily life...
Chie: That's what Rise-chan said the other day, too!
Naoto: Huh?
Rise: Actually, idols don't need to learn the skills for mass dance, either.

Yosuke: Don't complain about dancing! We boys have to run a marathon, man! 5 whole kilometers! Why the hell do we have to run 5km for a sports festival? I seriously got depressed when I heard about it...
Kanji: I'm totally ready for it!
Rise: Why are you so enthusiastic, Kanji?
Kanji: 'Cause I can do anything s'long as I try! I don't care if it's 5km or 10km... bring it on!
Yosuke: Quit it! What're you gonna do if they really upped the distance? If you try to rest and make it late to the goal, you have to run ten laps on the school grounds! Whoever came up with this is trying to kill us!

Student: There he is! Hey, transfer student!
Yosuke: They're still calling you "transfer student"?
Rise: Me?
Naoto: Are you referring to me?
Yosuke: Whoa, there's lots of you!
Souji: *laughs* I think he's looking for me. What is it?
Student: About the Swedish relay for the sports festival... we asked a guy from the track-and-field club to run as our anchor, but he tripped at practice yesterday... and now he says he can't move for a while 'cause he tore his Achilles tendon or something. Basically, we've lost a runner.
Souji: And?
Student: Could you run for us? You're pretty athletic, right?
Yosuke: Hey, hang on a second. Swedish relay is a race where the distance increases for each runner, so the anchor has to run 400m, right? You want him to run another 400m after a 5km marathon!?
Student: It's okay! We just want someone out there! Class 2-1 has the track-and-field ace running, so we won't win. There's no prize for winning, anyway. You have a duty to participate! So just run at your own pace! Yeah?
Chie: What? Run at your own pace...?
Student: Sports festivals are exhausting! You think so too, right Satonaka?
Chie: Well yeah, but...
Student: It's settled then.
Yosuke: What's up with that attitude!? If the result doesn't matter, he should just run it himself!
Souji: Will you take my place?
Yosuke: What!? ... um... if... you really want me to...
Souji: Just kidding. *laughs*
Yosuke: Don't test our friendship!
Yukiko: Won't they be disappointed if Hanamura-kun ran instead?
Yosuke: Huh?
Yukiko: I'm sure they picked you because you run fast.
Yosuke: I run fast too!
Souji: So you'll run for me?
Yosuke: No, no, I'm really slow.
Rise: Well he told you to run at your own pace, so you don't have to do your best or anything. It's not like it'll affect our grades if we lose at the sports festival.
Chie: That's true, but...
Naoto: I wonder who this sports festival is for. It's ridiculous.
Yosuke: The school trip was pretty exhausting too. Who plans these things? It must be a conspiracy!
Yukiko: Maybe the first person to start the sports festival found it interesting.
Naoto: I shall look up the history of our sports festival.
Yosuke: No one cares about that!

Nanako: Do you have sports event at your school soon, Big Bro?
Souji: It's called a "sports festival" in high school.
Nanako: Sports festival! When is it?
Souji: This Sunday.
Nanako: Sunday! Can I go?
Souji: Of course. There are competitions for family members, too.
Nanako: We can join the festival? I wanna go!
Dojima: ... I have work on Sunday, though.
Souji: Nanako can come on her own. Teddie will be in the audience as well, so she won't be alone.
Dojima: I see. Sorry for making it hard for you.
Nanako: May I go to the sports festival?
Dojima: Sure. Go have fun.
Nanako: Hooray!
Souji: Nanako. What would you like to bring for lunch?
Nanako: Omelette rice! Your omelette rice was so tasty! And and hamburger, and octopus wieners...!
Dojima: You'll be too tired to move for the sports festival if you made that much. *laughs*
Souji: How were you in high school, Dojima-san? You look quite athletic, so you must have won a few prizes at the sports festival.
Dojima: Yeah, well...
Nanako: Did you win first prize, dad?
Dojima: I got first for everything I entered!
Nanako: Am I really your child?
Dojima: What?
Nanako: I'm really slow. I have to run 50m for the sports event this year, but I always lose to Kana-chan at practice.
Souji: Nanako. You want the first prize?
Nanako: Uh huh.
Dojima: Okay. I'll teach you how to run then.
Nanako: Really? Will I get fast?
Dojima: You can do anything as long as you do your best.
Nanako: Yeah! I'll do my best!
Souji: As long as you do your best...

Student: It's okay! We just want someone out there! You have a duty to participate!

Nanako: Do your best too, Big Bro!
Souji: Ah... I will!
Nanako: You can do anything as long as you do your best, you know.
Dojima: *laughs* That's right, Nanako.
Souji: Yes. Then I'll have to show you how cool I am.
Nanako: Yep! Pinky promise! Ready, set...
Souji & Nanako: Pinky promise, if I tell lie I'll drink a thousand needles. Promise made!
Dojima: Are you sure you want to make such a promise?
Souji: I can't guarantee first place, but I'll do my best. Besides, I can do anything as long as I do my best, right?
Dojima: Well, yes...
Souji: It'll be fine. Probably.
Dojima: Probably? *laughs*

Track 5
Announcer: Yasogami High School's sports festival will now begin! All students, please enter the grounds!

Teddie: It's starting! C'mon, Nana-chan, let's look for Sensei and the others! What's this? The girls aren't wearing bloomers...
Nanako: Bloomers?
Teddie: Shooooock! Girls in bloomers are extinct!
Chie: *kick!*
Teddie: *pain!*
Chie: What are you teaching Nanako-chan, you dumb bear!? Go hibernate in a cave!
Teddie: Gyaaaahhh! I can't believe you made such a domestic comeback!
Nanako: Don't you have to be on the school grounds, Big Sis Chie?
Chie: Nope, I'm on the student admin committee.
Nanako: Admin committee?
Chie: We're in charge of all the troublesome stuff. Hey, Mister! Could you step back a bit, please? You'll have many chances to take pictures, I promise!
Teddie: Pictures! Teddie took a digital camera from Yosuke's room for this very purpose!
Chie: Hey! You're not allowed to take pictures of girls!
Teddie: You... you can't be serious!
Chie: Hm? You brought your camera too, Nanako-chan?
Nanako: Uh huh. I want to take pictures of Big Bro.
Chie: I think he's in that row, so you'll get a better shot if you go over there. Lend me your camera for a minute.
Nanako: Okay.
Chie: All right, I know how to use this. Okay, let's go over there together!
Nanako: 'Kay!
Teddie: I-It's reverse sexual harassment... You mean Teddie can't take any pictures at all?

Man: Huh? Hey, you! You're Eddie-kun, aren't you?
Teddie: What?
Man: I knew it! You're the Eddie-kun who works at Junes, right? The one really popular amongst housewives?
Teddie: Ooh... I see you understand my charm.
Man: Are you here to cheer for someone?
Teddie: I guess you could say that.
Man: In that case, why don't you come with me?
Teddie: W-W-W-What did you say!? I know you're besotted by my good looks, but I've got no interest in males--
Man: That's not what I mean! Just follow me!
Teddie: Owowowowow! Eek, a molester! Save me, Mister Police Officer!!

Yosuke: Let's see, the next event is... the obstacle course. Naoto and Rise are up.
Naoto: Huh? The rest of you are not participating?
Kanji: It says only the first-year girls are allowed.
Rise: What? I should've transferred next year!
Yukiko: *giggling* I can't... take it...
Kanji: Amagi-senpai, why are you laughing?
Yukiko: 'Cause... they're going to eat candy...
Kanji: I don't get the joke.

Yosuke: Naoto, you're also in the cavalry battle (5), right?
Naoto: H-How did you know that?
Yosuke: 'Cause it's the cavalry battle! It's better to have a tiny person on top.
Naoto: I am not tiny!

Announcer: The obstacle course will now begin. First-year girls, please gather at the entrance gate.

Yosuke: It's finally starting!
Rise: Okay, I'm off~

Man: Well, here's where the magic of high school sports festivals really begin! The first event is the obstacle course for first-year girls!
Teddie: Woohoo! An obstacle course with only girls: I feel so dirty! I'm gonna get a bear-petual nosebleed!

Naoto: Was that...?
Rise: ... Teddie?

Man: Allow me to introduce my partner! It's everyone's Eddie-kun, the idol of Junes! He has agreed to be a commentator for the sports festival!
Teddie: Aah, aah, mike test, mike test~! Sensei, Yosuke, can you hear me?

Yosuke: Teddie~! What is he doing!?
Naoto: Amagi-senpai. You don't find that funny?
Yukiko: Actually, I find it disturbing.
Kanji: It's always one of the two.
Souji: Where's Nanako?
Yosuke: What?
Souji: Teddie promised to watch over Nanako.
Kanji: That goddamn bastard...!
Chie: So this is where you are! C'mon, Nanako-chan, let's take a picture! Ah, I'll take it, so you can get in the shot!
Nanako: May I?
Kanji: What should I do with this raised fist?
Yosuke: Change it to a peace sign.
Kanji: It'll be a peace sign clenched with a lot of strength.
Chie: Okay, everyone, smile! Whis-key!
Camera: *click*
Yosuke: Why whiskey...?
Kanji: Wow. Your face is totally asking for an insult.
Yosuke: Dammit, I won't lose!

Teddie: Rise-chan, Nao-chan, what are you doing? You're supposed to gather at the entrance gate!
Chie: T-Teddie?
Naoto: Kujikawa-san, we should hurry to the entrance gate.
Rise: Y-Yeah! See you later!
Nanako: Do your best!
Souji: Nanako, shall we go somewhere with a better view of the obstacle course?
Nanako: Yeah!
Souji: We'll be right back.
Chie: Gotcha!

Track 6
Yukiko: Look, it's starting! They're going to start eating candy!
Yosuke: You're really stuck on the candy part.
Chie: Yukiko loves that, 'cause their faces turn all white.
Kanji: Oh. That's why she finds it funny.

Teddie: Boys! Prepare your cameras! Everyone's favorite idol Risette is about to jump over the vaulting horse! It's the perfect chance for a picture!

Chie: Hey. What was that?
Yosuke: Teddie's making a new legend for himself.
Yukiko: L-Legend!?
Chie: He can't say those stuff just because he's making a new legend.
Kanji: What does he think this is, a celebrity swimsuit contest?

Teddie: Woohoo! The sight of girls trying so hard to crawl under a net is simply un-bear-able! Make your way into this box, ladies!
Man: Eddie-kun, is the comment box really that enjoyable?
Teddie: What? Comment box? This isn't the-- ah, I mean, that's right! The view from the comment box is top-rate!
Yosuke: He was about to bring up the TV stuff!
Yukiko: If he reveals our secret, we'll have to turn him into a pickled bear.
Kanji: Please don't compare him to a picked mackerel.

Announcer: Students participating in the cavalry battle, please gather at the entrance gate.

Chie: Ah, I'm in the cavalry battle!
Yukiko: Good luck!
Chie: Leave it to me!
Kanji: What competitions did you enter, Amagi-senpai?
Yukiko: I'm in the 100m dash, but... don't look, okay?
Kanji: Ooh, what a reaction~
Yosuke: Your reaction makes you sound like a pervert.
Kanji: It's all on the school grounds anyway, so I'll see the event whether I want to or not!
Yukiko: You don't want to see it?
Kanji: O-Of course I do!
Yosuke: What about you, Kanji?
Kanji: I'm in the hurdle race, the pole crash (6) and the club relay.
Yosuke: Club relay? I didn't know you were in a club!
Kanji: Well the handicrafts club didn't have a runner, so...
Yukiko: You're supposed to pass some equipment instead of a baton, right? For the handicraft club, it's...
Kanji: Iron dice!
Yosuke: Right. No wonder they pushed you into it.

Nanako: It was funny!
Yosuke: Oh! Welcome back! Did you get a good picture?
Nanako: Uh huh! Rise-chan and Big Sis Naoto's faces were all white!
Yukiko: L-Let me see... let me see!
Yosuke: If you're already cracking up, Amagi, the pictures might destroy your stomach.
Yukiko: B-But... Rise-chan... looks like she's covered with white paint!
Kanji: No she doesn't.
Yukiko: Her whole body is covered with white paint! *giggles*
Yosuke: Amagi's mind must be an interesting place.

Man: Now then! Coming up is the long-awaited female cavalry battle, a soulful fight between maidens! There may be a lack of panty shots, but it's worth a watch, boys!

Yukiko: It's finally starting! Chie's out there, Chie!

Teddie: A cavalry battle amongst young maidens, with lush bodies jostling against each other! You're not a man if you don't watch this event!
Souji: Is that what a cavalry battle is about?
Yosuke: Oh, Rise's participating too! She looks terrified up there.
Yukiko: Naoto-kun and Chie are also on top. Haha, Chie's already making a guts pose.
Nanako: Good luck, everyone!
Yosuke: What will be the winning factor? Mobility or technique? ... geezus, o-over there!
Souji: What's wro-- *gasp*
Kanji: T-That's... the girl in your class...
Nanako: Wow... she's big!
Yosuke: Ohtani's in the event? This is bad! It won't be a cavalry battle anymore! That's more like a caterpillar!
Kanji: She's huge. So huge I can't even see the people under her.
Yukiko: What should we do? Chie will become a Chie pancake if they smash into each other.
Yosuke: Like Teddie will someday?
Yukiko: Well, that's... different. *giggles*
Souji: We're in the same class, so she's technically an ally, but...
Yosuke: I can't believe we're having a life-and-death situation at a sports festival!

Man: The female cavalry battle will now begin!

Man: Ooh, there goes Class 1-2! The Detective Prince is leading the charge!

Ohtani: Ngaaa!
Naoto: W-Wait a minute! Aaaaahh!

Man: Goodness! Class 2-2's strategy is to take out the horses! "If you want to eliminate the general, you have to get rid of his horse"! A famous quote from the old days!

Ohtani: Hmph. That'll teach you to be so cocky.
Naoto: I can't... get up...
Kanji: Naoto!
Yukiko: Naoto-kun!

Man: What power! She's like a battle tank! Even the Detective Prince can no longer rise to her feet!
Teddie: This is scarier than I imagined...
Man: Whoa! The Ohtani tank is now targeting Risette! She has changed direction for the charge!

Ohtani: Here I come... YAAAAHH.
Rise: *shrieks*

Nanako: Rise-chan!
Kanji: She's in a pinch, Senpai! We have to save her!
Souji: Calm down.
Yukiko: He's right. Outside help is against the rules.
Yosuke: Dude, Ohtani's presence is against the rules. She doesn't even need the girl on top.
Kanji: Let's summon our Persona!
Souji: She's human, you know.
Yosuke: Sort of, anyway.

Ohtani: Hehehe... you won't get away!
Rise: No! Stop following me!

Man: Risette is being driven into a corner!
Teddie: Rise-chan, if you don't flash something, you'll get crushed for nothing!

Rise: You stupid bear!!
Kanji: Rise! Get out of there!
Nanako: Rise-chan! Run for it!

Man: The audience is letting out cries of despair as well! Ohh! A second horseman from Class 2-2 has arrived on the scene! It's a pincer attack!

Yukiko: Chie!

Chie: Got you!
Rise: Eek!
Ohtani: !!

Man: Was the Ohtani tank just a feint? Risette has lost her headband!

Ohtani: You insolent brat!
Chie: Sorry, but this is a battle! Sorry, Rise-chan... I figured this beats getting smashed by that thing.
Rise: Thank you, Chie-senpai...

Man: The power of Class 2-2 girls! Overwhelming! Just overwhelming!

Man: This is turning out to be a grand fight, isn't it, Eddie-kun!
Teddie: Shouldn't girls fight in a cuter way? At this rate, they're more like old ladies fighting over bargain sales.
Man: It seems Eddie-kun has a very idealistic view of women! Perhaps these pure ideals are the secret to his popularity!
Man: Okay! Next up is the male cavalry battle! What kind of fight will they give us after such an intense round?
Teddie: I don't care about boys, so it doesn't matter.
Man: That's cold.

Yukiko: Welcome back! That was an amazing fight!
Rise: Stupid Teddie... he has no sympathy for us at all.
Chie: Naoto-kun, is your leg okay?
Naoto: I am fine. This is all part of the fight.
Kanji: That damn caterpillar girl! I'll catch her and make her pay!
Naoto: Please don't! She didn't break any rules.
Kanji: Nngh...
Naoto: But... thank you.

Track 7
Announcer: We will now take a 45 minute break.

Chie: Finally! Time for lunch!
Yosuke: As I thought, your lunch is totally brown.
Chie: Well, I don't like my meat rare.
Yosuke: Ah... right...
Rise: Senpai! I made lunch for you.
Yosuke: Rise. We have to run a 5km marathon after this.
Rise: I know.
Yosuke: So spare him.
Rise: What are you trying to say?
Kanji: That he'll die if he ate your cooking.
Rise: He won't die, I didn't make any for you, and I don't need your explanation 'cause my score for Japanese literature is higher than yours!
Kanji: It's just a ten-point difference!

Yukiko: I... I made lunch, too.
Yosuke: C-Could he just accept the gesture without the food?
Souji: I... I'll eat... it.
Naoto: Didn't you bring lunch, Senpai?
Souji: I made this with Nanako in the morning.
Yosuke: Whoa, what is this? It looks super delicious!
Nanako: I made the octopus wieners! I tried to make them into Teddie shapes, but it was too difficult.
Teddie: Nana-chan...
Nanako: I'll give you one, Teddie-san. Here you go.
Teddie: The taste of your cooking is like a bear-fect jewel!!
Nanako: Jewel?
Souji: Um... he means it's tasty.
Nanako: *giggles* Thank you!
Yosuke: Crap, I forgot the tea!
Chie: They're selling tea over there, so let's go.
Kanji: I'll come with.
Yukiko: Me too.
Souji: All right, let's go together.
Teddie: I'll just eat my lunch here.
Yosuke: You better not eat everything just 'cause no one's around!
Teddie: Don't worry, I won't touch Rise-chan and Yuki-chan's cooking.
Yosuke: You just don't want those!
Rise: Hanamura-senpai! What are you trying to say!?
Yosuke: Exactly what you think I'm saying! Let's go!

People: Welcome!

Yosuke: Is this it? Wow, Aiya's here selling boxed lunches too-- wha-?
Naoto: Why is the line so long? They all appear to be grown-ups from outside... rather, they're all housewives. Are they mothers of the students?
Yukiko: Ah, this? It's a farmers market.
Yosuke: Did you say "farmers market"?
Yukiko: Yes.
Souji: Why are they having one at a sports festival?
Chie: I don't know, but they have it every year. There's quite a few plantations in the area, after all.
Rise: Yeah. When grandmother was healthier, we used to sell tofu here too.
Naoto: Now that you mention it, it was in the program as well. I had assumed it was a mistake.
Souji: Why don't we buy something then? I'd like a head of cabbage, please.
Yosuke: You sound way too experienced!
Kanji: I'll have a box of potatoes!
Yosuke: Do you need that much for a sports festival!?
Shopkeeper: You got it! Come again!
Naoto: What a strange sports festival...
Chie: Huh? You mean this isn't normal?
Kanji: I think it is.
Souji: Nanako. Would you like anything to eat?
Nanako: Ummm... an apple!
Souji: Ahh, they look tasty. Let's buy a few.
Nanako: But we can't peel the skin here...
Souji: Don't underestimate your Big Bro.
Nanako: You mean you can peel them?
Souji: It's a piece of cake.
Nanako: You're going to make apple pies? (7)
Souji: I'll peel it for you when you want one. Excuse me, three apples, please.
Shopkeeper: Sure thing! Three apples for you!
Nanako: Thank you!
Rise: I can peel apples too, you know!
Yukiko: That's right. After peeling them, you dip them in vinegar, right?
Naoto: That is for lotus roots.
Chie: Shall we have an apple peeling contest next time?
Rise: I'll peel tons of skin!
Kanji: What do you mean by "tons of skin"?
Yosuke: It's just apple peeling, but I've got a bad feeling about this...
Kanji: I think it's safer to eat the apple with the peel on.
Yosuke: Not thinking about it. Let's go back.

Yosuke: Hey, Teddie! I got you some Pom juice-- wha- what the hell!? My lunch!
Teddie: Huh? I thought this was my share.
Yosuke: It's mine! The contents are exactly the same, so it should've been obvious you're eating a second box!
Teddie: I thought it might be yours, but oh well! It's too late!
Yosuke: Don't give me that! Spit it out right now!
Teddie: What? Will you eat it if I spat it out?
Yosuke: No!
Teddie: Then I shan't!
Yosuke: You little...
Teddie: Gosh, you're so selfish!

Rise: Guess it can't be helped! I made this for Senpai, but... I feel sorry for you, so you can have it!
Yukiko: I've made lunch for you, too. Here you go.
Rise: Senpai?
Yosuke: I'll go buy Aiya's lunch!
Chie: They're sold out.
Yukiko: Don't hold back.
Yosuke: But we have a marathon...
Rise: That's why you should eat something, right?
Yosuke: That's why I don't want to eat your food! I have to face the consequences if I'm too sick to run the marathon! No way I'm eating Mystery X right before running 5km!
Yukiko: What? What is this Mystery X?
Kanji: Amagi-sensei... why are your eyes glinting like that?
Rise: Are you saying Risette's homecooking is inedible?
Yosuke: G-Gnk...
Nanako: Look! I made Teddie's face on the rice.
Naoto: Wow... you did that so well using seaweed.
Souji: It's no different from cutting paper.
Naoto: You used the umeboshi peel for his red clothes, I see. Amazing...
Yosuke: Why is the atmosphere so relaxing over there!?

Announcer: There are ten minutes left to the break. Students participating in the marathon, please gather at the entrance gate.

Rise: See! You better eat up quick.
Yosuke: Wait, there's still some time left...
Yukiko: You'll get a stomachache if you run right after eating.
Yosuke: That's not the problem!
Nanako: Isn't it delicious, Big Bro?
Naoto: Yes! This hamburger has a wonderful taste.
Yosuke: Uuh...
Souji: Sorry. There's nothing left.
Yosuke: *SOB*

Track 8
Announcer: The boys marathon is over. Coming up is the school relay competition organized by the teachers.

Souji: Yosuke. Are you okay?
Yosuke: Why do I keep getting into these situations...? Running 5km after eating Mystery X... I can't take it anymore, partner. Go on without me...
Souji: We've already reached the goal. Where are you asking me to go?
Yosuke: Ah... you're so calm...
Kanji: Man, you're so out of it after a mere 5km! You're way too weak, Hanamura-senpai!
Yosuke: You try running 5km after getting hit by all sorts of status ailments from Mystery X! The only thing that can make this better is the girls' mass dance!

Chie: They're back!
Rise: Welcome back!
Yukiko: Welcome back.
Chie: Great job, guys! Look, I bought drinks!
Yosuke: Ohhh, thank you! I live for this one mouthful of joy!
Kanji: Ah, that is your line.
Yosuke: So, so? When is the dance?
Chie: Rise-chan's reflexes are definitely extraordinary! She's a real pro! Plus all her poses looked great!
Rise: You totally stood out, too!
Chie: I hope you mean that in a good way...
Yosuke: Huh? You mean... the mass dance is over!?
Souji: Ah, you didn't know? The mass dance and the marathon are held at the same time.
Yosuke: Like I'd know that! This is a total conspiracy! They're all in it to kill me!
Chie: You're blowing things way out of proportion.

Kanji: Hey Naoto. Are you dragging your feet?
Naoto: What? Ah... it is nothing.
Kanji: What happened?
Rise: Is that injury from the cavalry battle?
Naoto: Well... I just... sprained it a little.
Kanji: Hey! Where's the medic!?
Naoto: Really, it is nothi-- aah! Please put me down!
Kanji: I'm taking you to the nurse's office!
Naoto: All right, but please put me down! I can walk on my own!
Yukiko: Kanji-kun... he's quite strong.
Rise: That's not the issue, I think.
Souji: Ah... I'm the medic.
Chie: Ahaha... just leave it to him.
Yosuke: I can't believe Kanji had that much power left after a 5km run. And he was running all-out, too! It wasn't even a power dash, it was a superman sprint!
Chie: He was really eager.
Yukiko: And even though Naoto-kun was against the dance... she did her best. I didn't notice her injury at all.
Chie: That's true. She could've abstained because of her wound.
Rise: She really worked hard...
Yosuke: I did my best too!
Chie: For what?
Yosuke: The 5km run...
Rise: Everyone ran the same distance.
Yosuke: But no one else ate that!
Yukiko: I hope Naoto-kun's injury isn't too bad.
Yosuke: Are you ignoring me!?

Rise: Huh? Isn't that Naoto-kun coming our way?
Yosuke: That was fast! ... wait, why isn't Kanji with her?
Naoto: It is simply a light sprain. I am sorry for the trouble.
Souji: Where's Kanji?
Naoto: Well... he ran so much that he got a cramp in his leg and could no longer move. He is sleeping in the nurse's office right now.
Yosuke: He totally overdid it.
Naoto: Senpai. Tatsumi-kun asked me to pass this to you. He wishes you the best for the Swedish relay.
Souji: A headband?
Naoto: Yes. It is Tatsumi-kun's headband.
Yosuke: It's so bright I can't see a thing!
Souji: ... this is bad.
Chie: What is?
Souji: I can't make a halfhearted attempt now.
Chie: That's true.

Nanako: Big Bro!
Souji: Nanako! What's wrong? Shouldn't you be with Teddie?
Dojima: Yo. Work ended earlier than I expected. It's not your turn yet, right?
Souji: Dojima-san!
Adachi: Hi~
Naoto: Adachi-san?
Adachi: He made me give him a ride in the patrol car. You're a slave-driver, Dojima-san!
Dojima: Shut up! Go home already.
Adachi: Since I'm here, I might as well watch you run before I leave.
Nanako: You're running, dad?
Dojima: There can't be any competitions for me to run in...
Naoto: Ah! I believe there is still a competition for family members...

Announcer: We will now accept family members for the three-legged race. If you wish to apply, please proceed to the admin committee's tent.

Souji: Dojima-san.
Nanako: Is Big Bro and dad gonna take part?
Souji: You are, Nanako.
Nanako: Me?
Dojima: Let's run together, Nanako.
Nanako: But I'm really slow. We won't win first place.
Dojima: We don't need to win first place.
Nanako: But dad, you've always gotten first place.
Dojima: I just want to run with you. Don't you want to run with me?
Nanako: Nuh uh. I want to run with you, dad!
Naoto: I will take care of the application, then.
Yukiko: Ah! Naoto-kun, you shouldn't move.
Souji: I'll do it!

Dojima: Wow, he's fast.
Adachi: Dojima-san, don't get too enthusiastic! You might fall!
Dojima: Who do you think I am?
Adachi: Well there's no point in getting first place, right?
Dojima: Yeah there is.
Adachi: There's a prize?
Yukiko: Ah... um... if you win first place, you'll get vouchers to stay at Amagi Inn...
Adachi: Really? That works then.
Dojima: That's not the point, idiot.
Souji: I've entered you just in time for the race.
Dojima: Okay. We'll be right back. Hold my jacket for me.
Souji: Sure.
Dojima: Let's go, Nanako.
Nanako: 'Kay!
Adachi: Dojima-san definitely knew about this race.
Souji: What?
Adachi: He forced himself to finish all his reports so we could get here in time.
Souji: I see.
Adachi: Man... guess I provided some assistance to your family! Hehehe...
Souji: Thank you very much.
Adachi: It's nothing. I didn't do it for you, anyway.

Track 9
Dojima: There we go. Is the string around your legs too tight?
Nanako: Nope, it's okay.
Dojima: Let's practice a little.
Nanako: Okay.
Dojima: On the count of two, we move our legs. We should decide which leg. How about the left? Ready, set... one, two--!
Nanako: Dad... when I move my right leg, you have to move your left leg.
Dojima: Ahhhh, I see. Sorry, sorry.

Announcer: Participants of the second race, please gather at the starting point.

Dojima: All right! Let's go.
Nanako: Okay!

Announcer: On your mark, set...

Dojima & Nanako: One, two, one, two (x repeat)

Chie: Nanako-chan! Dojima-san! You can do it!
Rise: Hey, they're doing pretty well!
Yukiko: Yes! They've bypassed one pair, so they're in second place!
Naoto: Perhaps... it is altogether possible...
Girls: Ah!
Yosuke: They fell!
Chie: It's okay, Nanako-chan!
Naoto: It is all right. Dojima-san is providing a nice follow-up. They have dropped a few places, but...
Souji: Nanako...
Rise: Nanako-chan! Just a little more!

Announcer: Participants of the third race, please gather at the starting point.

Nanako: Fourth place...
Dojima: We fell, huh. Did it hurt?
Nanako: I'm okay.
Dojima: Then let's go back to the rest.
Nanako: I'm sorry, dad.
Dojima: You don't need to apologize.
Nanako: But we didn't get first place.
Dojima: Did you want first place?
Nanako: I wanted to get that with you.
Dojima: So you didn't like running with me because we didn't win first prize?
Nanako: No...
Dojima: Then it's all right. Fourth place is very good, you know.
Nanako: ... yeah!
Dojima: C'mon, let's go back.
Nanako: Okay!

Souji: Welcome back. You did your best, Nanako.
Nanako: Uh huh! We fell, but I tried my hardest!
Souji: Yes. You did well.
Nanako: Look what I got! It's a consolation prize! Jumbo pencils! We got four of them, so I'm splitting them in half with dad. We have matching pencils!
Dojima: Hehe... they're a little long for a police organizer, but they're not bad.
Adachi: What!? You got mad at me when I stuck stickers on my organizer!
Dojima: This is different!
Nanako: Join us next time, Big Bro!
Dojima: A four-legged race? That sounds difficult!
Yosuke: The one in the middle will have it tough, eh Big Bro?
Souji: Nanako should be in the middle, don't you think?

Chie: All right, it's finally coming!
Yukiko: 400m for the Swedish relay.
Rise: Show us how awesome you are!
Naoto: Please take revenge for us.
Yosuke: Revenge for what?
Souji: You're right. I even got a headband.

Announcer: Participants of the Swedish relay, please gather at the entrance gate.

Souji: Well, I'm off.
Chie: May you continue to reap in the fortunes of war, My Lord!
Yosuke: What language is that!?
Nanako: Do your best, Big Bro!
Souji: I will. We made a promise, didn't we?
Nanako: Yep!
Yukiko: Good luck!
Naoto: I wish you all the best!
Chie: May you reap in the fortunes of war, My Lord!
Yosuke: You can do it!
Souji: I'm off.

Kanji: Where's Senpai? How's the Swedish relay!?
Yosuke: Kanji... you're in a fine state for a twisted ankle. I've only ever seen crutches like that on TV.
Yukiko: The Swedish relay is just starting.
Kanji: Huh? Why are you here, Dojima-san?
Dojima: Should I not be?
Kanji: ... and you too, Adachi-san.
Adachi: I never thought people could get injured from being too enthusiastic at a sports festival!
Kanji: What!?
Yosuke: This could get messy, so let's talk about this later!
Rise: Look, Senpai's wearing your headband, Kanji.
Kanji: Are you serious!?
Yosuke: Geez, calm down! It's really narrow in here!

Track 10
Guy: Anchors, please go to your places.
Souji: Ah, all right.

Student: It's okay! We just want someone out there! Class 2-1 has the ace of the track-and-field club running, so we won't win. There's no prize for winning, anyway. You have a duty to participate! So just run at your own pace! Yeah?

Souji: At my own pace...

Announcer: Okay, Class 2-1 has passed the baton to their anchor! The anchor is the hope of the track-and-field club! Next is Class 2-3! Right now, the gap between first and second place is quite large!

Souji: There is no way... I can half-ass this... when everyone else put in their best effort!

Announcer: And now, Class 2-2 has passed their baton!

Yosuke: Ohh! He's in the last place, but he's starting off at full power! Awesome! As expected of my partner!
Yukiko: You can do it!
Chie: Go for gold!
Nanako: Big Bro!
Yukiko: You can do it!

Adachi: Whoa... sweat flying everywhere. What's he getting so worked up for?
Dojima: It doesn't matter. Sometimes you choose to do things without reason.
Adachi: It's dumb, I tell you!
Dojima: You can't call yourself an adult if you don't get passionate about something.
Adachi: Right... anyway, I'm heading home. I've already seen your brave attempt.
Dojima: You're leaving now? He's gonna win, you know.
Adachi: Heh, you're such a doting guardian. Catch you later.

Rise: Senpai! You can do it!
Naoto: You can do it! Keep running!
Teddie: Sensei! Don't give up!
Man: Eddie-kun, we're not supposed to cheer for specific contestants...
Teddie: Shut your trap, outfielder!
Man: Outfielder!? I'm part of the admin committee...
Teddie: Just hand over the mike already!
Man: Whoa!
Teddie: Sensei! Beat them all! Senseiiii! Run for the goal~!!
Yosuke: Heh. That Teddie...
Kanji: Senpai! Show us what a man you are!
Rise: Senpai has outrun the two in front of him!
Naoto: Amazing... there was quite a distance between them...
Chie: Maybe... just possibly...!
Yukiko: If he catches up to the other two, he'll get first place!

Boy: I didn't know that guy was so fast!
Girl: He must be a hidden member of the track-and-field club!

Yosuke: All right! Go Class 2-2! Don't lose to the track-and-field club!
Rise: Class 2-2! Class 2-2!
All: Class 2-2!
Teddie: That's right!
All: Class 2-2!
Teddie: That's right!
(x repeat)

Yosuke: Why does the winner of the three-legged race get accommodation vouchers for the Amagi Inn, when the winner of the Swedish relay gets nothing?
Souji: It's just another competition.
Teddie: All you care about is the prize! You're so corrupt!
Yosuke: That's not it! I just think he deserves some kind of reward!
Rise: But you were really cool, Senpai!
Teddie: Yeah! I've reaffirmed my decision to follow you for the rest of my life!
Yosuke: Great! Get the hell out of my room then.
Teddie: Jealousy doesn't become you!
Yosuke: I want some freedom, dammit!
Kanji: You were seriously cool, though! Like you said, Senpai, you can do anything s'long as you try!
Yukiko: That's... not a compliment...
Kanji: H-Huh?
Nanako: You can do anything as long as you do your best!
Chie: Yeah. I thought so too. It's like you gave me courage to try... h-hey! Don't look at me like that, guys! It's embarrassing!
Yosuke: We're not laughing at you. It's not a bad thing to work hard.
Chie: Y-You're right. Yeah. Yeah!
Kanji: Exactly! I solved some quadratic equations, you know!
Rise: What!? Aw, don't work on that!
Naoto: Well... in truth, I had solved 80% of the problems.
Kanji: Ah! Hey! Shhhh!
Teddie: Aaah! How could this be? When did you start having private lessons!?
Kanji: Sh-Shut up!
Naoto: I merely gave him lessons in class after school.
Teddie: Augh! What an absolutely perfect situation!
Naoto: Well, it is easier to study in school than in Junes.
Teddie: I still won't allow it!
Naoto: Very well, then.
Kanji: Huh...?

Rise: Okay, we can make it on our own here!
Chie: Great work today, guys.
Yosuke: Yeah, seriously.
Yukiko: See you in school!
Souji: See you.
Naoto: Goodbye.
Chie: Bye bye!
Kanji: Later!

Nanako: Bye bye~!
Dojima: All right... since we're in the area, why don't we get something good to eat?
Souji: What? You don't mean...
Dojima: Don't get me wrong. We're celebrating the three-legged race Nanako and I completed. You've already had a celebration with your friends, didn't you?
Souji: You're right.
Dojima: What would you like to eat, Nanako?
Nanako: Mmm... meat!
Souji: Ah... Chie's influence is strong.
Dojima: Ohh. Meat sounds good.
Nanako: Meat! Meat~!

Track 11
Daisuke: Thanks for the hard work, everyone. I'm Namikawa Daisuke and I play the main character. Once again, thank you for buying this CD. Um... well, this is volume 3 of the Persona 4 Drama CD collection, so it's quite a happy occasion. It means we've managed to produce a third volume thanks to your purchases. Well, as always, the main character is... hmm, because he's the main character... as always, he doesn't have a name and no one ever calls him by name. Thanks to his calm personality, I got through the recording without damaging my throat. The theme for this CD is: doing your best isn't uncool. That's a good theme! I really like that. It's a phrase I can easily relate to, so it struck a chord in me. I had a lot of fun with the other voice actors again, and the main character is much closer to the other characters now. I think he has gotten a little brighter. He's slowly doing his best to mix in and get more familiar with the rest, step by step. To me, the door to his heart is like a thick, iron door, which is finally opening. I will work hard for future volumes, so thank you again, everyone! This was Namikawa Daisuke.

Shotaro: Hi, I'm Morikubo Shotaro and I play Hanamura Yosuke. Thanks for the hard work, everyone.
All: Thanks for the hard work.
Shotaro: Regarding sports festivals, my high school was really strong in baseball and American football, so we had tons of guys with great physique. Um... my homeroom teacher actually told me not to participate because it could get dangerous. It was so bad that the teacher told me to sit out for the pole crash.
Madono: (overlap) The pole crash, huh? That's a dangerous one.
Shotaro: It was really scary, yeah. One of my friends from the soccer club actually lost his front teeth... and got kneed by some guy from another class. Memories of my aggressive school returned through this CD! Yep. There were lots of shocking incidents, but I hope you enjoyed it! Coming up next is someone even more shocking. The person who has... tissue... in her glasses.
All: LOL

Yui: Yes... I'm Horie Yui and I play Satonaka Chie. Thanks for the hard work, everyone.
All: Thanks for the hard work.
Yui: Um, just to briefly touch on my glasses... glasses have several parts, you know, the bit supported by the ears and the part that connects the main frame, and the screw from the last part recently came off. I wasn't sure what to do, so I twisted a piece of tissue paper, tried pushing it through the hole, and it actually worked. It's holding up pretty well too, so I'm using it as part of my glasses--
Shotaro: You shouldn't do that!
Madono: You wore that for a week?
Yui: A week... but it really feels totally stable!
Shotaro: You had tissue glasses for a week?
Yui: Yes, I had tissue glasses.
Madono: Get it fixed already!
Shotaro: What about the other side?
Yui: I might get it repaired if the screw comes out on the other side too, but it works surprisingly well, so please give tissue a try if your glasses get spoilt. Okay, thank you very much!
Kanda: Ah, you're done?

Ami: I'm Koshimizu Ami and I play Amagi Yukiko. Thanks for the hard work, everyone! Well... it's been a long time since we've had a recording for Persona 4, so I was a little nervous when we first started, but I was very happy to have the chance to play Yukiko again. Also, um... it's been a while since the game, but meeting up with the rest again was like... how should I put it? Like a reunion of sorts! That's how I felt. Yep, yep. Um, this CD focused on a sports festival, and Yukiko gave her support in her own special way, so... wow, I think everyone had magnificent ways of giving support! I've learned a lot! I hope there will be more continuations to come! Thank you again for the hard work! Thank you very much!

Seki: Okay! I'm Seki Tomokazu and I play Tatsumi Kanji. So, we've made it up to volume 3 of the Drama CD collection! We've worked together for a while, but I still hope we can keep this up. Um... it's a game I actually managed to play to the very end, so I like it very much. It'd be great if there's more stuff produced besides the Drama CDs. Um... with regards to Kanji, he has far more lines in volume 3 than the last two, so it was great for me! Thank you very much.

Kappei: As always, everyone has interesting comments. Anyway, I'm Yamaguchi Kappei and I play Teddie. Thanks for the hard work, everyone.
All: Thanks for the hard work.
Kappei: So, a sports festival huh? It feels like ages since I've been to one. Somehow, it's... well... um... wow, I really can't remember. It was really a while ago! Well the theme for this CD is: doing your best isn't uncool. We only do the stuff we think we can do. So we have to be confident! And the Class 2-2 cheer was interesting, wasn't it? Humans naturally get caught up in that sort of thing. Of course, this is the finished product, so I'm sure you heard a very good cheer, but I have to tell you, we took many tries to record this cheer properly.
Shotaro: Just to say "Class 2-2", right?
Kappei: Right. We only do the stuff we think we can do. We learned that lesson thoroughly. Also, it was a very fun CD as always, and we had great conversations that made us laugh very hard. The work was tough, but this series will continue; or at least, I really hope we can continue this series. Um... I hope you found it interesting. Yep! The next person is uh... Risette, right?
Rie: Yes!
Kappei: Okay. Please do the honors!
Rie: Okay!

Rie: I'm Kugimiya Rie and I play Kujikawa Rise. Thanks for the hard work, everyone.
All: Thanks for the hard work.
Rie: Everyone is making such interesting comments, so I'm not really sure what to say. I think I'll just saw a few words and pass it on to the next person... I really don't have much to say, so, um.. if I have to make a comment, the Class 2-2 call was really... really... well, I do wonder why I'm always making the odd comment on the side.
Kappei: And meanwhile Yosuke has so many lines.
Shotaro: You don't have to put it that way.
Rie: That's true. Yosuke-san always pops into the picture. Then I'd get stunned by his appearance. I don't think you can hear that from the finished product. But anyway, I hope the Persona 4 Drama CD collection will keep growing! So thank you very much! The next person, please go ahead.

Paku: I'm Paku Romi and I play Shirogane Naoto. Um... for this CD, Naoto said a lot of difficult words again. I really adore Naoto and this is one of my favorite roles, but the one problem I always face is that Naoto uses a lot of difficult words. I wish I could have the extent of her knowledge, but really... um... whether you're smart or not, you can be anything you like as long as you work hard. I think this is amazing. No matter how old you are, I think working hard towards that one goal is an extremely wonderful thing to do, so even if I become an old grandma, I'll do my best to live an ambitious life. I hope you will all listen to this drama CD and reach for your goal as well. Let's live a passionate life together! That's all! This was Paku Romi.

Kanda: That was Paku-san's comment.
Kappei: Man, Paku Romi's so interesting!
Kanda: She's amazing, isn't she? Yes! Hello, I'm Kanda Akemi and I play Dojima Nanako! Thanks for the hard work, everyone! Great job!
All: Thanks for the hard work.
Kanda: The focus is on the sports festival for this CD, but I don't really have any memories... of my sports festival. I can't remember a thing. I wonder what happened at my sports festival, but...
Shotaro: A sports festival happened, that's all.
Kanda: *giggles* This time, Nanako-chan managed to run a three-legged race with her dad, so I was really happy with that scene. The highlight for Nanako this CD is um... her dad's little mutter at the very, very end, so everyone, please listen carefully to the very last part of the CD! With that, I would like to pass the mike onto my dad!

Unsho: I'm Ishizuka Unsho and I play Dojima Ryotaro.
Shotaro: Could you start talking after you get to the mike?
Unsho: It's okay, the mike caught my voice. It's fine. Meat is great, isn't it? Right? Once you get to my age, thick meat is kind of painful.
All: *LOL*
Shotaro: You talked about Korean barbecue?
Unsho: I did, yeah. Uh... sports event, was it? That was so long ago, I've completely forgotten what it was like. I don't remember running or anything, but I do remember cheering for people. In the back of the mountains - I lived in the countryside, see - in the back of the mountains, we were supposed to cheer loudly for classmates on the school grounds. We were told to cheer loud enough for a girl sitting on the school grounds to hear us and turn around - man, we were so rural, cheering in the mountains - and I kept thinking, there's no way she'll turn around! I couldn't say that because it was my Senpai who told us to do that, but it was impossible anyway. That's what I remember of my sports events. Sports events... usually they're held in the fall, but nowadays they have them in spring, right?
Shotaro: Ah, yeah...
Unsho: That's what I've heard. But when I think of sports events, I still think of fall. Anyway, allow me to call on my Senpai. Hey, Senpai. Please do the honors. I've changed, you know.

Madono: Please stop. Um... sorry about that. I'm Madono Mitsuaki and I play Adachi Tohru. This is normal for you guys, but it's my first time appearing in a drama CD. Did you know that?
Shotaro: No we didn't!
Madono: Well it is. Nice to meet you.
Yui: Nice to meet you~!
Madono: I'm Adachi Tohru-kun. I just heard about this earlier, but... um... actually, fans have been asking for Adachi Tohru to appear on the drama CDs.
Kappei: Oh!
Shotaro: Really!
Madono: They were like, bring him out! Why isn't he out yet? Because they kept asking for him, he finally appeared!
All: Ohh...
Madono: Some of you are nodding. So.. the voices of fans are important!
Yui: Yes.
Madono: I'm sure everyone here feels the same way! Right, Namikawa? "Yes, that's right." Namikawa-kun agrees!
Rie: Is that how he sounds like?
Madono: Right, Paku Romi? "Yes, that's right."
Shotaro: They sound the same.
Unsho: They do!
Madono: Who else is there? Ahhh, Seki, Seki, Seki. Right, Seki? You agree, don't you? "Yeah!"
All: *lol*
Shotaro: You laugh right after you say it!
Madono: Right, Koshimizu? "You're right!"
Shotaro: We get it! We get it already! That's enough!
Unsho: You actually did it four times...
Madono: We all feel that way, so fans... please keep pushing for Persona 4. Thank you for supporting us. I'm the last one, right?
Shotaro: Yes.
Madono: So... please buy the CD. Thank you very much.

T/N notes:
(1) For those interested, the Japanese proverb is 同じ穴の狢 (Onaji ana no mujina), which literally means: "Badgers in the same hole".

(2) In the Japanese version, Teddie mishears "gakureki" (academic qualifications) and asks if it's like a "karei king" (flounder king). Yosuke snaps, "What kinda salty king is that?" I've taken the liberty to change the pun for the English translation.

(3) Japanese remember dates by using "goro-awase", which means to make words out of numbers. For example, Adachi says, "Ii kuni tsukurou". If we separate "I, i, ku, ni" and look at them as numbers, you get, "one, one, nine, two".

(4) In Japanese, Teddie says "gariben Kanji", where "gariben" refers to a person who does nothing but study.

(5) Cavalry battle is where one person rides on the shoulders of three people acting as the horse. The objective is to get the rival riders' headbands.

(6) The pole crash is where all the boys of two classes are pit against each other. Objective: to knock down each other's pole.

(7) In Japanese, Souji says 朝飯の前, which literally means "just before breakfast". So Nanako misinterprets and asks if he peels apples before breakfast. I've taken the liberty to change it for the English translation.
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