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Arashi no Waku Waku Gakkou (26 June, 5:00PM)


I got into Tokyo from Osaka after (intended) partying until about 3am, but because it was Tokyo and I was having pre-event anticipation jitters and I was a teeny bit worried that the Japanese girl I exchanged my 25 June ticket with may not show up, I was very much awake.

I was actually kind of worried, because the girl (SY) didn't reply my message when I told her I was near the Dome, but it turned out that it was because she and her friend (Y-chan) went to the earlier segment. In fact, they went to the two segments the day before, too. Super, super sweet ladies; both older than me, but still so young. We hung out at a cafe to talk, going on about the boys and gushing about our favourites. The younger girl, Y-chan, is not only an Ohno fan, but also a huge Ohmiya lover, so we connected pretty well! She and SY, who have been to lots of Arashi's live TV show recordings, told me that Ohmiya talk and fool around a lot even when the cameras are off. *grin* When I told SY I was going to leave Japan, she said she would keep me updated on things. ♥

We went all the way into the Dome together, before separating right at our gates. (SY even helped me smuggle in my water bottle; I forgot that bottled drinks are prohibited. ^^;)


My seat was ridiculously good. RIDICULOUSLY. Granted, it was on the second floor so I couldn't get a good look at the boys without binoculars - which I stupidly forgot to bring lololol - but I was in the front row, right behind the rails, so I had an absurdly clear view of the entire proceedings on the Dome floor. It also gave me some lovely fanservice which I'll bring up later. :D

The lady next to me was also a bit of a chatterbox, so we spoke a little before the event. Sho fan; absolutely adorable. I wonder if all Japanese Arashi fans are this friendly and nice!

Now the event itself~ I'm sure you're all already aware of the five photos of the Arashi boys as school principals on one side of the Dome wall. XD I didn't take pictures, sorry; too chicken to pull out my camera (which I smuggled in by stuffing into my jeans pocket lol).

But pictures aside, I was really impressed that everything about the event stuck to the school concept. Announcements in the beginning would say, "School will soon be in session", they called the ushers "teachers" and told us to "obey our teachers' orders", the Arashi boys were called "~sensei", and at the very end of the event, it was even announced, "please be careful when you're going home from school". :D

School is now in session
At 5PM sharp, as Japanese schools go, a tune starts playing to indicate that lessons will soon begin. It's a lovely Chopin piano piece, and my immediate reaction is to assume that it's played by Sho.

Then an announcement comes up on the PTA system:

"The morning briefing will now commence. Ohno-sensei, Sakurai-sensei, Aiba-sensei, Ninomiya-sensei, Matsumoto-sensei, please come to the staffroom immediately."

The crowd goes wild, and it gets better, when the screens on the Dome floor rise up to the top and starts showing a 2D crayon-drawn animation. First, a rainbow shows up, then a cloud, which rains on a seed, which then grows into a tree. A yellow bird swoops past the tree to grab onto an apple, a school shoots up next to the tree, and the bird changes into a weather vane of the roof of the school, while the apple morphs into a school bell.

Right after that, the boys come out in white coats from a door on the side to the still-screaming audience.

Hilariously, the first thing they do is to greet the school principals, who are essentially themselves. XD

Then the boys ask Sho to start us off, and he opens it just as students do in schools! "Stand up!" "Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!" "Sit down!" As a teacher, it feels kind of awesome being on the other end... especially with about 45,000 people bowing at the same time. :D :D :D The seats, by the way, are all filled. ALL. The power of Arashi. *nods*

After the greeting, Sho introduces the theme: "Everyday is a new realization."

The boys tell us that they're going to start off by asking us questions.

AIBA: There's different levels, okay? First, here's an easy one. [opens his book to read]
JUN: Hey!
NINO: Hey!! He's cheating! This teacher's cheating!!
AIBA: I'm not cheating!
JUN: You're totally reading from the book!
AIBA: I am not! Besides, this isn't a cheat sheet, it's a textbook. I'm allowed to look at the textbook, right?
JUN: All right, fine.
AIBA: [looks down at book to read]
NINO: You're so cheating!!!

1st question - "Who played the piano piece before lessons started?"

I am very pleased to say that I totally guessed it: Sakurai Sho. :D On the screen, it shows Sho diligently playing the piece with his head bowed and eyebrows furrowed in concentration.

AIBA: Who here guessed it was Sho?
AUDIENCE: [EVERYONE raises their hand!!!]
SHO: You're done! All of you are ready for graduation, thank you for coming!!
JUN: You should totally play that for the national tour.
SHO: That? How?
JUN: On the moving platforms.
SHO: Wait, so everyone's waving, and I'm the only one banging on a piano on my platform?
AIBA: In any case, you practised really hard for it, didn't you?
SHO: Yeah, I've been working on it since before "Hatenai Sora".
NINO: Hang on, hang on, you should tell everyone what piece you played.
AIBA: Yeah, what is it?
SHO: A Chopin piece.
NINO: What's the name of it?
SHO: ... "The Farewell Waltz".
JUN: We just started and you're saying goodbye!

2nd question - "Who made the announcement, calling the Arashi boys to the staffroom?"

The lady next to me guesses Edo Harumi; I guess Becky.

We're both wrong: it turns out to be actress and singer Yakushimaru Hiroko, looking super gorgeous for her age.

After that, we head straight into the lessons! Each Arashi boy is in charge of one period, while the others listen to the lesson as students with the rest of us.

1st period: Nino's "Doki Doki (Heart throbbing)" Lesson

NINO: First, please close your eyes and listen to the sound I'm about to play.
SOUND: [heart beat] can you hear my heartbeat -- oh I'm sorry, wrong fandom *ducks*
NINO: Can you guess what that is?
NINO: .... no not that one. The other one.

In any case, it's Nino's heartbeat! :D

Video time of Nino doing two experiments: first, a CT scan, then a day recording the number of heart beats he has over 24 hours. The number of heart beat thing is funny! His heart beat shot up when he found out he was wearing the same underwear as Aiba, then it shot up again when Tanoshingo the comedian said Nino was his favourite member on the VS Arashi filming. XD

NINO: Okay then, please guess how many heartbeats I had in a day!
SHO: 82,000.
AIBA: 75,000.
JUN: 103,572.
NINO: One more time! How many heartbeats do you think I have in a day?
SHO: 82,000.
AIBA: 75,000.
JUN: 103,572.
JUN: What? We're allowed to guess exact numbers, right?
NINO: Yes, yes of course. Okay, Ohno-san, you're up.
OHNO: 300,000.

The correct answer is, of course, Jun's. 8D

Nino then tries to make it easier for us to understand. 103,572 beats means about 7 tons of blood, which means 875,000 fires from a water pistol.

Which Nino takes out to shoot water at Aiba.

JUN: [drags Ohno forward]
NINO: [fires gun]
ARASHI: [scatters and RUNS]
NINO: [chases after]
OHNO: What is wrong with you!??
NINO: Who said that? Who dares to be so rude to a teacher??
ARASHI: [grabs onto Ohno] He said it, sensei, he said it!
OHNO: asdl;fj
NINO: [fires water at Ohno's crotch!!]
OHNO: [looks like he took a piss XD]

Nino also does a little experiment with Choi Hong Man (Franken!) on a video again, asking him to get into a tub of water to check how much blood pumps through his body during a bath. Aiba calls the bathtub "Furo-TUB" with "tub" in English instead of "ofuro", which makes all the boys go, "wtf". XD

After that, Nino suggests a relay round the Dome to help the boys realize the length of the veins in their bodies.

SHO: Why should we do that? We students have rights, you know!
NINO: [whips out water gun] Who said that?
ARASHI: [grabs Sho] He did! He did!
SHO: We have rights!!
NINO: Do you really? [aims gun at crotch]
AIBA & OHNO: [grabs Sho's legs and spreads them wide open]
SHO: !!!!
SHO: [covers crotch]
JUN: [grabs hand to reveal]
NINO: What'd you say? Huh? What did you say to me??

LOL'd so hard. Oh boys.

They pick the order of the relay by choosing balls from a box. However... they tricked Nino! And added a pink ball to the mix! Apparently he didn't have to run for the last few segments, so the boys conspired to make him run this time. XD Sho makes a beeline for a water pistol and threatens Nino until he (very very) reluctantly agrees. There's also a ball with the hiragana "SU", which indicates "Starter" position.

OHNO: I got the "SU" ball. What am I supposed to do?
SHO: Just fire the gun.
OHNO: ... that's it?
SHO: Yeah.

So. Cute.

The order is such:

1st - Sho
2nd - Aiba
3rd - Jun
4th - Nino

At the very end, Ohno grabs the finishing line with the staff member and they run like hell away from Nino when he reaches them. When the race finally, finally finishes, Nino collapses to the ground, while Ohno complains that it's too tiring to betray a bandmate. XDDD

After Nino explains that we have 100,000km worth of veins in our body, he starts to ask who knew about the pink ball conspiracy.

NINO: Close your eyes. [holds up water gun]
OHNO: [eyes wide open]
NINO: I said, close your eyes.
OHNO: D: [closes]
NINO: Now raise your hand if you knew about the pink ball.
SHO: [slooowly raises his hand]
NINO: I see. You may open your eyes now.
NINO: So it seems you did know about it.
JUN: What? Who said they did?
AIBA: Yeah who?
SHO: [looking away very guiltily]
NINO: I don't have to tell you anything. But let me just say that one of you will lose your bicycle today.
JUN: Bicycle? Why bicycle??
NINO: Because you come to school by bicycle, don't you?

Nino's message flashed a little too quickly to take down, but it was something to do with the fact that since we have 7 tons of blood pumping through us everyday, we ought to make good use of it. :)

2nd period: Jun's "Biri Biri (Sparkle Sparkle)" Lesson

JUN: What do you think will happen if we didn't have electricity?
SHO: We'll be very troubled.
JUN: What do you think will happen if we didn't have electricity?
NINO: Well. To put it simply.
NINO: We'll be very troubled.

So Jun tells us everything in the Dome will be shut down so we can experience what it's like without electricity for a few minutes. Once the lights and mikes are off, Jun starts talking to the different sides ("Can you hear me?" "Hello~!" "Hi!!") and it's really cool how his voice echoes through the Dome. :D

The boys comment that he sounds the best today, compared to the last two days.

JUN: What's "electricity" in English?
OHNO: Ekelectecity.
JUN: GOOD TRY. The answer is "Electricity".
ARASHI: Awww, that was close!!


Brief explanation on electricity.. which I shall skip, since I don't think anyone really wants to read about that here. XD The main part of this period is then for the boys to experiment how many "Arashi" it takes to get an electric appliance to work. Basically, Jun chooses the boy(s) who will get on a bicycle generator and pedal until the appliance works - if it does at all.

For whatever reason, Jun decides to pick on Nino - o the fights between the two bitchy youngest :D - and tells Nino he's going to have to pedal a lot today.

NINO: OKAY. I love Matsumoto-sensei's lessons the best!!!

1st appliance - standing lamp

JUN: I'll pedal first as an example.
NINO: Sensei, I can take this one!
JUN: No, no, I'll pedal first, since I'm the teacher.

Of course, it doesn't take much pedaling to get the lamp to light up - which is why Nino offered to go. XD The minute the lamp lights up, Ohno shows up in front of the camera to make the most ridiculous face EVER. It's seriously the live action expression of 8DDD. The boys make Jun pedal again, just so Ohno can make the face again.

Unfortunately, that proves to be Ohno's undoing. XD

2nd appliance - television

NINO: That's going to take a lot of pedaling, sensei. You should get someone who looks like they're good at PE.
JUN: You're up, Ninomiya-san.
NINO: But I'm more of a literature person.
JUN: [stare]
NINO: All right, fine. Dammit.
JUN: What was that?
NINO: Nothing.

JUN: Aaand the second person is... Ohno-san. For making funny faces just now.
OHNO: Who what where?
JUN: [smacks him across head]
OHNO: Ow! That was so painful it went straight to my knees! Oh my knees!!! [falls to the ground]
JUN: [loling] Stop that! C'mon! [drags Ohno up]
OHNO: Oh my back! My back!!

It takes about 2 "Arashi" for the TV to light up.. with the boys pedaling really, really hard. Nino, again, collapses.

NINO: I can feel the hui guo rou we ate just now coming up my throat.

3rd appliance - hairdryer!

JUN: How many "Arashi" will that take?
NINO: I don't think 5 "Arashi"'s enough to power up a hairdryer.
SHO: Yeah I think it'll take a lot to power up a hairdryer.
JUN: That is true! That's why we have a special trick right here: a switch to store the electricity we collect. Once we get up to 10, we can try out the hairdryer. So what we'll do is, 5 of us will pedal on the bicycles, while a song will play in the background. It'll be a totally appropriate song for the situation!
SHO: "Allergy".
JUN: ... no, it's not "Allergy".
SHO: "Doushitemo nomikomenai~~" ("I just can't swallow it~~")
NINO: Sensei, he's joking around!!!

The song turns out to be "Happiness"! Best song to pedal to, ever. :D After they store up enough electricity, Nino falls over. Again. *snrk*

NINO: My thighs... where are my thighs??
JUN: Oh please, they're right here. [grips!]

The hairdryer takes exactly 8 seconds to dry the hair. XD The audience goes "Ooooohhh" at the "0:0800" on the stopwatch, while Nino, who's holding it, looks very proud of himself. 8D

Jun then tells us that a train (80,000W) will take 1,600 "Arashi"s to power up.

SHO: That's not even Arashi anymore.
NINO: Exactly, we're only five.

Jun's message: we have to be careful of how we use our energy resources. "Happiness: an 8-second hairdryer"

3rd period: Aiba's "Paku Paku (Munch Munch)" Lesson

Aiba cooks fried curry pork for the boys! Nino calls him "Paka Paka"-Sensei, which is the sound a horse makes when trotting. XD It actually looks very delicious; if anyone wants the recipe, I've taken it down in my notebook like a good student. *beams*

ARASHI: Put your hands together and....

Aiba's video is really, really sweet, and has me tear up a little. He went to a pig farm run by a guy called Hirabayashi in Hokkaido to care for the pigs - and eventually, pick out the 10 pigs that will be sent off to the slaughter house. Aiba then informs us that the meat the boys ate is actually from one of the 10 pigs he chose to kill.

Aiba's message: it's not about eating delicious food; it's about enjoying the food you're eating. "Thank you for the food"

4th period: Sho's "Pachi Pachi (Clap Clap)" Lesson

The camera focuses on Nino, who looks like a total mad scientist. XD His hair is wet and aaaall over the place LOL. The boys comment that his visual is changing, and one of them points out it looks like he went out into the rain.

NINO: The funny thing is, there's this huuuuge pain in my right elbow.

Sho tries to start his video segment, but the boys stop him.

SHO: Let's check out the video by a certain teacher.
JUN: Whoa wait. You mean you, right?
SHO: I said a certain teacher.
NINO: Which is you.
SHO: I didn't say that.
AIBA: Why won't you admit that it's you??

Because Sho's wearing a wig and this crazy huge bubble nose. XD He walks down the streets near Suidobashi Station, the nearest train station to Tokyo Dome, to point out things that we should applaud about. After explaining each equipment and what makes them fascinating, he then asks us to applaud, and some machine picks up the "pachi pachi" level.

At the second item, his nose falls off, and he just gives up putting it back on. XD

STAFF: What about your professor character?
SHO: I don't know, man, I don't know! I give up!
SHO: [runs off, flailing like a lunatic]
CAPTION: He only had 3 hours of sleep the night before

O-Oh Sho.

After introducing all the equipments, Sho asks the boys what they think. Nino, of course, doesn't fail us.

NINO: I think the one thing that made the most impression is your nose falling off.
AIBA: Yeah!
NINO: That is you, right??
SHO: ... it's me.
JUN: He finally admits it.
SHO: It was SO embarrassing walking around like that. There were so many students, and this bunch of students were like, "Isn't that the comedian from TUNNELS!??" But when they got closer, they went, "Oh, it's just Sakurai."
NINO: What about your nose??
SHO: The nose... god, the nose. It's actually stuck to my face with double-sided tape.
SHO: It hurt, I tell you, it really hurt! The reason why it fell off is 'cause I took it off once when the pain was too much to bear... then it probably lost its adhesiveness.

Sho's message is that compliments and praises are very important. He then says he'd like to praise one of the Arashi members.

SHO: I'll do Ohno-san--
OHNO: What huh??
SHO: ... are you even listening?
OHNO: Yyyyes.
SHO: Anyway, in Nino's "Biri Biri" lesson, Ohno got his jeans soaked.
NINO: "Doki Doki".
JUN: "Biri Biri" is my lesson.
SHO: Forget the details and pay attention to your teacher.
NINO: Of course, right.
JUN: Sorry.
SHO: So, Ohno got his jeans soaked, but in record time, they're now dry! Everyone, please give a round of applause to Ohno's jeans!
AIBA: You're praising Leader's jeans? I thought you were gonna praise Leader!
OHNO: [struts around the Dome floor with his crotch thrust out]
JUN: Why are you walking like that!??

At the end, Sho had the Arashi members give us, the fans, a round of applause, for supporting them and giving them the energy to carry on. It was a very sweet moment, with the members walking around the Dome floor and clapping very loudly, just for us.

Sho's message: Always give a round of applause in your heart

5th period: Ohno's "Moshi Moshi (Hello Hello)" Lesson

For about 10 times, Ohno goes "moshi moshi" in the cutest way possible every time a member says "moshi moshi". XD He'd try to progress in his lesson, but a member would say "moshi moshi" and he would stop to repeat "moshi moshi~~" <3

Anyway, Ohno's lesson is on communication, so he has a very special surprise prepared! A staff member will pass a cellphone to ONE lucky person in the entire Dome, whom Ohno will then speak to on a cellphone in his hand.

AIBA: I want to talk to Ohno-sensei too!!
SHO: Me too!!!
JUN: Yay a chance to talk to Ohno-sensei!

The lucky person turns out to be a pretty high school girl called Minami.

OHNO: Hello!
OHNO: How are you doing? Do you know that there are 45,000 people watching you right now?
ARASHI: LOL how is that supposed to make her feel less nervous?
OHNO: Where are you from?
MINAMI: Shizuoka.
ARASHI: Ohhhh, thank you for coming!
SHO: It looks like she was diligently writing in her notebook.
JUN: Yeah, she was paying attention!
OHNO: What's the last thing you wrote in your notebook?
MINAMI: Um... "moshi moshi".
ARASHI: LOL of course!
SHO: Now ask her, ask her.
OHNO: Okay. Who's your favourite member?
MINAMI: Ohno-san!
OHNO: Thank you!! :D
MINAMI: .//////.
OHNO: So, that phone will be my present to you. It has the "Waku Waku Gakkou" logo on the back, and our official photo is on your display screen. Congratulations!
MINAMI: Thank you!

NINO: You're really giving her the phone?
OHNO: Yes.
NINO: Man. I get no present for 15 years, and you give some stranger a phone...
NINO: Moshi moshi~~
OHNO: Moshi moshiiiii.

God, these two. ♥

OHNO: Moving on. Does anyone know when the telephone was invented? Which period ("jidai" in Japanese)?
NINO: I know!
OHNO: Okay, when?
NINO: I'm totally going to get it. Is that okay?
OHNO: Go for it.
NINO: Shojo Jidai. (SNSD or Girls Generation, one of the bigger K-pop girl groups that debuted in Japan)
OHNO: [singing and dancing!!] Pancha pancha la la la la PYUN PYUN PYUN PYUN PYUN.
NINO: You're making fun of SNSD!
OHNO: I am not! That's what it sounds like!
JUN: How on earth does it sound like that!?

That's right, you read that right. OHNO DANCED GEE. And sang absolutely strange lyrics. XD

OHNO: Okay, seriously. The telephone started in the Meiji period. [puts arm at chest level]
SHO: What's with the arm gesture?
AIBA: Yeah, what is that?
OHNO: This is Meiji.
OHNO: This is Heisei. [puts arm above head]
OHNO: This is Showa. [puts arm at neck]
NINO: What's Shojo Jidai?
NINO: Did you just say "pon pon pon"!?
JUN: Where in the song do they go "pon pon pon"!?
OHNO: That's what I heard! I swear!!

History of "moshi moshi" goes here. If anyone's interested, I can add a write-up, but I'm just going to skip over it for now.

After that, Ohno's next section is to send out a beam! Basically Ohno does a kamehameha pose, then puts his hands on his hips and screams, "HAAAAA~~~~~" The members all raise their hands and start going "bibibibibi" like they're being fried by his beam. XD

OHNO: What are you doing?
SHO: Reacting.
OHNO: What are you, exactly?
NINO: Human beings!
OHNO: Ooh me too!
NINO: Then why do you have light beams?

Anyway, Ohno sends out his light beams to us, and we have to raise our hands and do a wave - but keep our hands raised. Ohno actually goes round the entire Dome in one breath, so it's totally understandable when he collapses at the end and says it's very tiring. XD

Finally, he says the Arashi boys will express their gratitude to each other. The members then decide that they should thank Ohno, since they haven't had a chance to thank him yet.

JUN: Is that okay?
OHNO: ... [voice cracks] O-kay.
OHNO: Sorry, it's just... embarrassing. Sho-chan, can you choose the order then?
SHO: Sure.

Ohno heads out to the platform apart from the main stage.

JUN: [bows]
OHNO: [bows]
JUN: My thank you message to Ohno-kun. By Matsumoto Jun. I've known Leader for 12 years since debut... more if we count our years as Johnnys Juniors. When we became members of the same group, Arashi, I didn't really know how to interact with him. We would go home together sometimes as Juniors, but it's kind of different when we became bandmates. Plus, he's also my senior, so I didn't really know how to interact with him. But Ohno-kun's very kind.. and he accepts everything and anything. A lot of people say that Arashi members are very close to each other, that watching us makes them laugh, that watching us gives them joy and courage. I personally think that this is all thanks to Ohno-kun. Because even as our leader, he doesn't push his opinion on us; rather, he listens carefully to our opinions and acts on them instead. So I think Arashi is Arashi... because of Ohno-kun.

SHO: To Ohno-san. Sometimes... Ohno-san sends me text messages. After News Zero, he would send me a text message. "Sho-kun, you looked great today." "Sho-kun, you looked really cool today". I don't know if I really did look great or cool or whatever, but I know this: no matter how many years may go by, your text messages will always be a source of encouragement and inspiration for me. Ohno-san. Thank you for your occasional text messages.

AIBA: To Oh-chan. I've traveled to many places for filming, and every time I do, I bring back a souvenir for the members - often just T-shirts. Oh-chan is the only member who actually wears these T-shirts. I'm always so happy when I see you wearing them, because it means you understand my feelings. I smiled when I saw you wearing the Bhutan T-shirt I got you the other day. And it's not just T-shirts. When I gave the members a jigsaw puzzle, Oh-chan was also the very first member to finish that puzzle. Thank you, Oh-chan.
OHNO: I wore one of your T-shirts today, too.
AIBA: I know.

NINO: [bows to Jun]
JUN: [bows back]
NINO: [bows to Ohno]
OHNO: [bows]
NINO: To Ohno-san. Including Juniors days, we've known each other for 15 years; 12 years as Arashi members. All this time, you've never gone out with me, not even once. But the other day, finally, with Matsumoto-san, the three of us had a meal together. We talked about our future, our work, our present life. What's even more surprising, is that on the very next day, we went out again. Just the two of us - the first time in my life I ever had a meal with you. But we had nothing to talk about. I think this is because... we've already talked about everything. At work, while we move to our location sets... we talk about everything and anything. So there's nothing to talk about when we hang out outside of work. I think that makes you an important presence for me. It's hard to find someone you can talk to about anything. So... our next meal may only happen 12 years later... but let's eat out again, without talking. Okay, Sato-pi?

OHNO: [runs back to the main stage] Man, that was nerve-wracking...
JUN: Ohno-san.. are you going to cry?
OHNO: Ehehe...
SHO: He already looked ready to start weeping during Jun-kun's speech.
OHNO: Yeah... I was already going to cry when I saw that all the seats were taken up in this huge Dome...
OHNO: Eheh... man, this is a wonderful segment...
NINO: Lesson! This is a lesson!
SHO: We're in school, not a variety show!

Ohno's message: Always say thank you to the important people in your life

The School Song

The lessons are finished! Over! A little too quickly imo - I just want to see the boys for so much longer sobbb - but after each of them talk about their lessons, Jun announces that we'll end the day with a school song.

The school song is actually an edited version of "Furusato", the song they sang at Kouhaku. Jun tells us to pay attention to the lyrics of the second chorus, because we'll have to sing it when that part repeats the second time.

Honestly? For all the cracks we make about Johnny's boys being vocally weak, Arashi sounds perfectly fine when they sing live. Proud of these boys. <3 I don't remember the exact lyrics of the song, but I do remember that it had me tearing up a little again.

When the second chorus repeats, the entire Tokyo Dome starts singing, and the boys head off to entertain the different sections.

Apparently that was my lucky day, because Ohno comes right up to ours. My home boy. ♥

The best part?

When Ohno looks up at our stand, I'm the only one to raise a hand to give him a wave - no one else bothers lifting a hand; maybe it's not time to wave or something idk - and, to my surprise and delight...

... he lifts his arm to wave right back.

The lady next to me, who's watching Ohno through her super huge binoculars, immediately grasps my arm.

LADY: Ohno-kun was totally smiling in our direction! I think that was totally for you!!

I, I don't know if the lady's just being sweet or not, but I am so keeping to that delusion. THANK YOU OHNO-KUN. <333

Hilariously, right after Ohno waved, everyone else in my stand immediately starts waving vigorously at him. XD

Towards the end of the song, the boys then climb up on moving platforms - Jun & Ohno on one; Sho & Nino & Aiba on the other - and this time, everyone is screaming, throwing peace signs, and waving their arms really hard. I guess this is supposed to be when we start waving lololol.

Do I regret my mistake?


Finally, the boys leave the Dome floor... and the last video plays on the screen.

It's revealed that it was the boys and their guests (Yakushimaru Hiroko, Choi Hong Man and the Hirabayashi farmer and family) who drew the 2D crayon animation. They worked on every single frame - and judging that it was about 5 minutes long, that must have been a lot of hard work.

It made the animation so much more special. ♥

Anyway, everyone who went to the event get to have a graduation certificate that we can receive by accessing the Johnny's website. :) I haven't gotten mine yet, but I'll get to it soon.

I hope you had fun reading this report! I'm sorry if it's all over the place; my notes were kind of scattered, and so was my brain while I wrote this. *sheepish*
Tags: arashi, con report, crack, japan, teaching in nippon

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