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Persona 4 Golden Drama CD Vol 1

May not work on the seiyuu track for this volume! I haven't played Golden so I'm not sure how Mari's speech pattern was localized, but I hope it's close. :D; Big, big ♥ to inksmears for sharing the tracks!

Track 1

ANNOUNCER: Good morning. It's time for the weather. The calendar says it's spring. However, yesterday was a gusty Saturday full of cold north wind. This cold will keep up for the rest of the week and some regions may experience light snow. Now, please take a look at the weather diagram.

NAOTO: A lead-colored sky... what awful weather.
KANJI: And it's been that way since morning.
CHIE: Is it gonna rain today? I didn't bring an umbrella!
SOUJI: The report did say we might get light snow this week.
TEDDIE: Snow might be bear-ing down on us~! We should reopen the winter sales at Junes!
YOSUKE: I told you, we're out of stock! It's supposed to be spring anyway...
SOUJI: The weather report said that, too.
MARI: What's a "weather report"?
YUKIKO: Um, something that predicts the weather and provides weather information to everyone?
MARI: Who does?
NAOTO: On TV, it's usually a weather forecaster.
MARI: Weather? So this weather sandblaster whatever decides the weather?
KANJI: That's way off. And a forecaster ain't the one who decides the weather.
SOUJI: Nanako also asked if the lady on TV decides the weather.
CHIE: Guess it looks that way to small kids. Ah... not that you can help it, Mari-chan.
YOSUKE: Well, your profile is pretty much like Teddie-bear's.
MARI: That's a hurtful thing to say.
TEDDIE: Hey! That's hurtful too!
YOSUKE: Brrr! It sure is cold, though! This would really feel like snow if it were winter!
RISE: I heard the mountains are still open for skiing.
YOSUKE: This weather doesn't feel right for skiing.
KANJI: Sometimes I see people on sleds, though.
SOUJI: Sleds?
YOSUKE: Oh, the cardboard kind that flies?
KANJI: With a flat board and angles that go like this.... cool stuff!
NAOTO: That doesn't have anything to do with snow, does it?
YUKIKO: Hey, Chie! Shall we try it, too? Let's fly!
CHIE: Yukiko's eyes are sparkling... Isn't that kind of play more for elementary school kids?
MARI: Then how about a snowball fight? Where we go around and hit each other?
YOSUKE: Somehow that doesn't sound right.
MARI: You want to go flying, don't you?
YOSUKE: Not that kind of flying!
MARI: Sheesh, how boring.
SOUJI: Were you hoping for a snowball fight?
MARI: No! That's not it!
ALL: (laugh)
MARI: Why are you laughing? You too!? Idiots! I hate you! Lowlifes!
YUKIKO: I can do a snowball fight!
RISE: Me too, me too!
YOSUKE: What? Oh man, I have a bad feeling about this...
CHIE: We'll surround and hit you, Hanamura!
YOSUKE: Teddie! Kanji! You're running away!?
TEDDIE: Don't drag Teddie into this!
KANJI: Sempai! Take your beating like a man!
ALL: (laugh)

YUKIKO: Snow, huh...
NAOTO: What is the matter?
YUKIKO: No, it's nothing. Just a few lingering memories...
TEDDIE: Aaahh! Don't startle me like that, Rise-chan!
KANJI: The hell is your problem?
RISE: Over there! Isn't that Nanako-chan under the bridge?
CHIE: Oh, you're right. What could she be doing over there?
SOUJI: Let's check it out.

Track 2

SOUJI: Nanako.
NANAKO: Ah, big bro!
CHIE: Hey there, Nanako-chan! Watcha up to?
YOSUKE: That cardboard box....

[mewing noises]

TEDDIE: Oh my! Kittens!
MARI: Kittens...
NANAKO: Uh huh! Aren't they cute?
MARI: Mm...
CHIE: Wow, they're adorable!
RISE: So tiny~! So cute~!!
YUKIKO: Really cute...
NAOTO: Indeed. They are adorable.
YOSUKE: Girls' vocabulary really dry up when they see cute things.
KANJI: T-They sure are cute.....
YOSUKE: A non-female member's vocabulary is dying, too...
SOUJI: True that.

[mewing noises]

NANAKO: Let's see... this one is Whitey!
TEDDIE: Because he's white in color?
YOSUKE: Simple names work best. What about this one?
CHIE: He looks black in color, so... Blackie?
NANAKO: That one is... Blackie-poo!
CHIE: Close!
KANJI: Was that close?
YUKIKO: What about that one? It has a mix of colors.
NANAKO: Yakisoba (fried noodle) Bread!
NAOTO: That's a rather unique name compared to Whitey and the rest.
NANAKO: She gets really happy when I feed her yakisoba bread. That's why she's Yakisoba Bread. Ah! Don't tell anyone else I'm taking care of these kittens, okay? It's a secret.
SOUJI: Got it.
RISE: Nanako-chan. Are you looking after these kittens on your own?
NANAKO: Nope, I'm taking care of them with a friend.
YOSUKE: I see! Hey, aren't these....?
SOUJI: Yeah. It's written on the box. "Please take them."
KANJI: Sure are nasty people out there... in a snowy season, too.
CHIE: They could've chosen a more conspicuous location. Picking here of all places... it's like they don't want people to see the box!
SOUJI: But it may be a good place to avoid the wind.
CHIE: Geez...
MARI: There's something slipped under the box.
NAOTO: It's a blanket. Did you bring this, Nanako-chan?
NANAKO: Not me.
NAOTO: It seems the person who disposed of them felt guilty after all.
CHIE: Doesn't change the fact that they threw these kittens away! Unforgivable. I'll find this person and... do this! This! And this to them!
KANJI: Yeah! Roll them up like this, and throw them out on a burnable trash day!
SOUJI: Calm down, both of you.
CHIE: No way I can calm down!
KANJI: (overlap) I ain't calmin' down!
SOUJI: (overlap) Calm down.

CHIE: (overlap) Kanji-kun, you hold them down from the back...
KANJI: (overlap) Like this?
CHIE: (overlap) Then I go in like this, and this, and this...
KANJI: (overlap) Why don't I do it like this?
CHIE: (overlap) That's good, too!

NAOTO: Was this umbrella left here as well?
NANAKO: Nuh uh. This was brought by Mai-chan.
YUKIKO: A friend of yours?
NANAKO: Yep! We're in the same class. Mai-chan's the class representative.
MARI: "Class representative"?
YOSUKE: Sorta like the class leader.
MARI: Hmmm.

[mewing noises]

NANAKO: Ah, that's right. I have to feed them lunch. I brought lots of leftovers from dinner~
YOSUKE: Oh wow, they're eating!
RISE: Do kittens like bread?
NANAKO: I have chocolate from home, too.
KANJI: Hold up, Nanako-chan!
KANJI: Cats can't eat chocolate!
TEDDIE: Why not?
KANJI: Well uh... how do I put it... the caca-somethings have theo-something-mine that will work in the body and uh, basically it's bad for them!
YOSUKE: You totally lost me!
NAOTO: He's referring to the theobromine in cacao beans. It will circulate the central nervous system and cause difficulty in breathing, nausea, diarrhea, epilepsy, eczema and so on. At worst, it could--
NANAKO: What will happen to the kittens...?
KANJI: If you're not careful, they might die.
NAOTO: Tatsumi-kun.
NANAKO: They'll die!?
KANJI: No... that is...
RISE: Kanji!
KANJI: Sorry... I just wanted to pass on some knowledge...
SOUJI: Nanako. That only happens if you give them lots of chocolate.

MAI: What are you doing over there!?
NANAKO: Mai-chan...
MAI: I won't forgive you for bullying Nanako!
YOSUKE: What? No, you got it all wrong!
TEDDIE: I-I-I-It's a misunderstanding!
MAI: Nanako's crying!
RISE: Listen, we were just...
MAI: Hey, skull shirt!
KANJI: You talkin' to me??
MAI: You punk! What did you do to Nanako!?
MARI: Nanako's crying because the old man said a mean thing to her.
KANJI: I ain't an old man!
MAI: I knew you were the one who made her cry!
KANJI: Ah, no, that was-!
MAI: Stay away from Nanako! Or else...! Ha! Hee-yaaah... Ha!
CHIE: That movement! That stance! It's the fully bursting White Lotus bullet stance from "Legend of the Blue Dragon"!
MAI: You know your stuff, green punk...
CHIE: You think I'm a punk, too? And what's with the "green"?
YUKIKO: (laughs) Green punk... if you add "the" to it, it's like... a cartoon character! "The Green Punk"!
CHIE: Of all times for her laugh switch to turn on...
MAI: I told you to get away from Nanako.
NANAKO: Mai-chan, these people aren't punks.
MAI: Huh?

Track 3

MAI: Oh.. you're the big bro Nanako talks about.
SOUJI: Nice to meet you.
MAI: The rest of them are your big bro's friends, so now they're your friends too?
NANAKO: Uh huh!
MAI: Okay, so you're not punks. You can go now.
NANAKO: Mai-chan?
MAI: You promised we'd look after these kittens by ourselves. You can't let people know they're here, Nanako. There's people out there who might bully the poor things.
YOSUKE: She really doesn't trust us, does she?
RISE: Well, we have a guy who wears skull shirts in our group...
KANJI: Don't judge a book by its cover! Do I look that scary to kids?
TEDDIE: Maybe they're scared of your face.
KANJI: Huh?? You tryin' to say somethin'?
TEDDIE: Aaaah, you're so scaary!!
NANAKO: Mai-chan, big bro and his friends are okay! They promised not to tell.

[mewing noises]

MAI: Ah, your saucer is empty. Want more to drink?
YUKIKO: Say, Mai-chan... don't you think it's hard for just the two of you to care for them?
MAI: Why?
YUKIKO: Do you always bring leftovers from school lunch?
MAI: Yeah.
SOUJI: There's certain foods in school lunches that can't be fed to kittens.
MAI: Huh?
CHIE: They'll eat pretty much anything you give them, and they'll beg for stuff people eat, but we have to consider what's best for their bodies...
YOSUKE: Speaking of, doesn't your family have a dog, Satonaka?
CHIE: Yep.
KANJI: Certain foods are lethal for animals. Like chocolate... and maybe even onions, right?
NAOTO: He's right.
MAI: What do you mean by lethal? Are you telling me they'll die??
KANJI: Uh, well...
MARI: You can't feed them beef sticks, either.
SOUJI: They have spices only fit for humans, so it's best not to give them to kittens.
MAI: I see.
YUKIKO: Also, there's so much wind here, it must be cold. Whitey and the rest may catch a cold.
NANAKO: What should we do, big sister Yukiko?
MAI: Nanako! We promised to care for these kittens on our own!
NANAKO: But...
YUKIKO: Let's find foster homes that will take good care of them. We'll help you out. Won't we?
CHIE: Leave it to us!
TEDDIE: If you leave it to Teddie and gang, you'll be a million percent satisfied!
YOSUKE: That's way too many zeros!
NAOTO: I suppose he means a hundred and ten percent.
KANJI: Hundreds or millions, who cares? We just gotta put in our all!
RISE: All right~! Let's do our best!
MARI: Maybe I'll ask Big Nose*...
NANAKO: Thank you! Isn't this great, Mai-chan? Mai-chan?
MAI: You promised... I... I'll raise them! Let's go, Nanako!
NANAKO: Huh? But...
MAI: Quickly, Nanako!
CHIE: They left.
YUKIKO: Hey, Chie? Don't they remind you of someone?
CHIE: Who?
YUKIKO: You and me.

[whining noise]

YUKIKO: I'm sorry... you must be cold...

[whining noise]

YUKIKO: My mother is awful... I know we can't raise dogs at the inn, but... but I can't leave you in this rain. I'm really sorry... I'll stay with you, okay?
CHIE: Why are you crouching over there? Ah, how cute! Is this your dog?
YUKIKO: I picked him up, but my family won't let me keep him. This puppy is going to be all alone again...
CHIE: Beh!
CHIE: Bero bero beh!
YUKIKO: Your face is funny!
CHIE: You finally smiled! Why don't you leave the puppy with my family?
YUKIKO: Really?
CHIE: Yeah! We've got a small house, though.
YUKIKO: Thank you! Um... Satonaka-san, right? From Class 3?
CHIE: Just call me Chie!
YUKIKO: I will. I'm Yukiko.
CHIE: Nice to meet you, Yukiko! And you too!

[barking noises]

CHIE: How nostalgic! So that's how it worked out...
YUKIKO: That face you made was so weird!
CHIE: Stop imagining it. But... I hope everything goes well. For the kittens and those girls...
YOSUKE: Well it's pretty much resolved since she's gonna care for them.

[growling noise]

CHIE: Ahaha, I got hungry after all that talk about yakisoba bread...
YUKIKO: Oh Chie!

Track 4

NANAKO: Ah, Mai-chan! Morning!
MAI: Morning.
NANAKO: Are the kittens doing okay?
MAI: Yeah! They're good!
NANAKO: So they've come back! I'm so glad!
GIRL: Did you get a pet, Mai-chan?
MAI: Um...
NANAKO: She has kittens!
GIRL: Lucky you. My mom won't let me keep one.
MAI: I see...
GIRL: Can I go see your kittens?
GIRL: I want to see them too!
GIRL: Let's all go together!
MAI: ...
GIRL: I wonder what kind of kittens they are...
GIRL: I'm excited!
GIRL: Me too!
GIRL: I love kittens~!
NANAKO: Mai-chan...?

NANAKO: Big bro.
SOUJI: What's wrong, Nanako?
NANAKO: Um... it's about Whitey and the other kittens...
SOUJI: Ah, from yesterday? Give me a minute to turn off the flames. Did something happen?
NANAKO: They ran away from Mai-chan's home. The window was slightly open and all three of them escaped with no one noticing.
SOUJI: From the window? And they're still missing?
NANAKO: Yeah...
SOUJI: I see. You must be worried.
NANAKO: Mai-chan persuaded her mom to let her keep them. She even bought milk and cat litter with her own allowance. After all that...
DOJIMA: Hey, I'm home~! Hmm? What's wrong? What happened?

DOJIMA: I see. Kittens, huh...
NANAKO: What should we do, dad?
DOJIMA: I'll keep a look-out as well. We've had owners come to the station in search for lost pets. A lot of people bring in stray cats, too.
NANAKO: 'kay...
DOJIMA: Don't get so depressed, Nanako.
SOUJI: I'll look for them and ask the others to help, too.
DOJIMA: Good idea. To be honest, it's hard for the police to make an active investigation. Might be better for you guys to do the work. Sorry.
SOUJI: Not at all. Nanako, I'll call everyone and ask them to help us look tomorrow.
NANAKO: You're calling Teddie and the rest?
SOUJI: Yes. It'll be all right. We're sure to find them, okay?
NANAKO: Uh huh!

Track 5

YOSUKE: I hereby dub this the official meeting for the Special Investigation Unit working on the Search for Missing Kittens!
SOUJI: Please give us your assistance.
NANAKO: We look forward to working with you!
TEDDIE: We're beary happy to help!
KANJI: Totally! Let's find those kittens!
RISE: Yep! But where should we start with a kitten investigation?
KANJI: Well, I've prepared missing kitten posters to put on telephone poles!
SOUJI: Thank you, Kanji.
CHIE: Way to go! Wait, did you draw these by hand?
NAOTO: You're right. Each page is carefully hand drawn...
KANJI: I got up to ten pages.
YOSUKE: A+ for effort, but how about using an innovation called the copy machine next time?
NANAKO: Did you draw these kitten illustrations, big brother Kanji?
KANJI: W-W-Well yeah...
NANAKO: Wow, they're so cute!
YUKIKO: They're cute and even resemble the real kittens. You're very good at drawing, too!
KANJI: Sh-Shut up!
TEDDIE: Okay, guys, let's hand these out!
YOSUKE: These are posters! And there's only ten pages! What do you think they are, fliers for some exclusive first-come-first-serve event??
SOUJI: Let's make copies and put them up in conspicuous places.
YOSUKE: All right! I'll make the copies.
NAOTO: Wait a minute. The pages are missing contacts. At this rate, people won't know how to contact us even if we put them up.
CHIE: She's right.
NAOTO: It's easy to set up a free email address. Shall I set up a shared account for all of us?
SOUJI: That's a good idea.
RISE: Make it so you can forward emails to my cellphone. That way, I'll know the minute there's new information. You can trust Risette to be your back up!
NAOTO: Then let's do that.

NANAKO: It's Mai-chan! Are you shopping, Mai-chan?
MAI: Uh huh. What are you gathering here for?
TEDDIE: It's an investigation meeting for the Case of the Missing Kittens.
SOUJI: We're discussing how to search for the lost kittens.
MAI: Huh? I didn't ask for that! Did you, Nanako?
MAI: Why did you do that? I'm the one who lost them, so I should be the one to look for them!
NANAKO: But it'd be better for everyone to look...
MAI: I'll look for them!
SOUJI: Mai-chan.
MAI: W-What?
SOUJI: We're concerned for the kittens. Will you let us help you?
MAI: (runs off)
NANAKO: Mai-chan!
CHIE: Why is she so insistent on doing things herself?
NANAKO: Mai-chan's really worried about Whitey and the others. She said they must be lonely.
YUKIKO: Would mind telling us more about that?
NANAKO: See, Mai-chan doesn't have a dad, so she lives alone with her mom.

MAI: You don't have to eat so fast! C'mon, Whitey, don't spill your food!
NANAKO: You act like a mom!
MAI: Huh?
NANAKO: Mai-chan, you do everything on your own at home, right? Like cooking and laundry.
MAI: I have no choice... mom's too busy at work.
NANAKO: Nanako helps out with cleaning and other errands, but I can't cook at all. You're amazing, Mai-chan!
MAI: I'm not amazing. I just have to do it, that's all. I'm always alone... and mom takes a while to get home.

[mewing noises]

MAI: There, there. Now you're all full.

[mewing noises]

MAI: Must be lonely to be left behind like that.
NANAKO: Mai-chan...?

CHIE: I see... she's always trying her best to get things done at home, so she feels she has to do everything else on her own, too.
YUKIKO: Mai-chan has quite a strong sense of responsibility.
KANJI: I see...
NAOTO: She seems to have projected her own feelings of waiting for her mother at home onto the abandoned kittens at the flood plains.
RISE: That's why she can't leave them alone.
CHIE: Now we really have to find those kittens. No worries! With all of us on the case, we'll find them right away!
NAOTO: Indeed. Let us begin the search.
TEDDIE: Teddie's tank is full and his engine is raring to go!
NANAKO: Thank you, everyone!
YUKIKO: Nanako-chan, let's make peace with Mai-chan and look for the kittens together.
NANAKO: Uh huh!
CHIE: As the saying goes, the more the merrier! Now if only we can get some witch cats to lend us some magic, too**!
YUKIKO: Chie, why would we want the help of cats to look for kittens?
CHIE: Good point!
GIRLS: (laugh)

Track 6

KANJI: Excuse me! Can we put up some missing cat posters over here?
KANJI: Thank you!
RISE: It's a little crooked.
KANJI: Really?
RISE: No, no, more to the right!
KANJI: So... like this? Hold it! You're not doing anything to help?!
RISE: Checking the crookedness is an important role, too.
KANJI: Oh, makes sense. Wait, no no no! No one cares about a little crookedness!
RISE: A well-angled poster will show how passionate we are in our search. Unless you don't care about finding those kittens, Kanji?
KANJI: I care! So a little more to the right?
RISE: Yep! The left's too high.

YOSUKE: Heyyy, Yakisoba Bread-chan! Yakisoba Bread!!
NAOTO: Everyone's looking our way and laughing.
YOSUKE: The growing number of stares really hurt! Stop judging me with those eyes!
YUKIKO: Hanamura-kun. This isn't the time to be embarrassed.
YOSUKE: I know, I know! Please come out, Yakisobaaa!
YUKIKO: Hanamura-kun... Yakisoba... now you're leaving out the "Bread"!
NAOTO: This is not a laughing matter...

SOUJI: Have you found them?
CHIE: No one's seen them on my end.
SOUJI: I see.
CHIE: The three kittens might not be traveling together, either.
CHIE: Welp, no point thinking too much! Let's try over there! Hurry up, hurry up!
SOUJI: How very like Satonaka.
CHIE: Did you say something?
SOUJI: No, nothing. Let's go.

TEDDIE: Hehehe... Teddie knows! Nao-chan always says the perpetrator will return to the scene of the crime. So the perp is sure to return to this spot! But the kittens aren't the perps, so... oooh! There's someone under the bridge! Are you looking for something?
MAN: Kittens...
TEDDIE: Kittens?
MAN: I came by to feed the stray kittens here, but they're missing... I usually feed them after work, you see. Hee hee hee hee.
TEDDIE: Hee hee hee!
MAN: ... what?
TEDDIE: N-Nothing! Ah, if you're looking for those kittens, Mai-chan picked them up.
MAN: Mai-chan? Aah, the little girl who always came to feed them.
TEDDIE: Yeah, but they're missing now, so I'm searching for them.
MAN: Ah.... well that's real sad to hear. I love cats, but I live in an apartment, so the best I can do is feed strays. Hee hee hee hee!
TEDDIE: Hee hee hee!
MAN: ... what?
TEDDIE: N-Nothing! If you know anything, please contact me!
MAN: Contact you?
TEDDIE: I have an email address you can contact. Um...
MAN: Let's use infrared to exchange contact information.
TEDDIE: Huh? How does that work?
MAN: Here, hand it over. There you go. Thanks a bunch! Hee hee hee hee.
TEDDIE: That laugh is kinda suspicious...

Track 7

YOSUKE: Brrr, so cold! Why are you eating ramen now?
CHIE: It'll warm my hands up. Ah, here they come.
KANJI: Sorry to keep you waiting!
RISE: Sorry, we were on clean-up duty... hey, you're eating!
NAOTO: Ramen...
CHIE: Want some?
NAOTO: No thank you.
YOSUKE: Okay! We're all here. And Teddie's at school like he's supposed to be here.
TEDDIE: Yep! I've totally adapted!
YOSUKE: Let's ignore him and move on.
SOUJI: Before we move out on our second day of kitten searching, let's organize the information we've gathered.
YOSUKE: All provided information in our shared account should have been forwarded to Rise's cellphone.
RISE: Yeah, I got it. There isn't much, though.
NAOTO: I have checked the ones with pictures, but all of them were the wrong kittens.
KANJI: We won't know about the text-only emails until we look them up in person.
CHIE: So people do respond. Is this the internet age we're in?
YUKIKO: You don't understand what that means, do you Chie?
CHIE: Well uh...
YOSUKE: Okay, so let's break up and confirm--

[cellphone beeps]

YOSUKE: Oh, we've got another one.
RISE: I'll take a look. Hmm.. "A neighborhood seal has gone missing."
KANJI: What? Seal?
NAOTO: Perhaps it was sent by mistake?
RISE: It's weird even for a mistake.

[cellphone beeps]

RISE: Another one. "The dog next door has gone missing."

[cellphone beeps]

RISE: Hey, the emails keep coming in!
YOSUKE: What's going on!?
NAOTO: Let me take a look at that.
RISE: S-Sure...
NAOTO: It is peculiar for information to be sent in this manner with just the email address on our posters.
SOUJI: What do you mean?
NAOTO: We put up the posters yesterday. The speed and timing of the information signals is unnatural. In order to send out signals with such frequency, it is necessary to allow physical delivery of information, which a mere address does not provide.
KANJI: Huh? Ph-Ph-Physical delivery... frequency?
NAOTO: In other words, there must be a lead to the source of the signal. There it is.
RISE: What is it?
NAOTO: This was written in one of the mails. "I found your homepage and tried to contact you." However, we did not write our email address on any homepage.
RISE: What is that? Why's this happening?
NAOTO: I will attempt to trace the email. Here, look at this.
YOSUKE: Huh? An internet forum? "We'll look for your missing pets. Please contact us." Whoa, hey! That's our email at the bottom!
NAOTO: With our email on an internet forum, it's only natural to get so many search requests.
SOUJI: Is this a prank?
TEDDIE: Is someone trying to interfere with our investigation?
NAOTO: It may be too soon to make such a conclusion, but the possibility lies above zero.

[cellphone beeps]

RISE: Another one.
NAOTO: At this rate, it will never end. Let me disable the forwarding first.
CHIE: Why don't we leave that aside and move out?
SOUJI: That's right. Let's confirm the information we have on the kittens.
YOSUKE: All right! Let's collect ourselves and get moving!

SOUJI: Temple grounds.
KANJI: No results.
SOUJI: Behind Souzai University.
RISE: Nope.
SOUJI: Vacant lot at the third district.
TEDDIE: They weren't there~!
SOUJI: And that's all of them...
YUKIKO: Okay, I got it. It's getting dark, so don't push yourself. Right. Chie says she'll search around the fire station a little more.
SOUJI: I see.
YOSUKE: What's with you all of a sudden!?
TEDDIE: I just remembered! I ran into some devilish "hee hee hee" guy!
KANJI: The hell is that? Is that even related to what we're doing?
TEDDIE: I knew the perp would return to the scene of the crime, so I went to the river. And there he was! He said he was going to give the kittens some food. But he gave off a to---tally weird vibe!
YOSUKE: Like what kind of a weird vibe?
TEDDIE: "I came by to feed the stray kittens here... I usually feed them after work, you see. Hee hee hee!"
YOSUKE: Yeah, that really is a devilish "hee hee hee" guy.
NAOTO: Did you take a look at that man's cellphone, Teddie-kun?
TEDDIE: Hmm hmm hmm. Oh! We exchanged contacts! He used a cellphone like Yosuke's.
YOSUKE: Are you serious!? Maybe I should change my phone model...
SOUJI: What can you tell by his cellphone?
NAOTO: I tried tracing the IP address of the person who put our email on the forum, but he had made the post with a cellphone. The IP address for cellphones are allocated differently to respective telecommunication companies, therefore--
YOSUKE: You're losing us!
NAOTO: Basically, I know the company of the cellphone from which the post was created. It is not definite evidence, but it may work as a clue.

Track 8

[mewing noises]

CHIE: That's it, that's it... nothing to be scared of... I'm not a suspicious person...

[cat yowl]

CHIE: Ow! It scratched me! And it was a calico cat...
MAI: What are you doing with that stupid look on your face?
CHIE: Don't call me stupid! Ah, Mai-chan!

CHIE: Ohh, you were buying food for dinner. What a great kid!
MAI: Only 'cause mom's busy at work.
CHIE: Ah.. um... what do you do at home?
MAI: Watch TV... or look up sites on my phone.
CHIE: Sites? Like what kind?
MAI: Like sites for cat lovers. People put up pictures of the cats they own and stuff.
CHIE: I see.
MAI: Yep.
CHIE: So what's the dish for tonight~? Beef, demi-glace sauce, ketchup... Haha, I got it! You're making hayashi rice (hashed meat with rice)!
MAI: What's wrong with you? Stop following me!
CHIE: Hehehe~

MAI: You said you're good at cooking.
CHIE: Yep~
MAI: You said you're good at hayashi rice.
CHIE: Actually, I'm good at curry.
MAI: What?
CHIE: But curry and hayashi rice are pretty similar, no? The trick is to put in yogurt!
MAI: That's totally off. You put in coffee milk, too!
CHIE: That's the hidden flavor~
MAI: And kimchi, raw egg, fukinoto (flower bud of fuki plant)...
CHIE: Hidden flavor, hidden flavor!
MAI: I let you in because you said you wanted to make delicious hayashi rice for my tired, working mom! Why are you cooking up some Mystery X food in my house!?
CHIE: That's a rude thing to say! ... hey.
MAI: What?
CHIE: Is school fun?
MAI: Why are you asking that all of a sudden...
CHIE: N-No reason!
MAI: You're acting suspicious.
CHIE: !!!
MAI: What?
CHIE: That's the "Legend of the Blue Dragon" DVD! Plus it's the premium set that's no longer on sale.
MAI: Huh? Y-You into that?
CHIE: Enough to pre-order the full premium set!
MAI: Really?? ... I mean, get out!
CHIE: Well, if you really want me to leave... you have to defeat me with kung fu!
MAI: Yaaaaaah! That's what I hoped to hear!

Track 9

YUKIKO: Chie's late. She said she'd search around the fire station... maybe she went a little further than that?
RISE: Shall I text her to say we're at Junes?
YUKIKO: It's all right, I've already done that.
YOSUKE: So no clues as of yet, huh...
KANJI: Why don't we call out that suspicious "hee hee hee" dude? Hey, Teddie! You know his number, don't you?
YOSUKE: I don't know... the only thing creepy thing about him is his laugh, so calling him doesn't feel right.
TEDDIE: That's not the only thing! My Teddie senses were pinging like crazy!
YOSUKE: That's what makes it unreliable.
NAOTO: Well, it might be the very thing to pull us out of our slump. However...
TEDDIE: Then a-dialin' we go!

[dial tones]


[telephone rings]

SOUJI: So you met him and asked him about the kittens. How did it go?
RISE: The only thing suspicious was the way he talked, I think?
YUKIKO: It's obvious he loves cats.
TEDDIE: But his "hee hee hee" is so suspicious!
YOSUKE: I can't deny it's suspicious, but he didn't say anything odd, did he?
NAOTO: If he has a hidden side, then he may have had his guard up.
KANJI: He kept his guard up so he wouldn't say anything suspicious?
NAOTO: Yes. In which case, he should feel safer and let his guard down after our group left, so...
RISE: ... he might show his true colors?
YUKIKO: And that's why we're following him now?
YOSUKE: Our target's on the move. Hey! That's the cat food section!
SOUJI: He just picked up something.
KANJI: That's a famous brand of cat food!
NAOTO: He said he didn't own cats, however.
SOUJI: Yet, he's buying cat food.
YUKIKO: That means...!
YOSUKE: Let's go and question him.
NAOTO: We cannot conclude that he is the culprit yet.
RISE: So don't grab him for no reason, got it?
KANJI: Fine!
YOSUKE: Let's talk to him after he's done paying. We'll just call attention to ourselves if something goes down in the store.

TEDDIE: Hold it right there!
MAN: Hm? You guys... what's wrong? Did you forget to ask me something?
YOSUKE: Didn't you say you don't own cats?
MAN: C-Cats?
KANJI: Don't act like you don't know!
MAN: What are you talking about? I don't have cats at my place! I told you that, didn't you?
NAOTO: Then why did you buy cat food?
MAN: Huh!?
SOUJI: You just bought cat food at Junes, didn't you?
MAN: I don't know what you're talking about! I'm going home!
YOSUKE: Hey! Hold it!
NAOTO: I suspected he wouldn't tell the truth. This is where the investigation really begins.
SOUJI: It begins once we chase after him and attain undeniable proof?
NAOTO: Correct. If he is the culprit, that is.
TEDDIE: We'll lose him if we don't hurry!

YOSUKE: Good thing this is an old apartment complex! There's no auto-lock!
YUKIKO: What should we do from here?
NAOTO: Aside from buying cat food at Junes, he did not go anywhere else. We have established where he lives as well. Once we can prove that he is hiding the kittens...
KANJI: All right! Then we've got him by the tail! (rings doorbell)
NAOTO: Ta-Tatsumi-kun...
KANJI: Ah? What is it?
NAOTO: I was hoping to investigate a little more...

MAN: Yes?
YOSUKE: H-Hello!
KANJI: Don't try to run!
MAN: W-What's wrong with you kids!? I'll call the cops!
TEDDIE: That won't work on us! Nana-chan's papa is a cop!
MAN: Let go! Let go of meeee!
KANJI: Sempai! Check the rooms!
YOSUKE: O-O-Oh, got it! Sorry about this!
MAN: Wait- stop- STOP!
SOUJI: This is....

YOSUKE: To think he was just a regular old cat lover.
SOUJI: And a rather big-hearted grandpa.
YUKIKO: Keeping so many cats in an apartment complex that doesn't allow them... it's only natural he'd keep it a secret.
RISE: It's even stranger that no one's found out yet.
TEDDIE: Guess my intuition for justice and wrongdoings is little clouded... Teehee!
YOSUKE: How about showing some guilt for your mistake!? (smacks)
KANJI: Sorry I acted so brashly...
YOSUKE: Well, it worked out in the end.
NAOTO: Indeed. We had some results.

MAN: I've spoken to the little girl who feeds the kittens. She told me that she also lives in an apartment complex that doesn't allow cats. A tenant who tried to keep a cat in secret was thrown out when the administration found out. It's surprising that her mother agreed to take in the kittens... hee hee hee.

YUKIKO: An apartment complex that doesn't allow cats...
SOUJI: I heard from Nanako that Mai-chan persuaded her mother to let her keep the kittens.
YUKIKO: You mean...!

MAI: Seconds, please.
CHIE: Can it be... maybe... it tastes good...? A miracle just happened. Now that I think about it, the smell and appearance is pretty mild. Is it because of the yogurt serving? Or the angle I cracked the eggs?
CHIE: (tries it)
CHIE: Sharp! Syrupy! Spongy! Hey! What kind of taste buds have you got? I might be the one who made this, but you will so die if you eat it! It's a plate of death!
CHIE: Don't tell me... you're eating it to show your appreciation for our kitten investigation?
MAI: I'm just hungry because of all the kung fu we did before.
CHIE: Sheesh.

CHIE: Listen.
MAI: What?
CHIE: The wish to protect, but not having it the way you wanted. That's happened to me before, too.
MAI: Huh?
CHIE: I swore to do things on my own, ran around fruitlessly, got depressed... You know, you remind me of my old self, Mai-chan. I'm happy we share a love for kung fu, but I don't want you to share that aspect of myself. It's important to be independent. You shouldn't rely on others too much. But you know what? Sometimes it's hard to do things on your own. Like when you've thought a great deal and don't know what to do next... I think it's fine to ask someone for help. And a friend is someone who will allow that.
MAI: Is it okay? To rely on a friend like that?

Track 10

ANNOUNCER: Good morning. With the atmospheric pressure growing heavier, the weather conditions are getting rather unstable...

CHIE: Mai-chan's cellphone?
SOUJI: Yes. Do you know where it's from?
CHIE: I saw it yesterday so I know where it's from, but why do you ask?
YOSUKE: Naoto has figured out the company of the cellphone that posted on the internet forum.
CHIE: Wait a minute! Are you calling Mai-chan the culprit!?
YOSUKE: Calm down!
NAOTO: I am merely stating that it is a possibility. Mai-chan's apartment complex seems to heavily enforce its no-pet policy.
CHIE: What about it!?
NAOTO: Though she said she would keep the kittens, her mother wouldn't allow it. In spite of the rejection, she didn't want to disappoint Nanako-chan.
CHIE: That's just speculation!
YOSUKE: Cool it, Satonaka! We're just coming up with hypotheses and checking whether they're true or not.
SOUJI: Mai-chan couldn't tell Nanako the truth, so she tried to stop our investigation.
YUKIKO: She might be keeping the kittens in a secret place.
CHIE: ...
CHIE: There were no onions.
YOSUKE: Huh? Doesn't make sense, but did you just make a connection somewhere?
SOUJI: After school, we'd like to go to Mai-chan's house and ask her directly. What do you think?

MAI: Is it okay to rely on a friend like that?

CHIE: I'll go.
CHIE: Let me do it.

[mewing noises]

MAI: Sorry to keep you waiting! Are you hungry? I'm going to give you food now! I've brought milk specially made for cats, too! Whitey! Blackie-poo! Hm? Where's Yakisoba Bread?

[mewing noise]

MAI: There you are! Come here, it's time to eat. Is it good?
MAI: !!!
MAI: Who is it!?

YOSUKE: Is Satonaka going to be okay? She ran off by herself again!
YUKIKO: Yes she did... but I think that's very like Chie.
NAOTO: Does sempai usually act like that?
YUKIKO: Yes. Chie has the strength to move forward on her own. That gets her into dangerous situations sometimes, but... I think Chie should just do what she thinks is best. When she can't handle things on her own anymore, well, that's where we come in.
KANJI: That's right. What does that make us then, her sidekicks?
RISE: So what if that's true? We're used to helping each other out!
YOSUKE: Yep! Anyway, let's head out to Mai-chan's place first. We're all worried about them, right?
RISE: Naoto-kun, you've casually picked out the apartment address from the conversation with Chie-sempai, haven't you?
NAOTO: It's part of my nature... or you might call it an occupational disease.
SOUJI: All right. Let's call Teddie and go there together.

CHIE: It's impressive how such a rundown shed can keep out the wind and rain... but isn't it scary how it looks like it might collapse at anytime? The inside's so messy, too...
MAI: Did you follow me here!?
CHIE: Ah, um... sorry, I was concerned. When I got close to your home, I saw you heading out somewhere, so...
MAI: I wanted to protect these kittens. But I couldn't! And I didn't want anyone to know I couldn't protect them...

MOM: Mai-chan. You do know that Saito-san was thrown out of the apartment complex the other day, right? I'll work hard so we can move to a complex that allows pets, but for now... you understand, don't you?

MAI: That's why I lied! Once I knew you were looking for the kittens, I was afraid you'd find out I lied so... so I posted on that forum!
CHIE: Forum...? Ah...
MAI: I wrote on that site to interfere with the search. I'm sorry!
CHIE: This place is creaking too much. Kinda scary, huh! Let's get out of here. I'll help you find a foster home for them. At worst, they might have to live with a dog if I take them in...
MAI: You're not mad?
CHIE: ...
MAI: So you are mad...
CHIE: To be honest, I'm a little angry.
MAI: ...
CHIE: But it's okay. I forgive you. 'cause we're friends.
MAI: Friends...?
CHIE: We conversed with our fists and ate a rough version of hayashi rice together. We also watched TV and talked about some corny stuff... that's what friends do, right?
MAI: (cries)
CHIE: Right?
MAI: (cries)
CHIE: Hey now! Sweet young girls like us don't bawl like that!
MAI: (wails)
CHIE: Mai-chan...

CHIE: Feeling better?
MAI: Uh huh.
CHIE: Good! Let's go then. Speaking of, did you leave out onions because you wanted to feed hayashi rice to the kittens?
MAI: Yeah... but it turned out so bad...
CHIE: Ah, sorry.
MAI: (laughs)
MAI: Okay, let's go, everyone.


MAI: Ah, Yakisoba Bread! Don't go there!
CHIE: The ceiling-! Look out!
MAI: Are you okay, big sis? Your leg! It's bleeding!
CHIE: Get the kittens and run!
MAI: What about you, big sis?
CHIE: I'll be right with you!
MAI: But!
MAI: But... o-okay!

RISE: Sempai! Over there!
TEDDIE: Wah wah wah! It's falling apart!
KANJI: Don't tell me that's where they are!
YUKIKO: Chie! Mai-chan!
MAI: You're here!
SOUJI: Take care of Mai-chan. Yosuke and Kanji, come with me to help Satonaka.
YOSUKE: Gotcha!
KANJI: Yessir!

Track 11

KANJI: We can keep out of the rain in here at least...
MAI: Is your leg okay, big sis?
CHIE: It's better than it looks!
MAI: I'm so sorry!
CHIE: You don't have to apologize. I chose to do this on my own.
MAI: Big sis...
RISE: You know... Chie-sempai's really quite manly...
YOSUKE: Like a Prince, huh.
YUKIKO: Chie has always been like that.
CHIE: (sneezes) I might've caught a cold...
YOSUKE: You're lucky to get away with just a cold!
CHIE: Why are you all here anyway?
SOUJI: We were worried.
CHIE: I told you I'd go alone.
YUKIKO: But it's a good thing we came, isn't it?
TEDDIE: That was a close one~!
NAOTO: I'm so glad we made it on time.
CHIE: Sorry.
YUKIKO: Doing things on your own, getting into danger... you haven't changed one bit, Chie.
CHIE: I'm sorry for my actions.
YUKIKO: But you know... you should stay that way.
CHIE: Huh?
YUKIKO: You should do what you want, and we'll be your back-up. Right?
YOSUKE: We're your friends after all!
CHIE: Thanks, Yukiko. You guys, too. You're all so reliable!
YUKIKO: Really?
CHIE: Really! Doing impulsive stuff is my thing, but I can only get away with it 'cause I trust you guys.
YUKIKO: Yes, I know.
KANJI: You can count on us!
CHIE: Ah... yeah... actually, never mind.
KANJI: Huh? How can you say that when the mood was just right? You really gonna ruin the mood like that??
RISE: It's you, after all!
TEDDIE: She kan-not help it.
ALL: (laugh)
MAI: Um... is Nanako home?
SOUJI: Yes. I believe she's home.
MAI: Can I go see her? I want to apologize.

YUKIKO: Excuse me!
NANAKO: Coming! Ah, Mai-chan!
MAI: Nanako... I'm sorry! I lied! I was actually hiding the kittens!
NANAKO: Mai-chan... no, I'm sorry too. You were struggling so much on your own.
MAI: Nanako...
NANAKO: I'll help too! I'll take care of the kittens and find someone to take them in!
MAI: I'm the one who found them--!
CHIE: Mai-chan. Nanako-chan's your friend, isn't she?
MAI: Uh huh...
CHIE: Why don't you rely on her a little more?
MAI: But...
CHIE: Are you afraid of being a nuisance?
MAI: Yeah...
CHIE: If Nanako-chan's feeling troubled, you can let her rely on you. It's a two-way street. You saw how it worked for me just now, right? I totally relied on Yukiko and everyone else.
YUKIKO: I rely on Chie as well.
CHIE: Ahaha... that's kinda embarrassing...
NANAKO: I'll work hard for Mai-chan and the kittens!
CHIE: You've got a really trustworthy friend.
MAI: I always thought I had to do everything myself...
CHIE: I think doing things "on your own" versus doing it "alone" is a little different. Depends on whether you have someone you can rely on, or someone you can open your heart to... do you get the nuance of what I'm trying to tell you?
MAI: Uh huh, sorta.
NANAKO: Mai-chan, you have your mom, Nanako-chan, and the whole class, so you're not alone.
MAI: For real?
NANAKO: For real.
MAI: (cries)

MARI: Is someone crying? What are you all doing outside anyway?
YOSUKE: Mari-chan!
RISE: What are you doing at sempai's house at this hour!?
TEDDIE: Deep breaths, Rise-chan~~
SOUJI: What's wrong?
MARI: You told me the kittens were missing, so I was wondering how things were going.
SOUJI: I see. We just found them.
MARI: I see. That's great. Since that day, I've been asking Big Nose* about the kittens, but he said I couldn't bring cats into the velvet room. Hateful, stingy lowlife.
SOUJI: You asked Igor? Thank you.
MARI: Yeah, well, the kittens were cute...
YUKIKO: Hm? It's Mari-chan!
CHIE: Oh man, it's snowing again...
NAOTO: It just started. I thought it was getting a little chilly...
RISE: The way it falls so silently makes it really pretty.
NANAKO: So pretty!
CHIE: All right, I'll bring Mai-chan home now.
NANAKO: We'll keep the kittens for today! Dad should be okay for just one day, right?
SOUJI: Yes. I'll ask him for permission as well.
MAI: Thank you, Nanako! Big bro!
YOSUKE: All right! We've gotta work hard at finding kitten owners!
KANJI: Time to form the Search for Kitten Owners Unit!
YUKIKO: You just tweaked the name a little.
KANJI: S-So what!? Makes it easier to remember!
CHIE: Hey, Nanako-chan, Mai-chan. Wanna play with big sis and the gang tomorrow?
NANAKO: Uh huh!
MAI: May I?
YUKIKO: Of course.
YOSUKE: Awesome! What should we play?
NAOTO: Shall we build snowmen?
SOUJI: Sounds great.
RISE: Snowball fight!
MARI: I'll join that.
YUKIKO: You do enjoy it.
MARI: That's not it.
TEDDIE: Teddie wants to ski!
YOSUKE: Man you're persistent.
CHIE: You're the one going on about flying on a cardboard sled!
NANAKO: Ah! The boys in our class did that during recess!
MAI: Yeah they did! They were so noisy they got yelled at by the teachers.
YOSUKE: What? So I'm seriously at the level of elementary school kids?
KANJI: First graders on top of that.
SOUJI: Yosuke, shall I bring out a cardboard box for you?
YOSUKE: I'm not gonna sled!
CHIE: I always knew Hanamura had the mentality of a grade schooler!
YOSUKE: Shut up!
YUKIKO: Wait, you're not going to do it? You're not going to fly?
CHIE: You too, Yukiko!?
RISE: It sounds fun! I wanna fly, too!
MARI: Snowball fight...

*A/N: I haven't played Golden so I don't actually know how Mari's nickname for Igor, 鼻 (nose), was localized. I personally think Big Nose is funnier than just Nose lol. Anyway, if you know the official translation, let me know and I'll make the change!

**A/N: Chie actually says 猫の手も借りたい, which literally means "so busy one would even welcome the help of a cat"
Tags: persona 4, translations

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