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find Happiness within


3 June
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P R O F I L E <<
Slayers, Durarara!!, Angel Beats!, Skip Beat, One Piece, Eyeshield 21, Arashi, Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton games. *heart* them all.

Also thought I'd mention the RPs I'm in:

Now dabbling in a tiny, private sandbox!
campfuckudie as Hiruma Youichi, Naruse Ryou, So Dakki, Shinonome Mei, Sagara Sousuke, Mizumachi Kengo, Nico Robin, Xelloss, Naga
kyuuri_rp as Saitoh Hajime
band_of_princes as Kamio Akira, Kamio Akari (OC) and Akutagawa Jirou
tenipuri_jnsh as Kamio Akira, Ootori Choutarou
sukisho_rp as Nagase Kai
hachikuro_rp as Yamada Ayumi
ouranhostrp as Suoh Tamaki
thehostclub as Hoshakuji Renge
polychromatic as Athrun Zala, Kurosaki Ichigo, Auel Neider
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A W A R D S <<

T E S T I M O N I A L S <<
itsmysunshine: Aki-san is.. an extraordinaire Ohno fangirl. Sometimes it amazes me how she manages to translate more than one show (with Ohno in it, of course) in just one night. And she's a great writer too :D. Whenever I read her posts (especially about her family), it always makes me smile :)
mutekionna: armed with devastating charm and Ohnosomesauce, she fights crime!
retrojanny: If LJ were similar to Ebay's rating system, I would write this in your feedback:
A+++ recommended Ohno/Arashi fan! ♥
okenakab: Aki is actually an otherworldly being with the powers of translation and also happens to adore teaching little kids and keeping up with gay rainbow Japanese boybands. ♥
kegom: Aki-chan's going to Arashify the Western world, one translation at a time. She's also an awesome teacher, though it's not yet clear if her teaching is not a cover for building up an army of gay-rainbow-fied students who're willing to follow her orders when she conquers the Arashi-resistant part of the world.
tatsuta_hime: Akiko is a translating MACHINE. Also the awesomest awesome to ever awesome.
still_ciircee: Current number of children kidnapped: 0
the lovely aatash
gentle blossoms fall for her
they sing: A.RA.SHI.
bluestraggler: GODDESS OF CFUD APPS
ningen_demonai: She swears she's not a pedo & Sweetest and most wonderful spouse a person can ask for
O B S E S S I O N <<

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